AAF player says his personal credit card was charged for stay at team hotel

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We’re continuing to see evidence that when the Alliance of American Football pulled the plug on its season this week, it did so in a slipshod manner.

The latest comes from Adrien Robinson, a former Giants tight end who was trying to get back into pro football by playing for the Memphis Express this season. Robinson wrote on Twitter that his personal credit card, which he presumably gave the front desk for incidental charges, was charged $2,500 for his stay in the team hotel, and the team has given him no indication that they’ll take care of the matter.

“I woke up to over a $2500 charge pending on my account from the Sonesta hotel our team stayed in,” Robinson wrote. “I called the bank and Memphis team president. My only option is to dispute the charges on Monday. The same thing happened to other players on our team.”

It’s one thing for AAF chairman Tom Dundon to decide he couldn’t afford to keep subsidizing a money-losing league any longer. It’s another thing to treat employees in such a shabby way, as we’ve been hearing all day examples of players being left in the lurch after the league folded. The AAF’s players deserved better.

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  1. Considering Dundon makes a lot of his money through pro sports you’d think he’d have more respect for athletes. Couldn’t even let them finish out the season and hung them out to dry.

  2. So, he’s ok with the team spending that outrageous amount on him? Sorry, but $2,500 for a hotel room is ludicrous. Has to be a max of 2 nights – what the hell did he order to his room during his time there would equate to that much on his bill?

  3. Wasn’t Ebersol and Polian running the operation? If not, what are they getting paid for? Dundon puts up all the money, comes in and saves it for a few weeks, and now he’s getting blamed for it. What is Polian’s actual job? Why hasn’t anyone interviewed him? He’s probably somewhere hiding behind Peyton Manning’s legacy.

  4. Not nearly as bad as the NFL putting Stadiums on the Public Credit Card for DECADES.

    I’m sure if the AAF went to Cities and Statehouses and asked for Public support they would be laughed out of the building… but when the NFL gets their profits padded by the Public then it is just accepted as a normal part of how the NFL operates.

  5. AAF management are obviously scumbags but – devil’s advocate here – this has happened to me before on work trips, you put your card down for incidentals and the hotel screws up and charges you the room fee which was meant for someone else. Not justifying what AAF has done otherwise but this may not be their mistake.

  6. I want to see an itemized bill first before passing judgement. $2,500 is pretty steep for a few days stay. Need to know what he was charged for.

  7. “So, he’s ok with the team spending that outrageous amount on him? Sorry, but $2,500 for a hotel room is ludicrous. Has to be a max of 2 nights”

    Um, they’ve been in that hotel for weeks. A normal meh hotel is 90 or 100 bucks a night. There’s nothing outrageous about that at all and it was for a lot more than 2 nights.

  8. Polian will probably never be heard from again…quit blaming the guy that saved the sinking ship for a few weeks when Polian told him he could broker the deal with the NFL/NFLPA for players, which was never going to happen……

  9. This is totally on Bill Polian and Charlie Ebersol. Dundon is being blamed but Polian was the one who misled the players and coaches about the financial stability of the league. Polian and Ebersol knew it was a house built on sand from the very beginning, but they pushed forward with it anyway and pretended it was on solid ground. The reality is the league never had any real financing. Just a couple of rich investors who were never truly sold on it, but dipped their toes in the water for a few weeks and decided it wasn’t worth it.

  10. But wait. I thought this league was great. What happened? Surely, profootballtalk isn’t doing an about face, are they?

  11. I’ll blame all three of them. Dundon had control of the league at the end and should have made good to the players. Polian and Ebersole for their part were the ones who gave out the one-year contracts to the players. They sold these young men a bill of goods.

    Lesson to Vince McMahon. Spring football doesn’t work. The USFL gave it a great shot and survived four years. Football fans are done with football the first week of February. “We’re on to free agency” and then the draft. This concept is a loser.

  12. If you know your boss just had to bring on a partner to help finance the business then never use your own credit card for a business expense…also never take a company credit card that has your name on it if company doesn’t pay you’re next on the collections list.

  13. You were informed thusly.

    Municipalities will fund a station or arena if they believe that the city will net out on top. Economic spinoff is a thing. One guy called it trickledown. It has worked in our city since 1982. So many small businesses thrive on what these facilities bring. Some can’t overcome jealousy that someone is making more than they are.

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