Emmanuel Ogbah traded to Chiefs

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It didn’t take long for the Browns to find a new home for Emmanuel Ogbah.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the veteran pass-rusher has been traded to the Chiefs. The Chiefs are sending back safety Eric Murray in exchange.

Kansas City had a critical need for anyone capable of getting sacks, after trading Dee Ford and cutting Justin Houston this offseason. That’s not to say Ogbah’s a like-for-like replacement, as he has 12.5 career sacks and Ford had more than that last year alone (13.0), and Ford and Houston have a combined 109.0.

Ogbah being on his way out the door was seemingly evident when he didn’t show up for the start of offseason workouts in Cleveland today.

There was a time when the Browns thought he was a long-term fit, as he was used as part of the justification for not drafting Bradley Chubb last year. Now, after adding Olivier Vernon, he was deemed surplus to requirements.

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  1. I’m mildly surprised any other NFL team had any level of interest in Eric Murray. Dorsey did draft him, so maybe that is it.

  2. Addition by subtraction with the removal of Murray from the secondary. First Nelson, now Murray. Add Breeland and the Chiefs defensive backfield is turning around finally.

  3. “Addition by subtraction with the removal of Murray from the secondary. First Nelson, now Murray.”


    Hold up, are you saying that Brashaud Breeland at this point in his career is an upgrade over Eric Murray? Murray’s problem was that he wasn’t Eric Berry (no one is, honestly), but he was a solid backup option for the Chiefs. Breeland was great for Washington, and deserved a better look afterward, but his injury has really affected his play since. He was not the same player with the Packers that he was in Washington, which is probably why the Panthers did not sign him.

    Ogbah will fit better than Ford and Houston in the new 4-3, but Murray did what he was supposed to do. Given the departure of Peppers to NYG, Cleveland would be happy to have anyone with starting experience, and especially someone that (like kcflake said) has experience with the GM.

    There’s bound to be a lot of turnover in KC’s defense with Spagnuolo running it. His and Bob Sutton’s schemes are drastically different in many ways schematically. We’ll see how long it takes for former players to transition (for instance, a player like Allen Bailey that was mentioned earlier, a 3-4 end through and through, would not be a direct transition) or for KC to find new guys to fit in.

  4. Eric Murray was the worst safety on the roster when it included Ron Parker. I’ll never miss watching this guy wiff again and again. I’d have taken a bag of footballs in exchange.

  5. Another guy who didn’t gripe. I’m glad the front office traded him to a good team. I hope that’s a trend for the team. Players tend to gravitate to organizations who will trade a guy to a good situation or at least a place of preference when their time there is up.

  6. Hold up, are you saying that Brashaud Breeland at this point in his career is an upgrade over Eric Murray?
    That’s exactly what I am saying. One’s a CB and one’s a safety but Breeland is exponentially better as a CB than Murray is as a safety. As far as Berry, believe the media hype or watch the tape. One hundred and two year old Antonio Gates beat Berry in every matchup. Gronk abused him in OT to lead NE to the Super Bowl. Berry beat cancer and for that I have nothing but the utmost respect. As a football player, the media (and KC fans) vastly overstated his value.

  7. “As a football player, the media (and KC fans) vastly overstated his value.“


    Nah, we haven’t overstated his value. When healthy Berry is lethal. Berry was never healthy this year and that’s it, plain and simple. His injury to his Achilles is an incredibly painful condition, can’t remem what it’s called, and it was certainly a factor in every game he played this year. The problem is nobody knows if he’s recovered or if he’s done with the game. If he’s recovered KC just cut the best safety in the nfl (or at the least a top 3). It’s not like Gronk and Gates are just random TE’s, even in they’re sunset they outshine 2/3 of the starting TE’s out there who are young and healthy. Whoever ends up with Berry is gonna be happy. Those are big shoes to fill in KC. Hope he is recovered and can be #BerryStrong for a team that welcomes him.

  8. KC had Berry the last two years, as a Chiefs fan I wasn’t happy. Took on about 30 million and then we’re out another 8 million just to cut him.

    Good riddance.

  9. Bailey can slide inside and give Jones or Nnadi a breather. He’s a 3-4 end and a 4-3 tackle, the guy in fact plays all over the line and many of his sacks result from pushing his offensive player trying to block him – back into the QB. Plus, he’s a hulk and if he gets a hand on you, you’re stopping.

    Murray was the worst remaining safety on the squad, at least we got something in return for him and that guy might help out up front (much more) than Murray ever helped out at the back of the defense. He’s just another defender who tugs jerseys, catches flags and surrendered crucial first downs and scores.

    Later, much.

  10. Did someone really just say murray is a good player? What games have you been watching. At the very very least we get rid of the 500 yards in penalties murray cost us. Great trade for the chiefs

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