Andrew Whitworth: How do Rams respond to Super Bowl loss?

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Andrew Whitworth is returning for a 14th season and a chance to finish what the Rams didn’t in Super Bowl LIII. The Rams left tackle still hasn’t gotten over the 13-3 loss to the Patriots.

“There’s definitely ways we could have executed better and just calmed down and executed the way he had all season long,” Whitworth said on NFL Network on Wednesday. “You look at the year before, I thought probably we played our worst game against Atlanta in the [wild-card] round of the playoffs, but for the whole season. I think offensively for us, it was pretty similar to the Super Bowl against New England. It was maybe our worst game of the season right up there. You could say that or [the 15-6 loss to] the Bears [in Week 14].

“But I would argue that the New England game, no real factors to that one. We just flat out didn’t play well. For us, it’s really one of those things, it’s a learning opportunity. How can we respond?”

The Rams lost two starting offensive linemen in Rodger Saffold and John Sullivan from one of the league’s best offensive lines of a year ago. Joseph Noteboom and Brian Allen are expected to start in 2019.

“Obviously, I think any time you go into a season, playing 13 years, I’ve seen a lot of things happen, a lot of change on a football team every year in the offseason,” Whitworth said. “You know it’s going to be a part of this industry. It’s tough to lose those two guys for sure just for the rocks they were and how good of football players they’ve been.”

15 responses to “Andrew Whitworth: How do Rams respond to Super Bowl loss?

  1. Probably the same way the ’14 Seahawks and ’16 Falcons responded…by cruising back to mediocrity, never to return to a meaningful playoff game again.

  2. This one is different from ’14 Seahawks and ’16 Falcons. The Rams are a hungry team that is still learning how to deal with success after many seasons of historic failure. I expect them to rebound and win their division in 2019, and make a deep playoff run again, in spite of the worthless prognostications of jealous fans of other teams who keep insisting, despite all evidence, that their own team is somehow superior.

  3. Big set back year coming for the Rams. What will be interesting is how with McVay handle criticism and being questioned.

  4. The offense ran through Gurley, and they ran him into the ground because it can’t run through Goff. Now he has an arthritic knee, which means his career is in jeopardy. Which means the window is shutting.

  5. The New England game…”no real factors to that one, we just didn’t play well?”

    You got neutralized by a better prepared team. Your boy-wonder coach got a lesson taught to him by the best coach in history.

    Oh well…put him on the pile with the rest.

  6. punkyqb says:
    April 3, 2019 at 8:51 pm
    The Rams win when Gurley is healthy. we all know were this is headed.


    How much do you think arthritis is going to heal?

  7. The SB would have been a different game if Gurley was healthy or at least 75-80%. But thems the breaks, you gotsta play the hand you dealt.

  8. i hope they don’t make it back to the playoffs and implode after that god awful performance and making the patriots defense look like the 85 bears.

  9. the Rams are just not a great team period. They have an average quarterback with average wide receivers. The real Super Bowl was the AFC Championship Game. It’s the Chiefs who know that they need to do a bit more. The Rams have an average quarterback and are in desperate need of an upgrade at the receiver position. In all fairness, the Patriots are too as they really only had Edelman and Gronk show up and now Gronk is gone.

  10. I highly doubt a team with Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Rob Havenstein, Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks, Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, Dante Fowler, Clay Matthews, Eric Weddle, Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters, John Johnson, Andre Whitworth, Johnny Hekker, and Greg Zuerlein, and coached by Sean McVay and Wade Phillips, is going to mediocre.

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