JuJu Smith-Schuster calls Antonio Brown “my guy”

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After JuJu Smith-Schuster defended Ben Roethlisberger‘s leadership last week, Antonio Brown responded with a message about his former teammate.

“Do not listen to any NFL player who haven’t got paid yet! They will do and say anything to make sure they going to get paid even if it’s compromising integrity or anything ! sad but true,” Brown wrote on social media.

Smith-Schuster, though, said the receivers do not have a beef.

That’s my guy,” Smith-Schuster said, via TMZ Sports. “[Everything’s good between us] always. There’s no bad blood.”

After the Steelers traded Brown to Oakland, Smith-Schuster offered praise for Roethlisberger, writing on social media: “I was so blessed to enter the league and play with a Hall of Fame QB as a 20-year old. Ben has taught me so much, he’s a true Leader and I can’t wait to rock with my guy this season.”

It appeared to set off Brown, but Smith-Schuster maintains that he and Brown are good.

13 responses to “JuJu Smith-Schuster calls Antonio Brown “my guy”

  1. Hey Pittsburgh, ya know that PR nightmare your going through right now? Get ready, it’s gonna happen again in 2 years!
    Ju-Ju LOVES him some Ju-Ju…..DIVA

  2. Juju. Saying what you said just shows how mature you .It’s too bad AB did not take some lessons from you. The best thing that could happen to you and your young career is Brown moving on.

  3. Just because he hooks you up with weed. There wasn’t much outcry coming from the players when he was booted.

  4. Isn’t JuJu just saying the truth? Came into the league to a good situation. Why are people trying to turn that into something negative. He is just being honest and grateful.

    As far as AB, he already got paid before he started running his mouth. Why would he suggest JuJu not show appreciation for his situation. AB is just hating on his old team.

  5. bengalguy, just follow your own team. Clearly you don’t know JuJu. Things can always change but as far as JuJu being in the league has has been nothing but grateful and a team player so far. Very mature for his age. Stick with your own mess of a team.

  6. Hey justmyopinion2000,
    Wasn’t AB the nicest guy & best team mate too…right up to the point he lost his marbles. Ju-Ju loves the public eye & can’t stay off social media…..just like AB, OBJ & TO. This is a 2nd dumpster fire in 2 years waiting to happen. Don’t spend too much $ on your new Ju-Ju jersey, you’ll be burning it in 2 years like you did your AB jersey.
    Gimmie Fitzy, AJ, Julio or Marvin Harrison any day over these coddled primadonnas

  7. A.B. was a sixth round longshot who probably rushed to sign his first extension after only his second year after Mike Wallace turned the Steelers down on his new deal.

    JuJu was a second round pick and will not go for the quick cash in after two years and he can max out a great new deal after a year or two more.

    Not defending A.B., but players who are drafted late and excel have a tough time catching up.

    Juju won’t have to fight for his.

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