Tom Brady may be skipping voluntary workouts again

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The Patriots have less offseason than most teams, because they’re so good in the postseason.

And it appears that quarterback Tom Brady wants to keep a little time for himself.

According to Mike Reiss of, the “early indications” are that Brady plans to follow last year’s plan, when he stayed away from offseason workouts to spend more time with his family.

(As you may have noticed, it didn’t prevent them from winning football games.)

Of course, this could always change, and they are, you know, voluntary.

But the Patriots are in the midst of an offseason of change.

Between the retirement of tight end Rob Gronkowski and the departure of left tackle Trent Brown in free agency, to the diaspora of assistant coaches to new teams or sudden retirement, they’re in a greater state of flux than normal. (And that doesn’t even count the current legal difficulties of their owner.)

And they’re still probably favorites to win it all next year.

27 responses to “Tom Brady may be skipping voluntary workouts again

  1. Who’s he even going to throw to? Just have Edelman, whoever they draft and Dorsett up to the ranch for massages, atvs, and run some plays in the dirt lot out back. That will be 80% as valuable as showing up in Foxboro to throw to scrubs and get grinded on by Bill.

    Serious question… Is he allowed to throw to Gordon? I don’t see why not. Call me crazy but I think he’s coming back and could be a beast.

  2. I’m looking forward to the schedule release. Eagles played 4 teams coming off bye weeks as most other super bowl champs play multiple teams off bye weeks the next season. I say most because Patriots have only played 2 teams coming off bye weeks the last 3 seasons and maybe 4 over last 7 seasons.

  3. When you lay in the worst division in football Brady could show up 5 minutes before the 1st game and still make the playoffs. The Pats obviously know how to win in the playoffs and are handed 6 wins before the start of every season.

  4. Tom doesn’t need to partake in any workout scenario, the GOAT knows how to prepare. The onus is on the rest of the team to get prepared for him. He will be in shape and on point, he only has been doing this now for 50 years( seems like)

  5. He’s earned that privilege & right…… didn’t turn out so bad last year by the way

  6. Last year Brady ran a short mini-camp at an alternate time (so he could go to Egypt or the Gulf states for a family vacation) and may be doing so again. And Trent Brown was a 1yr plug-in anyway.And

    And this team always has high flux! Last year just on offense it was starters Solder, Lewis, Bennett, Cooks & Amendola who all left!

  7. It is under-reported how many extra games this guy (and the Patriots) have played through the years, with so many seasons extending into February while other QBs are out golfing or whatever.

    Whatever they did last year allowed them to conserve energy and peak at the right time, so they should keep doing it.

  8. Can you skip something that is voluntary? Seems to me there are millions of volunteer opportunities in this world, you can’t do them all.

  9. Good for Tom! The Patriots season is always longer then most other teams and he deserves to have more time with his family. We’ve seen that taking the off season “off” hasn’t hurt his ability to play. He’s earned it.

  10. All this drama, angst, hate for the NE Pats year round is amazing. They’ve been in the Superbowl the last three years.

  11. Guess this means we’re gonna complete the STAIRWAY TO SEVEN! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  12. The TB12 method, I don’t know what it involves completely, but it’s working for Brady obviously. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  13. A little less wear and tear on the body is prolly a good idea. Though with new TEs and WRs you do wish they had a little more time to work together.

  14. Hey, Tom – have you considered retirement? You’d have a lot more free time…

  15. I once watched some kind of report on the NFL schedule makers. The report talked about the endless logistics that goes into making a schedule. They take into consideration travel, home/away, rivalry, stadium availability… a bunch of stuff. Even with those logistics, the schedule makers will review and reject hundreds of possibilities.

    I HIGHLY doubt there is some kind of conspiracy to give certain teams certain advantages, such as playing against an x number of teams coming off a bye.

    It just amazes me that the NFL has been accused of so many conspiracies yet we cannot find one single individual who can collaborate any such conspiracy.
    vaphinfan says:
    March 29, 2019 at 7:14 am
    I’m looking forward to the schedule release. Eagles played 4 teams coming off bye weeks as most other super bowl champs play multiple teams off bye weeks the next season. I say most because Patriots have only played 2 teams coming off bye weeks the last 3 seasons and maybe 4 over last 7 seasons.

  16. I’m guessing the voluntary workouts aren’t any fun. Only guessing though, would want to check with Mr. Lane.

  17. In my own little world, I picture Gronk, Jules, and Flash running route trees in Montana while Giselle brews ice tea.

    Brady says the real season doesn’t start until November anyway. They deserve a break.

  18. A little extra rest is a good thing. He has to play the toughest schedule every year due to aleays finishing on top, they have the shortest off season, and pats are only team that can never ambush anyone – every week it’s the opponent’s biggestgame of the year. The price of being the only team ever able to sustain long term greatness

  19. At this point he’s proven he understands his body and the game well enough to make an intelligent decision that is in his and therefore the team’s best interests. If it makes you feel better then call it multi generational mvp & Super Bowl winner privilege.

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