Tyreek Hill returns to social media, does not address abuse allegations

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Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has posted to social media for the first time since allegations that he was being investigated for abusing his young son, but he ignored that issue and instead focused exclusively on his offseason workouts.

Hill posted a video showing his offseason workouts and sharing his thoughts about staying in shape during the spring. He mentioned his family only in reference to why he wants to be the best wide receiver in the NFL.

“I want better for my family and I will get better for my family, more for my family, too,” Hill said.

Police records show that officers responded to Hill’s home twice in March, investigating potential child abuse. The Kansas City Star reported that Hill’s son suffered a broken arm.

In 2014, when Hill’s fiancee was pregnant with their son, Hill was arrested and accused of punching and choking his fiancee. He later pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation. He and his fiancee reconciled and have said recently that they plan to get married soon.

15 responses to “Tyreek Hill returns to social media, does not address abuse allegations

  1. Zero excuse for child or spousal abuse and if he indeed broke his childs arm he should be out of the league and in jail.

  2. specksnasty says:
    April 3, 2019 at 9:17 am
    Zero excuse for child or spousal abuse and if he indeed broke his childs arm he should be out of the league and in jail.

    Agreed, but his name isn’t even listed on the police report. The only association that has been reported is that this happened at tyreek hill’s home. I think he will be exonerated.

  3. He should not be making any public statements on that matter anyhow, his lawyer has probably advised him of such. Its still unknown what happened exactly and whether this guy needs to be thrown out of football and jailed (possible) or whether this is a very misreported/misunderstood incident that requires no action (also possible) or somewhere in between. Law enforcement needs to sort all that out and until they do the matter is best left alone by him and anyone else involved in any way.

  4. SWFLPC.INC says:
    April 3, 2019 at 9:26 am
    How is this guy still allowed to play football?

    It’s April, right now no one is playing football in the NFL. It’s probably a good bet that without some clarification one way or the other on who did what Hill will not be on the field when next it is played it.

  5. #1 I am not a K.C. fan, #2 we need to let the people involved in the investigation do what they do, #3 years ago my niece fell out of bed and broke her collarbone, my sister was investigated for child abuse.
    Please wait until the investigation is done with before throwing stones.

  6. All these ppl on here talking about how is he still playing and throw him in jail, and yet he is not even being investigated, the police have stated that he is not the Person of Interest, so why do you ppl keep posting ur garbage?

  7. Isn’t he not listed on the police report? That seems like a relevant detail that is also being ignored. Not a Tyreek Hill and definitely not a Chiefs fan, but you should probably make that more clear than the impressions your headlines are giving.

  8. If an investigation has been going on this long then something clearly happened! I don’t think Chef fans should be so confident in their prized WR. Seems as though he has temper issues. And child abusers are not treated well in prison, fyi.

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