Duane Brown wants Russell Wilson to throw the ball more

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The Seahawks unexpectedly returned to the postseason in 2018, fueled by an improved offensive line and a potent running game. But some think that the Seahawks should have thrown the ball more.

Among the some? Seattle left tackle Duane Brown.

“When you have a quarterback as talented as Russell Wilson is, you have to have balance,” Brown said in an appearance on NFL Network. “At times, I think we ran the ball maybe a little bit too much, and that’s kind of hard to say as a lineman. But it worked for us, it worked for us for a long time. The guys up front, they leaned on us, they leaned on Chris Carson [and the] stable of backs we had.”

They have one less in 2019, given the departure of Mike Davis in free agency. But Carson and 2018 first-rounder Rashaan Penny remain on the roster.

Wilson remains a short-list franchise quarterback. As he enters a contract year (barring an extension), Brown hopes that the team will dial up plenty of pass plays.

“I think Russ, we got to use him as much as possible next year,” Brown said. “He obviously had his best statistical year even with us running the ball as much as we did, but the balance is there, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Wilson threw 427 passes in 2018, sharply down from a career-high 553 in 2017 and his lowest output since 2013, when he threw 407 passes. Of course, 2013 ended with a Super Bowl win, so maybe the reliance on the running game coupled with more judicious passing is the way to go — especially as the Seahawks continue to lay the foundation to contend at a high level in 2019, and beyond.

22 responses to “Duane Brown wants Russell Wilson to throw the ball more

  1. Never thought I’d hear that from a lineman. Those guys usually love run blocking.

  2. This team won a super bowl on the back of running Lynch. Why would they try to go pass heavy now especially after the success they had this past season? And what exactly does Brown know about winning?

  3. This team won a super bowl on the back of running Lynch. Why would they try to go pass heavy now especially after the success they had this past season? And what exactly does Brown know about winning???

  4. The only time it really showed that they needed to run more was the playoff loss. That game was 100% lost by the horrible lack of in game adjustments by the Seahawks coaching staff. If Baldwin remains out for injuries they need to pick up another receiver if the passing game is to pick it up.

  5. Wake up. This is not like the 1970s when quarternacks call their own plays. The OC now calls the plays, with the head coach sometimes chiming in. Because of poor pass protection, The OC has figured out that Seattle must run the ball more often so that the QB does not get sacked. In 2017, Seattle threw the ball more because they did not have Chris Carson (who was on IR) and Doug Baldwin was healthy. Baldwin is quick off the line of scrimmage, and Wilson can complete short passes before pass rushersd can get to him. Baldwin will have multiple surgeries and his return date is uncertain. Seattle is going to keep running the ball as often as it did in 2018, and defenses will be preparing for that. They will stuff the run and then go after the passer the way Dallas did in the playoffs against Seattle.

  6. All of the Seahawks opponents in 2019 endorse this message and also want SEA to throw the ball more next season, a lot more. Duane Brown for some reason doesnt understand why they didnt pass more, it is because SEA cannot PASS PROTECT ALL DUANE!!!!!!! Duane Brown is the one good pass protecting OL men they have, the rest are horrible but at 34 & going into year 13 Brown is slowing and starting to decline himself. Chandler Jones always straight up owns him when AZ plays SEA with Jones getting sacks in both games last year. Outside of Brown though at LG the Hawks are now starting Mike Iupati who not only ranks as the worst pass protecting OG in the NFL but his body is breaking down and he can no longer stay healthy having lost what little athleticism & lateral agility he once had, DT’s blow by him with ease on the way to his QB these days. AZ cut him for a reason.
    Mike Iupati has started JUST 11 OF 32 GAMES over the last 2 years and has played in all 16 games since 2012.
    SEA Center Justin Britt is declining himself and is very bad in pass pro these days ranking 29th of 35 ranked centers with a 53.3 overall grade. RG DJ Fluker is another guy who just cannot stay healthy over a 16 game season starting/playing in just 15 of 32 games over the last 2 years. Like Iupati DJ Fluker ranks as the next to worst pass protecting OG in the NFL possessing no lateral agility & bricks for feet. Via PFF Fluker ranked 68th of 76 OG’s ranked overall w/ an extremely low poor 49.2 overall grade.
    Lastly is a guy who is so bad i’m surprised they havent cut this dude in RT Germain Ifedi. Ifedi ranks toward the bottom as a run blocker and is one of the worst pass protecting RT’s to boot ranking 71st of 77 OT’s ranked w/ a 55.2 overall grade.

    The Hawks have the worst pass blocking OL in the NFL. Last year they allowed a league high 51 sacks and over 100+ pressures & Duane Brown is wondering why they dont throw the ball. I hope Pete Carroll take his advice and they spread the field out looking to drop 7 steps every single play. Behind that OL every play Wilson doesnt get hurt is a blessing.

  7. This team won a super bowl on the back of running Lynch. Why would they try to go pass heavy now especially after the success they had this past season? And what exactly does Brown know about winning???..

  8. There is also a big difference between 2013 and 2018-9. The NFL is calling defensive holding now but not in 2013, and Seattle no longer has the number 1 defense in the NFL in 2018-2019 in points allowed. The Legion of Boom is now totally gone. Brandon Browner, Richard Charmin, ET and Kam Chancellor are all gone.

  9. They ran the ball way too much. Russell is a really good quarterback I know the line play has been shaky but way too many running plays. But Seahawks are a good team the way they rebuilt quickly on the fly. Their right back in it even with Shotty calling the plays

  10. Cardinals fans are so jealous of the Seahawks. Kyler Murray is not the next Russell Wilson either…but you will take him believing he is. Wasting picks looking for a quarterback year after year…that’s your reality Arizona. Seattle’s reality is far more optimistic: they have a franchise quarterback. They make playoff runs every year. The Fraudinals? Not so much.

  11. Some people dont watch enough football to know that Seattle now has one of the best offensive lines in football with 4 of 5 starters coming back and real depth.

    Daune Brown is 100 % right Seattle needs to get more balanced in the playcalling. Teams expected a run on 1st and 2nd down. Drives were stalling at the end of the year because teams would sell out. The Dallas game we were looking at 8 man boxes and Pete’s ego just had him running up the gut with no success.

    Many of the sack Wilson’s last year come well after 2.5 seconds. He is looking for the deep pass. Short passed and screens have not been part of the Seahawk offense through 2 coordinators

  12. Hawkkiller you’re such a hater bro. I honestly would leave the Fraudinals alone if not for you. Let’s talk facts. Arizona is not a good football team. Arians fled that sinking ship and he was smart to do so. Your offense was the worst in the league…not just last year…but in the last 20 years. We’re talking a truly dismal, pathetic, keystone cops unit led by a bust rookie quarterback. You guys ARE the new definition of dumpsterfire in sports. Also, your opinion on anything is proven definitively wrong over and over again. Every Arizona signing you call brilliant and elite while throwing shade at whatever Seattle, or even San Francisco for that matter, does. Your team is the worst in the NFL…that’s why you have the first pick. Does this not register in your mind at all? I’m really very concerned as to the state of reality you live in. Seattle won 10 games and swept your team last year…you said they’d win only 4 while your Cardinals were heading for 11 wins and the playoffs. Did you not watch what happened? Then you fired your head coach just to hire a guy that was fired by Texas Tech? Someone that couldn’t win in the weak Big12? Hired him because he might know McVay? You are crashing and burning in EPIC fashion. Arizona will not reach even 7 wins over the next 5 years. Bank on it. I hope that you have a loving family and support system because I’m worried about you my friend.

  13. whysosenestive445 says:
    March 30, 2019 at 1:45 am
    This team won a super bowl on the back of running Lynch. Why would they try to go pass heavy now especially after the success they had this past season? And what exactly does Brown know about winning?
    Not really. Lynch had 39 total rushing yards against Denver in that Super Bowl.

  14. I’ve no problem with a tactically (or strategically) imbalanced game to take advantage of a particular opponent’s weaknesses and/or emphasize our team’s strengths Ideally, you always want to maintain the capacity to play a strong game in all aspects of the game against every opponent, but realistically there are always shifting sets of strengths and weaknesses in every opponent and within your own team, so while balance is a goal, it is silly to think that you should strive for a precise balance of ground and air in every game against every opponent. Pete and John have p0roven themselves capable of developing and skillfully deploying what we have against all comers, and I trust them to continue this for the foreseeable future.

  15. I’m hoping this season we THROW more to our RB’s out of the backfield. Let’s take advantage of the SPEED of J.D. McKissic! 🏈

  16. I like what Schottenheimer did last year. Ground and pound won ten games for us. Injuries to Fluker, Simmons, and Sweezy are what derailed the offense late in the year. Iupati can run block as good as anyone in the league but I think Simmons might win that job. Jamarco Jones will push Ifedi (who played well). The Seahawks actually have a monster o line now…might as well punish teams with the running game. Remember, running the ball helps the defense as much as it does the play action pass and Wilson.

  17. cardinalsfan87 says:
    April 1, 2019 at 7:37 pm
    I literally just left Seattle yesterday after visiting. Who would ever want to play there?
    The nice thing about internet sites like this is, one can type almost anything they want, without proving anything.

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