Xavien Howard shows up for first day of Dolphins’ work

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Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard wants a new contract, and deserves one.

But he’s not withholding services in an attempt to get that deal.

Via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, Howard was in attendance during the first day of the Dolphins’ offseason program Monday.

Howard’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, and is set to make just $1.3 million this season. Whenever he signs his next deal, he figures to be one of the top-paid players at his position.

General Manager Chris Grier said at the Scouting Combine he expected as much, as he discussed a potential extension for the 2016 second-rounder.

“It would be great,” Grier said of a long-term deal. “We’ve been talking to his agent back and forth a little bit and they’ve been very good to work with. Xavien wants to be here and wants to be here long-term. So yeah it would be important because I think it could send a message, which we want, is that we want our good young players to be here. So we’re working on trying to get something done. Whether it gets done or not who knows. There’s a lot of things that goes into that, getting those decisions done. But yes if we could get it done it’d be great but who knows?”

While it will be important for them to keep him because he’s good at football, a deal would also carry some symbolic weight. The Dolphins have purged most of their talented and expensive veterans, so committing to an ascending player helps in terms of taking them seriously when they discuss their long-range building plans.

6 responses to “Xavien Howard shows up for first day of Dolphins’ work

  1. I think not holding out and still doing your job under contract yields better results. Even if the team he is currently playing for doesn’t resign him, whoever does won’t have any apprehensions about him and will be likely to give him a good contract because it’s apparent that he isn’t exactly okay with his contact but still puts the team first and shows up for work.

  2. Showing good character imo means more clubs could want him which equals a few more dollars. Quite refreshing. I think someone during the draft process said of him that he’s a risk taker but hawks the ball, which has continued. I think he could have another massive year.

  3. It’s great that he is honoring his ROOKIE contract. Drives me nuts when a player will hold out, etc. He is going to get paid by a team either way because he has played well, but it shows more for a player that shows up under contract. If you don’t like what spot you were drafted at and what you’re getting paid, then you should have played better in college. Don’t blame the team that drafted you 38th overall because 31 other teams passed on you.

  4. Keeping the tools sharp is the smartest thing a player can do. Mentally and physically. You don’t do that by staying away.

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