Julio Jones: I don’t care about being highest-paid wideout

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Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones wants a new contract and has spoken to the team about getting one done at various points over the last couple of years.

One of the lead topics of conversation on the contract front is obviously going to be how much Jones is paid and some have wondered if he might push for a deal that pays him more than Antonio Brown is set to receive from the Raiders. Jones

Jones told Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com that he’s “comfortable with how everybody’s” handling things at this point and that he isn’t making the top salary for a wide receiver the top priority in conversations about a new deal.

“Me, personally, I don’t really care about as far as being the highest-paid receiver, man,” Jones said. “It’s a number. We’ve got some other guys on the team. If we can do it in a way to get all the other guys to stay on the team … it’s a lot of ways you can do money.”

Jones skipped last year’s offseason work before getting a salary bump just before reporting to training camp. He indicated he’ll be away from the team during voluntary work again this offseason, but said he will be on hand for mandatory minicamp in June.

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  1. A very smart approach, an extra few million won’t make a huge difference for him as an individual, but it might be the difference between a ring and missing the playoffs.

    Wish Aaron Rodgers thought about the team more than himself.

  2. Wasn’t it reported last year that he was taking advice from T.O.?

    I can’t wait to see how that works out for Julio.

  3. That’s good, because between him and Matt Ryan, they would have almost 0 salary cap space for the rest of the team. They wouldn’t have any hope of overcoming, say Pat Mahomes on a rookie contract.

  4. Dang not that Jones cares, but I definitely just became a fan of his! Mr Big Ego and Bell could learn a thing or 7 from him. Having someone selfless like that on the roster, do him right Atlanta!

  5. Jones said. “It’s a number.”

    You know what else is a number? # of TDs in the last few seasons. And the number for you looks pretty bad

  6. In an era in which so many wideouts are whacked out divas, it is refreshing to have a guy like Julio, who plays hard, works hard, and goes about his business in a professional manner.

  7. Would like to see a change to the Salary Cap which says no one player can get paid more than 10% of it in a year. It would help keep Football the ultimate TEAM GAME, which is what makes it great.

  8. If a guy sucks at doing his job and makes 70k a year and another guy with the same job makes 60k but does a great job the 60k guy has a legit beef.

    The difference between making 15m to 16m is not a big deal, hats of to you Mr. Jones.

  9. cowboysmb3dw28 says: “Mr Big Ego and Bell could learn a thing or 7 from him. Having someone selfless like that on the roster, do him right Atlanta!”

    You do know when he signed his extension in 2015, that contract made him the second highest WR (behind Calvin Johnson), right? It’s not like he was leaving money on the table…

  10. If happiness depends on being paid the most, then few people can be happy, and even those who are happy now will be unhappy as soon as someone else gets paid more.

  11. Wait, didn’t this guy just hold out ten months ago while on year 3 of a 5 year deal? Yeaaaaah Julio, we believe you…..

  12. Give you kudos for that attitude Julio, if indeed sincere. More players need this mindset for team continuity and ultimately team success. Need to be an example for all the other me first players out there! Guys that are already millionaires many times over need to think about the other 52 that are essential to the team. Players like AB , OBJ need that ” pay me more” attitude for their egos and teams suffer as a result.

  13. Julio Jones: I don’t care about being highest-paid wideout


    And if that were true you’d play out the rest of your current contract(which ends after the 2020 season) and we wouldn’t even be reading about this for another 2yrs!!!

  14. He isn’t winning a Super Bowl with that qb, take the cash. Let Larry in AZ be your example of what not to do.

  15. When I talk about how I wish athletes would SAY the right thing, whether or not they really believe it, THIS is exactly what I’m referring to. He might not want to be the “highest paid” wide receiver, but he sure as heck is not signing for a paltry contract either.

    I’ve always said that athletes should not publicly complain about their contracts… their complaints will not resonate well with the truck-driving, lowly paid teacher, under-paid military fans.

  16. He doesn’t score td’s in the red zone. He has a quarterback that cannot throw a deep ball accurately. He signs contracts and doesn’t honor them. He’s getting older. Trade him.

  17. “That’s exactly what Golden Tate tried to sell……. right before he signed with the Bills”


    I probably missed him going there after they signed Megatron and Jerry Rice.

  18. Well, at the end of this contract, he’d be the fourth highest paid receiver of all time behind Fitzgerald, Calvin, and Andre Johnson.

    Part of me wishes he would become the highest paid, just to watch the show unfold over in Oakland.

  19. He’s already HOF on his on-field achievements. This is HOF standard in terms of refreshing attitude too.

  20. Julio Jones is a consummate professional, he shows up to work with leadership skills and a good attitude. He also is the best receiver in the league. A lot of receivers in the league would do well to follow his lead.

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