Bengals RB Mark Walton arrested for third time this offseason

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Bengals running back Mark Walton has run afoul of law enforcement for the third time this offseason.

Walton surrendered to authorities in Miami on Thursday to face charges stemming from a March 12 incident. According to court documents obtained by the Miami Herald, Walton faces felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon, marijuana possession and reckless driving.

Walton allegedly ran from police after being pulled over for speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. He was shot with a Taser, but dislodged the prongs and got away from pursuing officers. Per the police, a search of his car turned up 14 grams of marijuana, a legally purchased rifle and several fully loaded clips.

Walton also faces misdemeanor marijuana possession and battery charges from two other incidents earlier this year. He was a fourth-round pick last year and ran 14 times for 34 yards.

27 responses to “Bengals RB Mark Walton arrested for third time this offseason

  1. Yeah, I thought he’d be cut after the first offense – especially with the new coaches trying to establish a new culture. Here’s to hoping the third times a charm

  2. Mark will undoubtedly get another chance … to not waste his next “final” opportunity, he needs to move out of Miami …. and grow up.

  3. He’s just trying to make the team, where arrests are like badges of honor.

  4. Why is this guy still in the NFL? This guy should not receive additional chances , sorry! There are too many great young men out there( eg. AAF players) who would give the world for an opportunity to play on Sunday’s. See ya dude, try the XFL or the Dade County prison team!

  5. He PULLED OUT the taser prongs ….WOW!!!! He’s one bad dude! That’s impressive…I don’t care who you are…to pull them out while being tased…ugh WOW!

  6. Didn’t the NFL institute a policy where if teams keep players constantly arrested they lose draft picks? I thought they started that policy a few years back. If so, being it’s this kids 3rd …they gotta be in a ball park. Pac Man you got a guy coming for your crown.

  7. If only he were as good at dodging linebackers as he is at dodging police officers he might have made more than 34 yards.

  8. 14 rushes 34 yards? He ran farther getting away from the cops than he ever will in the NFL. #expendable

  9. “He’s just trying to make the team, where arrests are like badges of honor”

    Don’t be intellectually lazy, get new material and do some research. Over the last 10 years the Bengals have had fewer players in trouble than almost any NFL team. The Patriots have had murders on their roster. The Steelers have had rapists and drug dealers. The Cowboys and 49’s have had serial abusers and assaulters.

  10. Once saw a HUGE dude get tasered at DUI check point. all I could think of was how he looked like a fish on a dock flopping around. surprised people don’t get heart attacks from those things.

  11. Time to say good bye. Coach Zac appreciates him cutting himself before the draft.

  12. The Bengals blew both a third and fourth round pick in last years draft. Just imagine if they would have used one of them to move up and grab Vander Esch.

  13. These have all happened so quickly that I’m pretty sure the team just hasn’t felt like taking the time to pick up the phone to tell him he’s cut. He’s not even good enough to survive 1 arrest.

  14. Don’t be intellectually lazy, admit three times in one off season is a sign of the same old Bungles, a bad sign. I am not uncertain.

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