Antonio Brown: I want to inspire people to do better business

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Antonio Brown did a great business deal for himself this offseason, forcing his way out of Pittsburgh and getting a big raise from his already lucrative contract when he went to the Raiders. He hopes some people learn from him.

Brown says he hopes to use his social media presence to help people understand their own worth and how to maximize their earnings.

I want to encourage and inspire people on how to do better business,” Brown told “Talk about 1099s and the NFL and Nike and some of these companies only paying me five percent of my royalties. With my jersey sales, [which are] No. 5 in the NFL, the NFL pays me a million dollars at five percent. How much more are the NFL and Nike making off of me? That’s an extra 9 or 10 million [dollars]. So we’re just going to be educating people on things because I think the public is so outdated with information.”

Brown does not think, however, that many other players are going to be able to take control of their situations the way he did.

“I don’t think the NFL is changing,” Brown said. “I don’t feel like it’s getting better. The thing I was able to do was unprecedented. It’ll probably never be done again. For me to be able to have the same contract, and not even add a year, just add more money, I don’t think that had ever been done. . . . I think what it has done is really inspire players to take hold of their situation, run business better, make business boom, and do the right things in regards to your circumstance. So at the end of the day you can be in the best position.”

Fans may need to be careful about being inspired to follow Brown’s lead: Most people who tried to do what Brown did would find themselves out of a job, not getting a better job.

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  1. That’s right because doing good business is going on Facebook live while your coach is talking to the team after a game !!!! And walking out of practice the week of a win your in playoff game is good for business??!!! You write with a pencil to erase the rules to fit your personal agenda !!!!!

  2. Spin away Antonio Brown… next he’ll be telling us he did it to save the baby seals.

  3. Did anyone else hear the audio of Brown on speaker phone with his agent Drew Rosenhaus? The only thing he cared about was whether or not a team was willing to trade a first round pick for him. The Steelers did the right thing, even if it may take some time to replace Brown’s production

  4. Because most people have this problem – have a company pay for production, distribution, advertising, online and physical store presence, as well as what is likely a large percentage for rights – just to make a million dollars for a shirt with their name and number on it.

    Simply show up to meetings late, work when you want, trash coworkers publically, throw furniture, dye your mustache yellow and change your name to…I can’t even type it.

  5. The public is very aware of how “ALL” professional athletes are overpaid. Choose a real profession not a game and we will rally behind you.

  6. This is good, because for a while there I thought it was about the money.

  7. The only thing this knucklehead inspires me to do is not spend money on anything NFL related. I wish they would have a maximum pay of less than a million for players. They need to live in the same real world as the fans who pay their salaries.

  8. This guy is just getting dumber everyday. I’m so happy he’s not a Steeler anymore. I’d rather be drama free then have his production. Which won’t be the same

  9. What an embarrassment. His Jersey sales are about to go from number 5 to the basement this season.

  10. “I want to inspire people to do better business”

    Step 1, establish that sticking to any agreements is only optional if I feel like it. Check.

    Step 2, establish that maturity in the workplace is only for the non marquee players. Check

    Step 3, insure that owners start putting protections into contracts that impact non marquis players negatively just so that their big investments in marquee players can be protected.

  11. This is the start of the long slide down Oakland
    You have no idea of how bad it will get in the locker room
    Addition by subtraction by the Steelers

  12. It’s because of greedy inflated egos like this that there are fewer jobs to go around. Everyone I know is hounding his employer every year for a big fat raise — or else!

  13. Antonio Brown is a mature class act and should be teaching people how to act.
    He leads by example, a first class guy.

    >>The thing I was able to do was unprecedented

    Naa, Albert Haynesworth did the same thing.

    1. sign a big contract

    2. wait for the check to clear

    3. Act up

  14. I am so glad the Steelers took out the trash. The locker room was really starting to stink. Ahhh, fresh air in Pittsburgh again!

  15. From Mr. Big Chest to Mr. Big Head to Mr. Get Others Unemployed, AB sure is having a busy off season. But enough of AB telling you how great AB is, time for you to tell AB how great AB is

  16. AB needs to take an economics class. Laws of supply and demand. We’ll see how this seasons pans out for AB and the Raiders. Be careful what you wish for

  17. Raiders you wanted AB and you got him and a truck load of baggage. He’s not worth the trouble and there will be plenty of it. Buckle your seatbelts it’s going to be a tough ride that’s not going to end well.

  18. Once again proving all it takes is one owner to lose his mind to screw things up for everyone.

    The Vikings thinking that Kirk Cousins walked on water allowed them to convince themselves to give him the first fully guaranteed QB contract in history, ignoring the long term consequences to the rest of the league.

    In this case, the Steelers let themselves be played by Brown and Bell but at least Bell didn’t force them to eat a 21 mill cap hit. Roughly 10% of the cap on a player no longer on the roster. Not only that but eating that cap hit got them nothing in the trade.

    The compensation was barely more than the comp pick they would’ve gotten if Brown was a FA this year and had walked.

  19. I’m tired of this dude! Prior to the last 5 or 6 months, I was ok with AB. He had shown some boneheaded tendencies, but I was still ok with him. Now he thinks he is a contract savant or something? He won, but let’s see if he’s smiling after the season.

  20. AB ruined his own business. He thought he was worth two first round picks. He essentially got traded for a bag of balls. It was his own fault. Good riddance.

  21. His negotiations were easy because both sides want the same thing. Be the GOAT. Make lots of money. His business school should be a success too. Teach all the students to play just like he does and they’ll all make money.

  22. So Brown claims to earn $1M at 5% and believes the other 95% accounts for another $9-10M? And he wants to give people financial advice?

  23. Looking at life in general from an “Every man for themself” mentality, is good practice – especially when going up against organizations such as the NFL. With that said, something about this guy thinking he’s Warren Buffet rubs me the wrong way. I think it was moreso a combination of desperation that led to the deal you got. The Steelers were desperate to get rid of you and the Raiders were in desperate need of a WR. There is no question you are talented AB, but let your talents do the talking on the field. The focus of Business as it pertains to the NFL (and believe me I get it) has really taken away the fun of being a fan of such a great sport. Hopefully, we can get back to the fundamentals and foundation from which this great league was built upon.

  24. If AB wants to earn more from jersey sales, he should open a jersey manufacturing company.

  25. So you want to inspire people to quit on there team and act like a jackass so they can be traded and get a new contract. Im sure every NFL team would love a dependable player like that.

  26. …..By inspiring to break your word?
    A great business model for trading character for money. Asthe old saying goes, you can only lose your character once…

  27. HA HA the gift that keeps giving …I don’t care what his mouth does as long as he’s clutch I’m absolutely certain he wont have the drops like Cooper and Crabtree did !!!

    Carr’s new weapon of choice finally !!


  28. He may be an inspiration, for some, until the next CBA, when at that time, the players will see, once again, who is in control. Winning the battle vs winning the war, so to speak.

  29. Sold your legacy for money.

    On pace to challenge Jerry Rice’s numbers in Pittsburgh and forced your way out to wallow in mediocrity in Oakland. Meager stat lines and 5-11 seasons on your horizon. I forecast a lot of Gatorade buckets being tossed on sidelines. That, or just smiling and waving and blowing kisses into the crowd, unfazed by the Oakland 17 Kansas City 44 scoreboard in the background because ‘business is boomin.’

    Steelers always make the right moves with diva wide receivers:
    Let Yancey Thigpen go, let Hines Ward become a star.
    Extend Hines Ward, let Plaxico Burress go shoot himself.
    Extend Antonio Brown, let Mike Wallace go . . . what ever DID happen to Mike Wallace.
    Get rid of Antonio Brown, let JuJu become a star.

    The winningest team since the merger because they almost always do the right things when it comes to players’ contracts.

    Looking forward to seeing how effective Le’Veon’s “patient running style” is behind a line that can’t block.

  30. I love how people want to make these athletes into some sort of super business people because they can catch or throw a football. No one wants your advice AB, unless it is George Costanza opposite day. hahaha

  31. Some guys only see the top-line & do not have to even think about many people who keep the machine running.

    Give me a break

  32. I didn’t think I could like him any less. I was wrong. And every time he opens his mouth it gets worse.

  33. He obviously doesn’t follow the players around him. Gronk got incentives added to his contract every year the last 2 or 3 years. No change in time, just more money. Performance based but hey, Big Chest doesn’t do performance.

  34. I’ll check back in 5 years to see how business is going. In the meantime where can I get the hair coloring to color my mustach yellow and my hair blue so I can prepare for my next business meeting.

  35. Laughable this guy represents everything that’s wrong with the NFL! Guys like this are turning a once great man’s game into a lawyer cry baby leauge.

  36. If I wanted to do business I wouldn’t feel comfortable investing my time/effort and money with someone who calls himself Mr.Big Chest and doesn’t honour contracts. Seems counterintuitive

  37. What AB should be doing is inspiring excellence on the field, because that is what gave him the opportunity to negotiate the way is is now.

  38. Antonio Brown wouldn’t know “good business” if it slapped him upside the head.

  39. This is one of many reasons why the Raiders will continue to be NFL laughingstocks for years to come. AB is a “Me” player who doesn’t care about winning as long as he gets his stats. Oh yeah, he also quit on his team the week before their most important game of the year because his teammates voted another player team MVP.

  40. The Steelers let you do business otherwise you wouldn’t be playing. Not sure what happenned to this guy the last year but its obvious like Bell he’s become all about the money. It’s a shame

  41. youngnoize says:
    April 2, 2019 at 9:39 am
    Business is boomin. Athletes need to understand they are just as much of a brand as the team.


    It’s the same issue as the Music business… when an athlete gets their first deal they aren’t anything yet. Endorsing companies are taking the risk, so they try to bet on the player and offer them long term deals. Players need to bet on themselves and not get locked into long term bad contracts under the lure of future financial security. Nobody is going to force a player into a longer term.

  42. A.B…’s a great chance to get into the merchandise business.

    Hundreds of stores will sell you the Steelers #84 Brown merch, their Bryce Harper Washington Nationals stuff, their LeBron Cavs line……you could get a really good deal.

    Hurry, the cargo ships are leaving for third world countries with all this gear!!!!!

  43. This whole charade was just because he wanted one last big pay out while he was still productive. Any issues he had with the Steelers were just exaggerated in order to justify his departure. Greed, plain and simple.

  44. You get the impression that not everything went back to normal after Burfect knocked him out.

  45. Hey AB, are you man enough to read all the comments here? If you are you now know what the world thinks of you and it ain’t much at all. You’re the poster boy for what’s wrong with the NFL and professional sports. Count your money cuz that’s all you got now. Your “legacy” is in the trash along with your behavior.

  46. If players can’t stand not being the top paid or are always whining about being “underpaid”, then stop signing 5 plus year contracts. Sign the 2-3 year contracts and then re-assess your production and the new market value for that position.

  47. As if it wasn’t already crystal clear that Antonio Brown is a clown,
    he keeps reinforcing the point with every new story and tweet.

  48. So he wants to encourage and inspire people on how to do better business. Would that include not showing up for work? Disrespecting your boss? Acting like a POS on the Internet?

  49. So why is it not OK for him to maximize his money, which we all would try to do, but it’s fine when a team cuts a player in the middle of a contract. AB is the best and should be paid like the best and if he is going to market himself and make more money… why not? … It’s the butthurt Steeler fans that are trolling him to try to justify how the Steelers played him.

  50. I love all these comments about “sticking to contract”. The NFL teams are not supposed to follow the same rule? They can cut a player “to save cap room” even though they agreed to a contract? Most of these people who are mad at AB don’t understand that if the NFL had fullt guaranteed contracts like the NBA or MLB, players wouldnt have to resort to these “unethical” tactics. But I dont blame them one bit for using the only leverage they have to secure their livelihood in case of a career ending injury. Shout out to my boy AB!

  51. Better job? Just because it pays more does not mean its “better,” just Ask Mike Wallace.

  52. At this point he just needs to shup-up and produce. And if your the Raiders you better hope you win a bunch of games and Brown has a huge season. If not this will hang over Chucky and Mayock’s head like a dark cloud and Brown will fly off the handle.

    I still can’t believe the Raiders are paying him more than what his contract stated.


  53. He sure inspired his teammate Le’veon Bell into doing better business and know his real worth. I mean, no one else agreed with that worth….but still.

  54. Wow this clown can’t keep his mouth shut… Gruden has to be grinding his teeth down to the gums…. match made in heaven lol

  55. Wasn’t one of his conditions for a new team was that it was a serious contender for the Super Bowl?

  56. No denying Brown secured a lot of cash up front … twice. But to do that this time, he broke his contract, sold out his team, and undermined his reputation. Wouldn’t call that “better business.” How will he fare long-term? Well, his mentor T.O. parlayed a one-time net worth of $80 million into a current net worth of $100,000. So we’ll see.

  57. raiderbeer34 says:
    April 2, 2019 at 1:54 pm
    I really miss the days without social media.


    Your Raiders still stunk. It was just harder for you to realize that everyone else knew it

  58. He is straight poison. I usually dont wish harm on people but he is a snake that needs to meet a shovel.

  59. How long before Mr. Big Chest and Gruden end up in a physical altercation?

    Pretty sad when a troll gets excited over people in conflict…..doesn’t have much of a life does he?

    AB is a clown that hasn’t matured, but what a great receiver

  60. Good for AB….Im 100% behind players getting all the money they can. Nobody watches nfl for the owners, GMs or coaches….players are the reason fans show up and watch. I think rosters should be expanded to 65 on gameday and contracts should be guaranteed too. #OwnersAreVermin

  61. Lets see. Deceiving people. Breaking your word or contract. Failing to show up when others need you most. Those are great values to teach others.

  62. listen to all the cryin’. He has a yellow mustache and he’ll probably be broke down the road. Brown was underpaid for yrs before he finally got paid. He allowed Colbert to restructure him 3/4 times to save him from his own cap mistakes. What a bad guy. This contract honoring stuff is nonsense. Management signs the contracts too. When they cut a player 2 yrs into a 4 yr deal, are they honoring the contract THEY signed? Money is not guaranteed, like every one of the other 4 major sports. If a rookie vastly outplays his slotted contract the 1rst few yrs, they league doesn’t even ALLOW the player to get a better deal. Veterans have few options as well. The owners have it all over the players in the NFL. Brown wanted out and he WON. Not too many players have the talent or the guts to leverage this. Good for him. He didn’t want to be in Dysfunction Junction anymore.

  63. For players, football is a business, their priority is to take care of their families. Antonio Brown is simply doing what business’s have been doing all along, leveraging their power for maximum profit, why is it suddenly wrong when a player figures out that the owners aren’t the only ones with power?

  64. He’s right about the game changing and not getting better. He has no idea he’s part of the problem. The game has turned into more of a reality show than a sport now. At least they’re not covered with ads like NASCAR drivers yet.

    I’m still planning to watch and pay attention, but I’m done giving them my money. He’s talking about jersey sales while Tom Brady’s talking about rings.

    Good for him, I guess. But, for me it’s about football, not watching spoiled rich people’s horrible rap videos (The comments on that are awesome).

  65. There was a point and time where AB was considered the best in the game, financially successful, a positive role model, and likeable. Now, he has one of those four labels. If he thinks it was worth it, hey, it’s his life.

  66. Before you can inspire anyone, don’t you think people need to respect you first? In your case, i betting that won’t happen!

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