Jets’ new uniforms leak a day early

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The Nikefication of the NFL continues.

On Thursday, the Jets will unveil their new uniforms. On Wednesday, an image of the uniforms leaked.

If it’s actually the real uniform; it’s possibly a very elaborate and intricate — and persuasive — hoax. (Safety Jamal Adams claims on social media that they aren’t the real thing.)

Here they are, premised largely on a return to the green helmets/white “Jets” that the team used in the years between the white helmets with the green oval including “Jets” over the outline of the letters NY. There are differences, but it’s basically the same concept that the team used from 1978 through 1997, as shown in the attached photo of former Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason in the old/sort-of-new uniforms.

If these are the real thing, they have three different jerseys (green, white, black) and three different pants (green, white, black). The numbers assume a non-traditional design, with “New York” written above them.

The Jets become the latest team to overhaul their uniforms since Nike became the league’s official apparel provider. Like many other new uniforms, they will be an acquired taste, at best.

35 responses to “Jets’ new uniforms leak a day early

  1. The uniforms are fine and actually one of the better rebrands lately. The logo is what everyone has an issue with. All they did was spell out “New York” and throw a football on it.

  2. Do they think that different (not necessarily better) uniforms will hide what a wreck of a franchise this is? I am often embarrassed to admit I am a Jets fan and when I do admit it, people either laugh at me or feel bad for me. New uniforms doesn’t fix bad management and horrible drafting.

  3. I think it looks a tad too much like the Chargers’ uniforms with the slash mark placement and the number fonts. Otherwise, not a horrible look. Would like to see an all-white uni, as based on what I see here, I think it’d be nice.

    We’ll see tomorrow if they’re real.

  4. These look………extremely mediocre

    The best uniform Nike has done is the Bills new one where they just copy pasted the 90s uniforms and changed the helmet from red to white

    Also, bring back the Bills red Helmets

  5. Looks like green Charger uniform. Is it just me or has Nike ruined sports uniforms? I cna’t be the only one.

  6. I think their classic look is one of the best. Reminds me of Super Bowl III. These new ones remind me of Richard Todd and the Sack Exchange. Not many wins in that era.

  7. So gimmicky. They will do anything to try to drum up excitement, dupe their fans and try to sell more PSLs. Been going on for over a decade.

  8. There will be a time down the road when football fans will look back on these Nike uniforms in the same way we look back at
    the disco era now.

  9. Not a fan. If I were a Jets fan and these were it, I would be disappointed.

    Your team gets new unis maybe every 20-30 years. You mean I gotta watch my team play in that for that long? Don’t think the Jets should have gone black either. Not everyone needs a black uni.

  10. Love what Nike does with Oregon. They suck everywhere else. Another bad/meh design…

  11. I honestly had no idea they were getting new uniforms 🤷🏻‍♂️. I like the ones they’ve had the past couple decades. Simple, clean, a nice nod to the Namath era. Why’d they change? And why did they have to add black? They automatically lose points for that.

  12. Awful; they sucked then and do now. Parcells changed them back to their original uni’s for that reason.

  13. Ugh. “Ooo. Let’s change the sleeve stripes to sort of a Nike swoosh, maybe no one will notice.”
    And you do NOT mix italics and straight fonts. The slanted New York over the straight numbers is terrible. And the drippy paint stripe down the leg? No.
    Please stop Nike from designing uniforms. Please. Stop. Nike.

  14. Not big on the Jets but I have seen one or two amazing ones done by obviously fans, and it leads me to believe that I will only be disappointed, because I have not been amazed by any of the new designs by Nike, I wish more teams would be like GB, and tell Nike leave their jerseys alone.

  15. Too bad they had the best uniforms before this move. The green helmets were terrible.

  16. For NYJ fans sake, I hope these arent real because they are mind numbingly boring as all heck.

  17. Oohh a black uni, so edgy. Because only 70% of other teams have a black uni so giving a team without black in it’s color scheme a black uni is very original here.

    Why not try something really daring? Like sliver with green stripes to mimic you know a jet? And why the Charger bolt on the shoulder?

  18. Boring may be the goal. They would look pretty good if they won a SB in these. Not likely, but my point is, the look would resonate with fans if they begin winning. Thinking of the Patriots rebrand from “Pat Patriot”.

  19. All-black unis are so boring and overplayed. Do something original for a change. Nike reminds me of Mike Brady in the Brady bunch movie. Every client that hired him for a design got exactly the same thing (a replica of his house which apparently was his favorite design).

  20. new uniform, same terrible team that the browns will make mincemeat out of this season. hail to the brownie elf asshats!!!!

  21. Nike sucks these uniforms suck. they had one of the greatest original old AFL uniforms of all times there was no need to change it just like the Raiders Chiefs and Chargers, perfect uniforms forever. We have to appease the 18 to 30 year olds who have no original thoughts in their heads apparently.

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