Giants not ready to move on from Eli Manning this year, maybe not next year

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Giants quarterback Eli Manning is heading into the final season of his contract, and at age 38 he’s well past his prime. So surely, this is his last season, right?

Not necessarily.

Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch both said recently that they were open to Manning returning in 2020, and Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports that key people in the organization think Manning still has something left, and there’s an openness to extending his contract into 2020.

The report also said the owners have complete faith in General Manager Dave Gettleman and believe in his vision for rebuilding the franchise. If Gettleman can find the next franchise quarterback in the draft, that’s great. If he can’t, the Giants may decide to stick with Manning for yet another year.

Realistically, it’s very hard to envision the Giants ever being Super Bowl contenders with Manning again. The rebuild is going to require a new quarterback. But that new quarterback may not be there any time soon.

60 responses to “Giants not ready to move on from Eli Manning this year, maybe not next year

  1. Nostalgia is not going to win the Giants another super bowl. If their offensive line is better this season and Manning still underperforms, they should think about starting one of their rookie quarterbacks. He threw 18 interceptions in 2006, 20 interceptions in 2007, 25 picks in 2010, and 27 picks in 2013. He has thrown 360 touchdowns to 239 interceptions, has a career passer-rating of 84, and has never won a league MVP award. Let’s be honest, Eli Manning is just an average quarterback, who received more than enough credit for those super bowl wins.

  2. Somehow, the statistics don’t seem to fit the QB that I watch in Eli Manning. The numbers are pretty ho-hum and even throw up warning flags. I’m not a Giants fan, but every time I have watched them play in the Eli era, they are fun games and Manning is usually part of the reason. He seems to be a factor in why they are in every game and never the reason they lose. Maybe I haven’t seen enough of him/them.

  3. “it’s very hard to envision the Giants ever being Super Bowl contenders with Manning again”

    The Giants aren’t going to be a super bowl contender this year or next no matter who the qb is. Smart move by the Giants is build the team and next yr or the following you bring in your future qb when there are more pieces around him. There’s no point to start the clock on a qbs rookie contract. Build the team then bring the qb in on the cheap rookie contract where you can add pieces before his salary sky rockets.

  4. Draft Metcalf and a pass rusher and we should be fine or trade out and get two second round pics and get Rosen with one of those two 2 nd round pics and draft a lineman with other Giants have a ton of options

  5. Sound like Giants just might be trying to drum up trade interest in their pick at #6. Cant blame them if they are. They need a bunch of picks to rebuild. Putting a young, inexperienced QB in that lineup now gets them nowhere.

  6. Hmm won 2,NFCCG as an underdog and 2 SB’s vs Brady. 1 vs the undefeated team and he’s average? Hmm ok. Just watch how good the Giants will be next year without that anchor OBJ taking the team down.

  7. With the draft only a few weeks away, the teams that are planning to draft QB’s early are going to be throwing their best curveball. Just be patient. You’ll find out on draft day what the Giants are really thinking. If they tell you ahead of time, the QB they’re targeting might not be available. Even if they like a guy they think they can get on day 2 of the draft, it’s not in the team’s best interest to let everyone know they’re looking at QB’s.

  8. I am a 68 year old Giants fan. I wanted them to draft Darnold last year. But these people running the Giants think we love Eli above all. They are mistaken.

    We are grateful we won 2 super bowls with him. The fans were up in arms when Mcadoo benched him- not because of the benching itself but the WAY it was done. We didn’t want Geno Smith after watching him with the Jets for the time he was there. We all knew he wasn’t the answer. We wanted to see Webb at least to see what we had. But WE ALL KNEW Eli was (is) basically done and it was (is) time to move on. Nothing has changed. Thanks Eli- TIME TO MOVE ON! Get a damn QB. I’m not smart enuf to know which one- these guys get paid too much $ to not know whom to choose. But pick somebody who may work and move on. PLEASE.

  9. pointtwopsiistheissue says:
    March 31, 2019 at 1:08 pm
    Still can’t believe he was not punished for selling fake game worn jerseys.

    I cant imagine how much they had to put out to make that one go away. Money and political capital both had to have been pretty high. I can see them after making such an investment wanting to try to hang in there to see if it can justify itself. And you gave to admit that Eli’s good not great numbers are actually a bunch of very highs and lows averaging each other out. One more well timed even if short stretch of the highs could do a lot.

  10. vikesfansteve says:
    March 31, 2019 at 1:04 pm
    Hmm won 2,NFCCG as an underdog and 2 SB’s vs Brady. 1 vs the undefeated team and he’s average? Hmm ok. Just watch how good the Giants will be next year without that anchor OBJ taking the team down.


    SB wins mean QB greatness? Trent Dilfer is listening. And Jeff Hostetler, and….

    Face it, he’s always been an average (or slightly above average) QB, that has been on a couple really good teams.

  11. With a line Eli is very good….if you dont know that then you dont know the game….Eli hasnt had a good line for the entire second half of his career. The thing though is this: when are the Giants going to get an above average line that accommodates an immobile QB? If you cant then you cant have Eli.

  12. As a Eagles fan I hope Manning gets a Five year extension for 100 million with 75 guaranteed. He had won then 2 SuperBowls (Because the defense had nothing to do with it, right? I’m sure the Cowboys, and Redskins fan agree with me…Sign Eli !!

  13. In other news, Sequin Barkley conferring with TO, OBJ and AB on the best method to get out of New Jersey. What a complete waste of a pick, which shows just how stupid and worthless is Gettleman. That or other “bigger name(s)” are involved in used gear and Eli is now actually the defacto GM, why else would they waste a very high pick on a RB (and over pay for LT), in a rare QB strong draft.

  14. Manning is far from past his prime, the predictable offensive play calls coupled with a poor blocking scheme has hindered his effectiveness.

  15. So they stink this year, draft a QB next year in a better QB draft class, and he eventually replaces Eli next year in game 5 or so. Sounds fine

  16. Absolutely moronic move the Giants front office. Are they actively trying to get NYG’s fans not to watch their games on T.V, not to buy tickets and go see them live & in turn not buying NYG’s merchandise? Eli Manning is not a good QB any longer & is just about done as an NFL QB. The Giants have a lot of QB this off-season and this year is the perfect time to draft a young QB be it Murray or Haskins letting him sit for a season before the QB they draft takes over as the starter in 2020. If Gettlemen and Shurmur stick with Eli Manning they wont win games and both will be out of there fited within the next 2 years.

  17. Owner is obviously happy with the status of Giants, likes drafting in the top 10, realistic goal for Giants will be 6 – 8 wins. Remain complacent for another couple years, sure rest of division okay with that. Everyone is afraid to hurt Eli s feelings

  18. It’s not the Giants call. Everyone knows Archie runs the team. He wants his boy Eli to play QB for a few more years so the team and fans can suck it up just like the team. I thought the redskins had bad ownership but the Giants just past them.

  19. Smart owners, at least for realizing that great/franchise QBs don’t come out every draft, as a matter of fact there are several back-to-back drafts and multiple years in a row where NOT A ONE was found! But most people seem to think there are multiple great QBs that come out ever year even though the facts/stats prove them wrong.

    Here’s a list of QBs drafted in the 1st round over the last 10yrs, how many TRUE franchise QBs do you count? BTW I came up with 3(Cam, Luck & Stafford) out of 17, BTW I didn’t count anyone with less that 3yrs(2015-18) because we don’t really know how they’ll turn out yet.


    1. Jared Goff, California, Rams

    2. Carson Wentz, North Dakota State, Eagles

    26. Paxton Lynch, Memphis, Broncos



    1. Jameis Winston, Florida State, Buccaneers

    2. Marcus Mariota, Oregon, Titans



    3. Blake Bortles, Central Florida, Jaguars

    22. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M, Browns

    32. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville, Vikings



    16. EJ Manuel, Florida State, Bills



    1. Andrew Luck, Stanford, Colts

    2. Robert Griffin III, Baylor, Redskins

    8. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, Dolphins

    22. Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State, Browns



    1. Cam Newton, Auburn, Panthers

    8. Jake Locker, Washington, Titans

    10. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri, Jaguars

    12. Christian Ponder, Florida State, Vikings



    1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma, Rams

    25. Tim Tebow, Florida, Broncos



    1. Matthew Stafford, Georgia, Lions

    5. Mark Sanchez, USC, Jets

    17. Josh Freeman, Kansas State, Buccaneers

    SO how many would you want as your franchise QB?

  20. The Giants are going to trade back in the first round. They will receive the other teams 1st round pick this year and also next years 1st. With 2 firsts in next years draft they will get the QB they want; not the QB writers thing they need.

  21. I find it interesting that the comments with the most upvotes are saying that Eli is terrible. The second most are those that say no matter what QB is starting, the team will be bad. I know you all hate Eli (or, more actually, love to hate him), but have you considered that he might be doing well considering the circumstances? WE KNOW HE’S NOT GREAT. But he’s not nearly as bad as everyone is saying, and watching the games will show that it has been difficult for any quarterback to succeed behind the kind of O-line the Giants have had.

    I’m not saying Eli is the solution, necessarily, but I am saying that he’s not the one who’s holding the team back. The team is not nearly complete enough to make a playoff run right now, even if Brees or Brady were the QB. They need help at multiple positions-wasting a pick on a rookie QB when a rebuild might waste the first two years of his cheap contract on fixing the rest of the team?

  22. A long time ago, the late great Branch Rickey — the man who brought Jackie Robinson to the Major Leagues — said, “it’s better to get rid of a player one year too early than one year too late”.
    The Giants haven’t learned that and they will pay for it.

  23. vikesfansteve says:
    March 31, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    Hmm won 2,NFCCG as an underdog and 2 SB’s vs Brady. 1 vs the undefeated team and he’s average?


    Actually I’d have to give the Giants D more credit for both of those SB wins than I would Eli, the Giants D held a Pats teams that averaged over 30PPG in those two seasons to 17 or less, Eli had nothing to do with that, he doesn’t play D!

    But thats how two people can watch the same thing and see something totally different,
    just like this years SB a lot of people claimed they watched a good/great defensive game whereas I saw 2 very sloppy offenses playing for almost 3 1/2 quarters, I don’t think the D’s were very good at all, but those sloppy offenses made those Ds look a lot better than they actually were!

    Eli’s career stats:

    60.3% comp/7.0YPA/360TD 239INT 84.1 career rating and not a single season w/rating >100

    Now personally I’d have to say those are pretty average stats for a QB, but with those 2 SB rings he’ll be a HoF’er!

  24. “Eli had nothing to do with that, he doesn’t play D!”


    I agree with your statement about last year’s SB, and I also agree that those Giants’ defenses were great and the primary reason they want. You are wrong, however, to suggest that Eli Manning was not a part of those Superbowls or that run. You’re right, he does not play defense. But Eli Manning has, in many peoples’ minds, the two best throws in Superbowl history (to Manningham and Tyree, respectively), and in both of those cases, Manning was the person who made the play himself. He led the offense outside of those plays, and you cannot discount his role.

    Brady, for his part, has not always had great games in every Superbowl he’s played, but to say that he was not instrumental in getting them there is incorrect. You don’t have to have 300 yards or multiple touchdowns to be valuable in a Superbowl. Brady lost to the Eagles with a near perfect performance against a bad defense. He won against the Rams with a poor performance against a great defense. In both cases, he was valuable to his team. Other quarterbacks, like Drew Brees or Peyton Manning, have won Superbowls with average performances or poor performances. That does not mean that just any quarterback could have stepped in and ran the offense.

  25. They had him out the door and then Archie came to mara’s office and showed him the incriminating pictures of him or his granddaughters and said my boy plays until he says he’s finished. End of story. No way would a team put off rebuilding themselves and that’s exactly what they are doing.

    4 head coaches, 6 offensive coordinators, 3 gm’s, 5 o-lineman, 6 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, drafted in the top two rounds since he’s been drafted. Yeah, This teams done nothing for him to succeed.

  26. pointtwopsiistheissue said:”
    Still can’t believe he was not punished for selling fake game worn jerseys.”


    Why does that surprise you? His last name is Manning, did you honestly think the league would hold any Manning responsible for anything?

    I wasn’t surprised. I am surprised that the league didn’t throw parade for him.

  27. I think most people don’t see the biggest problem with Eli at this stage of his career. It isn’t his arm, it’s his legs. He was never a mobile QB, but now he’s a complete statue and you watch him when he gets a heavy pass rush — he turns his back and drops to the ground before he’s even hit.
    Unless the Giants offensive line suddenly turns into the Cowboys line of the 90’s, the Giants won’t win with Eli. Today more than ever with the speed of edge rushers and even “D” linemen, your QB must be able to move. Eli moves these days as if he has concrete cleats on.

  28. What’s the point of speculating about this? At the end of the day, this is all meaningless. When something actually happens, then its worth discussing.

  29. “key people in the organization think Manning still has something left, and there’s an openness to extending his contract into 2020.”

    The Dark Ages of Giants fandom continue. Ugghh.

  30. Balanced Diet says:
    March 31, 2019 at 12:29 pm
    Good news for the rest of the NFC East.


    Not sure who the Redskins will roll with but Dak and Wentz should scare nobody

  31. The Giants need to rebuild more than just a quarterback rebuild the rest then deal with Manning

  32. I don’t think anyone questions Mannings past performances, no doubt had some great games in big scenarios. But, the entire NFC, esp. The East, will celebrate if the Giants extend him beyond this year! Not atleast bringing in a viable young talent to sit behind him this year is plain ridiculous. Unless, 5-11 is the plan for the next 2-3 years to build through the draft. Makes it tough to be a fan of Big Blue knowing you aren’t even competitive.

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