Washington floated as a Josh Rosen destination

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Case Keenum might not be the last quarterback acquired by Washington this offseason.

With Alex Smith‘s injury likely serious enough to keep him off the field this season, the newly arrived Keenum and Colt McCoy are expected to compete for the starting job. But Chris Mortensen of ESPN floated Washington as a team that could make a trade with Arizona to acquire Josh Rosen, if the Cardinals choose a quarterback with the first overall pick in the draft.

Mort doesn’t say whether he’s getting his information from the Arizona side (which would suggest someone trying to create a market for a trade) or the Washington side, but it’s an interesting possibility. Washington has been doing due diligence with the top quarterbacks in the draft, but coach Jay Gruden says he doesn’t want to take time going through a development process with a rookie. That could mean trading for a young quarterback with some experience makes more sense than drafting a rookie.

It remains unclear what the Cardinals could get in a trade for Rosen, but it surely won’t be close to what they gave up to get him last year, when they traded their first-round pick, third-round pick and fifth-round pick to move up and draft him in the first round. Washington’s second-round pick, No. 46 overall, might be the best the Cardinals could hope for.

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  1. If Rosen were worth anything at all Arizona wouldn’t be in the market for a new quarterback. I hope my Skins pass on this guy.

  2. If Washington could get Rosen for the 46th pick, they need to jump all over that. I wouldn’t give up a 1st round pick for him, but a second round pick is more than fair.

  3. This seems like the new Cardinals coach wants a different guy. A well-run organization doesn’t do this because they’ll either end up having burnt a lot of useful draft picks by trading him or they’ll have a guy that had to go through this publically with no team support that can’t trust his organization.

  4. This isn’t new. This has been speculated about for week. It doesn’t need any special inside knowledge to put together a team that needs a young QB to develop, with a young QB who has been subject to trade rumors. Rumors again that are based in logical analysis, not insider information.

  5. Stop it. Mort didn’t dig this up, it’s been all over the place for days. Why you aiding and abetting that fraud?

  6. My advice to Cards is keep him, forget Murray – but especially if Belichick phones about him at all that should 100% confirm to you that trading Rosen is a mistake.

  7. TheCommish says:
    April 2, 2019 at 10:22 am


    Played behind the worst OLINE last year, too early to tell Commish!!!!

  8. Rosen can’t block the trade but even so he should consider the history of QBs breaking legs in Washington.
    Smith, RG3, Theisman.

    Then again, he should also consider the Kirk Cousins experience.
    One would think the team learned from that and won’t make the same mistake(s) again, but it is Washington.

  9. And, what about Alex Smith? His cap hit is over $20 mil the next 2 years. The dead cap money in 2020 is over $32 million.

  10. Mort is how I know Washington isn’t interested. Mort can’t be trusted he probably floating that out there to help the Cardinals drum up some competing interest drive up his price.

  11. I can’t understand why anyone would be in the market for Rosen. The fact that Arizona has already given up on him speaks volumes. He was a wasted pick last year and any team that trades anything except a bottle of Gatorade is delusional.

  12. i dont know why everyone loves him, i always found Rosen to a smug little S**t. I hope my patriots dont trade for him. I would rather have another year of Brian Hoyer as the backup instead of carrying 3 QB’s/releasing Etling from the practice squad and Hoyer for Rosen.

  13. Rosen for Keenum and at least 1 second round pick. I am still a big fan of having the same strength for your 1st and 2nd string QB. You don’t have to change your game plan if your 1st QB goes down during a game. Murray and Keenum have the same strengths. Rosen and McCoy have similar strengths.

  14. Skins are better off moving up a few spots in draft and grabbing one of the four available in first round, Rosen is a hot mess , self esteem wise,( has to be right!) after going through the this ordeal,

  15. Just Arizona using Mort trying to get something like a 5th or 6th rounder instead of a conditional 7th for Rosen, should have kept their mouths shut about Murray. Some teams won’t even have Murray on their boards so there thinking is Rosen must be terrible. The big quandary is why spend all that capital (1st, 3rd and 5th) on Rosen then dump him a year later, clearly by Arizona’s view Rosen is a complete bust. Those three picks could have really helped a team that is dearth of talent. So then why would any team pay anything more than a very low draft pick for a player that Keim is basically saying is a complete waste.

    It is kind of like the Steelers in la la land thinking they were going to get a 1st rounder for AB then ended up only with a 3rd and 5th. And AB is agruabaly one of the best receivers in the league, what is a complete bust 2nd year QB worth.

  16. Lol…look at that poser Jay Gruden putting HIMSELF ahead of the team.

    “I don’t wanna take time to develop a rookie.”

    Lol….you’re right…let’s plan a future with Colt McCoy, Case Keenan, and MAYBE Alex Smith.

  17. Skins shouldn’t offer anything more than a 3rd-rounder. Arizona has zero leverage. Unfortunately, Bruce Allen couldn’t negotiate his way out of a bag of potato chips, and doesn’t understand the concept of leverage. That’s why he gave Alex Smith an 80 million dollar contract when no one else in the league would have given him half that, and that’s how the Chiefs were able to fleece him in the Smith trade, even though everyone and their mother knew that the Chiefs had to get rid of him. Anything more than a 3rd-rounder is just gross incompetence.

  18. Arizona is not going to trade Josh Rosen. And they most definitely would trade him for the 46th overall pick, they havent shopped him at all but a team called and offered a significantly higher pick in the 2nd round they turned down. It is April 2nd and Arizona has told every team that’s called he’s not available which Jay Gruden and NY said at the owners meetings. Mort does not offer where he’s getting his info from because he’s pulling this out of thin air.
    Also Aizona’s GM, Owner, HC and DC flew to Florida to work out and Nick Bosa on FRI and took him to dinner. Thursday AZ is flying Bosa out to AZ in their private plan for a 2 day visit. The Cardinals are going to take Nick Bosa if they cannot trade the #1 overall pick and build around Josh Rosen.

  19. sigbouncer says:
    April 2, 2019 at 12:07 pm
    This has been a done deal since they acquired Keenum. They acquired Keenum for the Cardinals.

    Arizona has ZERO interest in Keenum . If Arizona wanted Keenum they could of traded a 7th round pick for him when he was on the market. Instead they brought in Josh Rosen’s good friend and mentor at UCLA Brett Hundley as their backup QB, another sign pointing to AZ keeping Josh Rosen. Rosen isnt going anywhere and they definitely dont want Keenum.

  20. Scan should send a first-round draft pick to Arizona for a Josh Rosen and a second round pick what do you all think about that will that work I will make the call today

  21. A certain journalist lost my trust and respect when he erroneously reported that 11 of the Patriots’ 12 footballs were underinflated at least two pounds per square inch in the 2015 AFC title game. Because of this I stopped reading in the middle of the second paragraph and moved to the comment section to write this comment.

  22. Signing Rosen would immediately give the Redskins the best two QBs in the division.

    1. Rosen
    2. Alex Smith
    3. Eli
    4. Wentz
    5. Dak

  23. My cousin in DC just informed me that Washington and Arizona are working out a trade that will
    sent 15th pick to Arizona Arizona with send quarterback Josh Rosen and 33rd pick to Washington this may work out to be a great deal for both teams

  24. I don’t think it’s so much Washington that wants Rosen not to sat they’re not interested…
    As Arizona wants Case Keenum! A lot of people don’t realize Arizona’s new head coach that will be calling the offense “Kliff Kingsbury”…Was Case Keenum’s OC & QB coach in college…They speak the same language, and know each other very well…I believe these two working together in college…Keenum became the most prolific passer in NCAA history…It would be very interesting to see these two back together, and how, and if they can translate that college success in the NFL! I believe Keenum would plug right into Kliff’s system, and if Arizona got some talent around Case would be very successful, and a Top 5 NFL offense!

  25. I agree where there is smoke there is fire but this is hard to believe.. I mean the guy that said he was the best QB in his draft presumably isn’t even considered the best QB prospect in this draft??? Didn’t watch him play much last year but ouch. Keep Fighting Rosen. Wait for your “I told you so moment” or just wait…. To be a career backup or out of the league.

  26. Washington floated as a Josh Rosen destination


    Every option under the sun has been floated……………by the media, there isn’t one scenerio that they haven’t pitched to their readers! These sites shouldn’t even be allowed to be called Sports News because News refers to the reporting of what actually happened, these are sites where all the writers just sit around and dream up every possible thing they can think of that might happen!

    And the truth is Rosen isn’t going anywhere! First off they packaged up 3 picks to move up and draft him 10th overall. 2nd) I don’t see a rookie NFL HC being given the power to ship off a QB that Arizona just gave up all that collateral to move up to get last year!

    If they do I hope it BLOWS UP IN THEIR FACE and Murray is the biggest bust since JaMarcus Russell, it’d serve them right!

  27. I have a feeling the Cards will draft Murray and trade Rosen. Rosen will land with a team and have success and Murray will be a bust. Or maybe not.

  28. A bad rookie year on a terrible team doesn’t prove anything. Almost any team should be willing to give up a 2nd round pick for Rosen. You have a willing and promising backup QB for almost no money against the cap, and someone who could be the future of your franchise. I think that a 2nd round pick is too low of a price for Arizona to be asking to be honest.

  29. sizzlenasty says:
    April 2, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    Keenum became the most prolific passer in NCAA history


    Now that’s funny right there I don’t care who you are that there is funny!

    You do realize that Keenum was in the WORST defensive conference in ALL NCAA division 1 football don’t you? One of those teams is always giving up a 50’burger every week while several others give up over 40PPG every week and it goes back to long before they restructured the conferences. That’s why all of those QBs that threw for over 5000yds or 40/50TDs a season in that conference very seldom got drafted, NFL teams knew they were doing it against teams with NO DENFENSE!

  30. “Signing Rosen would immediately give the Redskins the best two QBs in the division.”

    I don’t know about that. Rosen is an unknown quantity if he’s put behind a decent Oline, he may or may not turn out to be a better player than he was his first year in AZ.

    Smith is likely going to start the year on the IR and may not even be able to play this coming season.

  31. @alongthegulf:

    It’s not so much Keenum and Murray have the same strengths. Keenum knows Kingsbury system from college and would be a bridge to coaching up Murray as opposed to teaching a new system to two quarterbacks and a whole team. That is the ONLY leverage we hold.

  32. Mort lost all credibility with the deflate gate debacle. He was in a hurry to be the first to report but he never followed up with known info after it was disputed. Instead he left it on twitter claiming he dint know how to correct twitter…really?

  33. Nothing against Rosen but the highly touted WB may be to good to pass up. After watching some film the guy looks like a player.

  34. Just rumors and speculation because nothing is going on in NFL, plus the new QB’s in draft could all busts. All I know is that a Heisman QB has a million to one chance to win a super bowl.

  35. Would take more than the 33rd pick and Rosen to justify giving up the 15th pick, UNLESS, you believe Rosen will be a perennial PBer (which the 15th pick in a draft should be).

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