Johnny Manziel knocked out of AAF game with concussion

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Johnny Manziel’s second game in the Alliance of American Football did not last long.

Manziel played briefly today for the Memphis Express and looked good, running three times for 18 yards, completing two of his three passes and throwing a touchdown pass, although that score was called back for offensive pass interference.

Unfortunately, Manziel then threw an interception to former Giants and Ravens safety Will Hill, and when Manziel tried to tackle him, he took a knee to the helmet and stayed down for a long time before getting helped off the field. He has been ruled out for the rest of the game with an apparent concussion.

Manziel has been trying to get back to the NFL after flaming out as a first-round pick of the Browns. He lasted one season in the Canadian Football League before he was released for reasons that have still not been fully explained, and the AAF may be his last chance.

39 responses to “Johnny Manziel knocked out of AAF game with concussion

  1. He needs to find a job he can actually do. He reached his peak at the college level. Anything above that is a fantasy. Maybe politics??

  2. I truly hope that Manziel’s last chance is in his control. Performance and behavior. I hope injury does not cost him his opportunity to prove to himself and others he did come back. Get well.

  3. Don’t matter how good you are in college, you are essentially hitting the reset button in the pros…

  4. It’s telling when karma hits so hard that it causes a concussion………

  5. It’s sad. He’s really trying to make it as a professional football player. Lots of others were given the choice of trying out for the CFL, Arena League, and more recently the AAF, but found those to be beneath them. Manziel is at least trying whatever it takes to get back into the game.

  6. He is a better player than Hue Jackson was a coach. He has a higher winning percentage as starting quarterback than Hue does as a head coach

  7. Is it finally Go Away SZN? The strategy has terribly backfired of getting himself banned from the CFL in order to weasel out of honoring his three-year commitment; no clue why he thought that was the reason the NFL wasn’t pleading for his return?!

    His concussions always seem to come when he wants out of a miserable game.

  8. Too much money and too much babying. He needs to be a man and just get up after the INT. Yes he’s embarrassed, yes it hurts, but damn, get the hell up. Imagine for one second you can choose him or anyone else to be in your fox hole. Who’d pick him.

  9. he wasn’t concussed, he got drunk on the sidelines, and faked his way to missing a game in the most meaningless football league on god’s green and blue and white earth.

  10. To say he stayed down is a bit of a misnomer. It was as hard a shot to the head as you’ll ever see. He was out cold and was for a while, motionless. He then was very wobbly coming off the field. Screw him though, he failed as a Brown and has personal problems. Let’s pile on.

  11. I never, ever want to see a player get hurt — especially if the injury is very serious. But I must admit, if it meant the end of the Johnny Manziel story it wouldn’t bother me as much. I don’t want him to suffer a lingering or damaging injury that would affect him down the road. I just want him to go away.

  12. “To say he stayed down is a bit of a misnomer. It was as hard a shot to the head as you’ll ever see. He was out cold and was for a while, motionless. ”

    So, you’re saying he was out cold motionless but DIDN’T stay down? Now, THAT should have been in the lede if that’s what happened.

  13. How does speaking ill of Johnny make you superior to him?

    Why does it make you feel better?

    Says more about you than it does him.

  14. Manziel got ripped off (and so did Memphis) on that petty Offensive hold call for a Memphis TD. If that wasn’t called he doesn’t get hurt. Refs over zealous on some calls and missed others. Not NFC championship misses but still

    Otherwise it was an exciting game. Players were pumped. Singletary needs to control himself if he wants a shot at NFL.
    The late game SD at SL wasn’t so much with good def helped by so so O play.

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