Tuesday’s PFTOT is ready for you to watch, or to ignore

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After each episode of PFT Live with Chris Simms, we take a quick break (Chris has to pee) and then we tape a post-show show that we call PFTOT.

It’s an effort to address topics we didn’t address during the show, or that we want to address without the realities of a clock that requires us to shut up and move on.

Tuesday’s edition covers five topics, from whether Julio Jones wants to be the highest-paid receiver in the NFL to whether the Chiefs should be concerned about the Sean McVay/Kliff Kingsbury/Patrick Mahomes dinner to how the Bears may use Cordarrelle Patterson, to whether the league if facing an officiating crisis, to whether the AAF will have the plug pulled.

Hopefully, they won’t pull the plug on PFTOT or PFT Live or #PFTPM or anything else that we do. The chances of that happening become slimmer of you choose to consume the various products that we generate.