Browns OK with Beckham being in and out of offseason workouts


Odell Beckham Jr. arrived with great fanfare (and with an ugly hat on) Monday for the start of the Browns offseason program.

Then he left.

But Browns coach Freddie Kitchens said he wasn’t worried that his new wide receiver wasn’t going to be an every-day participant in their program which kicked off this week.

Kitchens said he understood that would be the case shortly after Beckham was acquired in a trade with the Giants.

“Like I told you guys a couple of weeks ago, Odell did not know where he was going to be,” Kitchens said. “He did not know that he was going to be in Cleveland up until three weeks ago now. He has some things to tie up, but he thought that it was important enough to be here today so he was here for his teammates, for himself and for his coaches and things like that. My hat is off to him. He told me something a couple of weeks ago, and he made it work. He had to go through some hoops to get here, but it was important enough for him to be here. . . .

“We do not really know specifics right now, but he will not be here continually right now. He will be back and forth, but he has some things he has to tie up, and we are getting all of that in order now.”

Beckham was in Europe when the trade happened on March 12, and just got back in the country recently. Had be stayed with the Giants, his program wasn’t going to start until April 15, but wanted to show up for the first day of school (and the press conference and a chance to put on a better-looking hat).

“That was Odell’s [choice]. This is all voluntary,” Kitchens said. “I did not encourage anything. Odell knows what is at stake. He knows what he needs to be here for. Do not take offense to this, the media is never going to form a line in the sand between me and a player or a player and his teammates. This is strictly voluntary. If we wanted to critique people for not coming and coming, then we should make it mandatory as a league. It is not mandatory. As far as like, would I hold a grudge if he is not going to come? No, I would not. There is never going to be a line drawn in the sand from the media in any instance with any player of mine.”

Beckham was also a sometimes-attender when he was with the Giants. In 2017, he spent most of the time training on his own in Los Angeles, arriving for the mandatory minicamp. Last year, he showed up for the start of coach Pat Shurmur’s program, but was then in and out.

The workouts are voluntary and coaches can’t compel guys to show up. But having Beckham on hand Monday helped create some excitement, which the Browns hope carries over.

24 responses to “Browns OK with Beckham being in and out of offseason workouts

  1. What else was he going to say? He needs to be here and get himself in trouble. Asking his opinion on something he cant really share his opinion about is laughable. These reporters are just trying to see if he knew the rules well enough to see if he would tell on himself. These coaches are so inexperienced now days that one of these newbies will.

  2. I can’t wait until the honeymoon in Cleveland is over with this guy. I won’t have to wait long.

  3. On the second day on the job you’re already calling out of work? Already flexing me over team attitude. You can have all the talent in the world, but hard work will always win out.

  4. That’s a shame browns season over already,you can’t have different rules for different players you never see successful teams doing this -patriots,eagles,packers etc.

  5. Oh, the “voluntary” workouts. The next CBA just needs to drop the pretense here and either make these mandatory or get rid of them altogether.

  6. This is not a big deal. He had preexisting plans, based on reporting to NYG on 4/15. That said, I still think this move for CLE is a disaster waiting to happen.

  7. Great way to start your tenure with a new team. I guess all those outside issues are more important than your multi million dollar job. Probably had recording time scheduled for his rap album.

  8. Freddie’s in over his head. With Duke Johnson and Ogbah its “I’ll only talk about the guys that chose to be here” and with fragile ego Odell it’s “he has some things to tie up” LOL
    This is why Odell isn’t worth the headache.

  9. Seems like Freddy would benefit from the “were on to Cincinnati” approach.

  10. The hat is not that bad. I liked the whole look, brown shirt, brown sport coat, orange hat. I thought he looked cool.

  11. It’s voluntary.
    OBJ has better things to do, like party.

    Now if it was me, I’d want to make a good first impression and spend the time at camp, so that my team could win the division.

  12. Easy now fellas. Tom Brady & Gronk did not show up to voluntaries last year. We will see where he goes from here. If this is a future issue, then it’s a real issue.

  13. The OBJ sideshow has already begun. The Browns will be sorry they traded for this clown.

  14. … people dont seem to realize just how many people dont show up to these camps. Especially when coming to a new team.

  15. Lots of SOUR GRAPES giants fans posting today. Piss poor giants team and poor management but it’s OBJ fault. Lol 😂 only in NY with the self entitled fans who overate anyone who puts on a NY Jersey and trash’s them in the way out the door. We’ll c what the giants get from Peppers, 😂. Giants r so smart they let Collins walk and trade there best wr. The only thing dumber then giants management is their followers

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