Christian Kirksey: Browns have to block out noise, get to work

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The Browns reported for the start of their offseason workouts this week and they did so amid growing expectations for their first winning season since 2007.

Increased talent on the roster is driving those expectations, but head coach Freddie Kitchens’ messages to the team have been that being on paper isn’t particularly meaningful and that outside expectations shouldn’t factor into their approach to the tasks at hand.

Linebacker Christian Kirksey appears to have taken the messages to heart. He said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that the team won’t win games on paper and remembers that the team also generated a lot of noise when they were at the bottom of the barrel.

“So it’s like, we’ve got to just cancel out everything and just go to work,” Kirksey said. “And control what we can control and pay attention to the guys in the room and just get prepared for the season. Now, we’re just focused. We’re not trying to get overly excited or always looking at expectations and saying, ‘OK, we’ve got to be this team, we’ve got to do this.’ We’ve got to control our identity and what we want to be right now and I just block out everything and get to work.”

The Browns are going to get continual reminders about the raised expectations for the 2019 season and that will make ignoring them easier said than done over the weeks and months to come.

8 responses to “Christian Kirksey: Browns have to block out noise, get to work

  1. I like Kirko a lot, but he needs to have a monster season to justify his contract. I hope he heeds his own words.

  2. definitely heading in the right direction but people (inside and outside) need to temper their expectations. Remember when the Jets said they were going to be the DREAM TEAM? How did that work out?? And who knows, Freddie Kitchens could be worse than Hue Jackson for all anyone knows.

  3. “Freddie Kitchens could be worse than Hue Jackson for all anyone knows.”

    The efficacy of last year’s offense says otherwise. Once Hue got out the way, Freddie stepped up and had the offense popping – especially considering the talent and experience levels. This year the Browns will be a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators.

  4. It was the Eagles with Vick that went to the Dream Team card. Vince Young started it. Lol

  5. Any team that says they are a dream team is heading for a cliff. The thing with the Browns is they aren’t the ones saying it. To paraphrase Saban, they seem to be avoiding the “rat poison” so far, and I think they have the mindset to keep it that way.

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