Will potential overtime changes lead to more Mornhinweg moments?

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The head-coaching career of Marty Mornhinweg can be summed up thusly: He once won the toss in overtime and chose to kick.

But if, as Chiefs owner Clark Hunt seems to believe, the overtime proposal that his team made in March gets enough traction to become the law of the land in May (even if only for the postseason), that could become the norm. Or more normal. Or not completely abnormal.

MDS pondered the question earlier in the week. Simms and I discussed it on PFT Live (or PFTOT or #PFTPM, I can never remember at this point).

Plenty of factors will go into the decision. Being at home could make it more enticing to choose to kick, since a loud stadium could help force a three-and-out, giving the team that kicked off a quick path to a walk-off winner, with the safety net of knowing that a touchdown won’t end the game.

Simms suggested that the defense on the first drive could take even more chances, knowing that forcing a turnover will grease the skids to victory and getting burned while blitzing won’t bring about doom.

One major factor, if the rule change would apply to both the regular season and the postseason (Hunt said it may be a playoffs-only rule), would be the clock. With only 10 minutes available in regular-season overtime, the receiving team could go full-blown West Coast slow drive clock burn, leaving the kicking team with not nearly enough time to match a first-drive touchdown.

That’s one reason why the rule change makes more sense for the postseason only, where it also will make more sense to consider kickoff off after winning the coin toss.

9 responses to “Will potential overtime changes lead to more Mornhinweg moments?

  1. Add in the factor of the team having the 2nd possession can play 4 down ball the entire drive.

  2. You may have forgotten the time Belichick chose to kick off in overtime against the Jets and lost on a TD on their first possession.

  3. Im fine with the rule as is, making the rule stupid to the point where in 3 years we complain that the team that loss the toss will complain that they didn’t get a second posession is absurd.

    Either leave as is or add a timed period to playoff ot 10 or 15 mins which turns into sudden death (new quarter starting off where the last ot ended).

  4. One full overtime period for the playoffs. That’s the best solution. No strategy changes, just keep playing football.

  5. I honestly believe giving both offences a possession will skew the game more towards the team possessing 2nd than the current rules favour the team recieving the ball first.

  6. It doesn’t matter what they do someone WILL complain about it because losers usually complain!!! Hence the Chiefs and Saints losing in the Playoffs.

    And seeing how the NFL screws up almost everything they touch just LITFA!

  7. How about first team to 49 points or the first team to quit lol. I hope the chiefs and saints both lose a game or two because of the new replay rule or if they pass the new o.t rule….

  8. You would still always take the ball first. If the score is tied after both teams first possession, you would be the first to get the ball for sudden death. Especially with 10 minutes during the regular season, you might be the only team that gets the ball a second time.

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