Broncos expect Vic Fangio to run an old-school, 1960s-style training camp

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Get ready for the Oklahoma drill in Denver?

Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay is ready. Lindsay said new head coach Vic Fangio has told the players that they should be prepared for an old-school training camp that’s tougher than modern players may be used to.

“He’s already had a few words for us,” Lindsay said, via Mike Klis of 9 News in Denver. “He’s a no nonsense coach. He’s going to be old school. I wouldn’t be surprised if minicamp and training camp is like 1960s back in the day. We need it.”

Realistically, no NFL coach can run a 1960s-style training camp today. The Collective Bargaining Agreement simply doesn’t allow coaches to put players through the kinds of lengthy full-contract practices, day after day, that were the norm when Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry were coaching.

Nor should they: The sport has changed. Teams are wisely more concerned about keeping players healthy than they were in those days. In the 1960s, NFL players often spent six months doing other jobs in the offseason and showed up to training camp out of shape. Now most players take their conditioning seriously year-round and don’t need to be whipped into shape the way they were half a century ago.

Fangio may run a tougher training camp than most NFL coaches in 2019. But no NFL coach in 2019 will run a training camp like the 1960s.

68 responses to “Broncos expect Vic Fangio to run an old-school, 1960s-style training camp

  1. And I expect a lot of soft tissue injuries out of the Broncos camp this year

  2. ALL NFL players should go through a camp like this.
    Separate the men from the boys.

  3. I see NOTHING wrong with this at all.
    If today’s athletes are as “elite” as the media portrays, in comparison with the NFL players from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, then surely they could handle an old school training camp right?
    I’m sure that once a player breaks a nail in the first practice, the media, in coordination with the NFLPA, will cry an epic river about how old school practices are “abuse”.

  4. Of course it won’t be a literal 1960’s era training camp. But, I’m encouraged that the camp will be tough and rigorous. Analysts love to go off on teams that don’t tackle, aren’t “tough”enough, or commit mental error. This will not be about getting into shape. I suspect the spirit of the camp will focus on fundamentals and eliminating false starts and offsides calls. Something the Broncos had a gift for. Under Vance, this team made way too many stupid mistakes. The team wasn’t good enough to overcome these mental errors and still may not be. Do your thing, Vic. Go Broncos!

  5. Are they going to be smoking on the sidelines and staying out drinking all night?

  6. Teams are wisely more concerned about keeping players healthy than they were in those days.

    but it sure seems like players have more issues with strained muscles and pulls an tares then they did back then,,theyre pushing the body way past the limits,,

  7. First coach that can teach current players how to tackle better will go a long way towards winning.

  8. very few of today’s players could have played ion the league as late as the late 80s. They are too soft, too concerned about the name on the back of the jersey.

    Imagine how many yards Jim Brown would have run for in today’s game or Earl Campbell.

    This league is such a bad product these days.

  9. Does this mean he will eliminate “safe spaces” and “time outs”? What will the players do without them?

  10. In other words, the Patriots. He was paying attention when Amendola post-SB 51 described the hill running they do to make sure they are fresher than the other team in the 4th quarter. Sure showed against Atlanta.

  11. Puh-Lease.

    It’s going to be as “Old School” as the CBA will allow (Which won’t allow for “Old School” in the slightest).

  12. I’m sure this will go well. Retread old school coaches don’t work in the modern NFL. Guys who can adapt do, like Belichick.

  13. The laid back training camps have resulted in more injuries…I know this is fact because as a Redskin fan…we always end up with 30+ people on IR every year…which was not the case 15-20 years ago!!!

    Just google “NFL places players on injured reserve list at record pace”…and you will find articles that exemplify this fact.

    All these ‘health experts’ claiming softer practices better protect the players couldn’t be farther from the truth!!!

  14. Running a training camp like the Raiders had in the ‘70s would be a lot more fun.

  15. Broncos need to be toughened up after watching them play last year. Everything was a mess. Normally close to elite Defense was a mess because offense was atrocious, and D was on field the whole game.

    I really don’t think Flacco is the answer, at this point. Shoulda just keep Keenum, rebuilt the o line, played ball control, developed the young WRs, drafted a stud TE and let the defense attack.

  16. Good for Coach Vic! Maybe in the long run they won’t have as many injuries. Too many guys these days that tear an ACL simply by making a cut. Without any equipment on!

  17. Tough in training camp = Tough in November. That’s where you separate the men from the boys.

  18. Players union won’t allow them to actually work.. That would take time away from the players to come up with their dances and other “hollywood” stuff.

  19. Old School is a thing of the past. These Millenials couldn’t survive without their social media, I phones, or x boxes. Vic better realize that sooner or later or else he will lose before he gets to the end of training camp!!

  20. After reading quotes from Von Miller about the first workout with coach Vic, it looks like attention to details is the new 60’s program. You know, technique, tackling, blocking, effort and stuff like that. Good plan if it works!

  21. I can’t recall the whole story, but I remember hearing of an old school camp where a dude had fumbled (or prone to fumble), and all week he had to carry the ball everywhere he went and the whole team was told to try on hit the ball out anytime they were near him…from behind, whatever. Now that seems kinda cruel, but I bet it worked.

  22. It won’t be like 1960s style camps, but drilling position responsibilities, toughness and professionalism over and over is the winning approach.

  23. So what? The Broncos are a 5 win team at best. Outside of Lindsay, they have no playmakers on offense. Sanders was the WR playmaker last year, but he’s 32 and coming off a ruptured Achilles. Sutton and Hamilton were terrible when asked to step into the spotlight. The TE situation is arguably the worst in the league. Having the best defense means nothing if the offense can’t put up points. Elway needs to draft playmakers and pray they work out. (FYI: I’m a realistic Broncos fan).

  24. New Coach, tough talk, bottom line is the NFLPA dictates training camps, but I applaud the enthusiasm. Wonder if he will give his guys phone breaks like Kingbury in Arizona!

  25. Not an easy road ahead for this team. The Chiefs and Chargers are in top form and led by A-list QBs, and the Raiders have tons of draft capital.

    Denver, on the other hand, is in a sort of murky middle ground. New coach, aging QB, short on stars and those it has are aging, etc. Hard to see things turning around too quickly.

  26. You actually want to get football players in football shape to play the football games? what a crazy idea.

  27. Doug Marrone of the Jags has run a tough camp the last couple of years. Worked in 2017, didn’t work last year. I like the old school stuff. Our country try has gotten too soft

  28. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Use 60 year old training methods, and run your team into the ground before the season starts. It’s not like we have learned about the body through evolution and science. Broncos go 4-12.

  29. It is likely that if there are more soft tissue injuries in camp these days, it’s a result of how hard players have to push their bodies to compete in today’s NFL.
    It isn’t enough to be born fast because speed is something that can be developed.
    Especially increasing football speed, by training your body to respond more quickly as your mental game develops.
    And it isn’t enough to be born country strong anymore.
    To make it, players have to push it to the limit, so guys are going to come up lame, just like racehorses.

  30. Incoming coaches always say they want their team to be tougher. Sounds good. Nothing wrong with that.
    Would be refreshing for once to hear one say they want their team to be play smarter.
    What percentage of games are won and lost because you have to many knuckleheads wearing your uniform. Or the players are simply not prepared to deal with totally predictable situations?
    I think this has been one of the big advantages of the Patriots over the last couple of decades. Many times it looks like they are outmanned and out-talented, but somehow they manage to give the other team enough rope to hang themselves.
    I think the reality is that it is a lot easier to have your players run more laps, push the blocking sleds farther, hit the other guy harder etc. It is hard work (for the players!) but simple.
    Teaching the mental/situational/technique part of the game is the hard part of coaching football. And why some coaches and teams are consistently good. And why most teams seem like they can’t get out of their own way.

  31. People are talking about this should serve as a proving ground for elite athletes, as if today’s aren’t much bigger, stronger and faster. They spend their entire offseason training and building themselves into peak athletes. No need for a million car crashes before Week 1 and then trying to see who can hold up for 16.

  32. patriotwayrules says:
    April 4, 2019 at 10:12 am

    Old School is a thing of the past. These Millenials couldn’t survive without their social media, I phones, or x boxes. Vic better realize that sooner or later or else he will lose before he gets to the end of training camp!!


    Don’t confuse millennials with Generation Z. I am a millennial and I grew up just fine without those things. We went and played outside and actually had house phones when I was a kid.

  33. Don’t care if Klif allows phone breaks or Vic makes players crawl through mine fields. Coaches gotta do what works best for them and their team. If they try to fake it, players catch on effort goes out the window.

  34. I remember when Art Shell tried this his 2nd go around at coaching.

    It didnt last long or go well at all.

  35. Sounds a lot like Marty-ball. Ask those players how it worked out. Great regular season record but by the time the post-season comes around they were all so beat up they just wanted to go home. And it showed.

  36. Here is a little lesson for endtimesparty. The reason that the Patriots were much more fresh than the Falcons were that the Falcon defense was on the field way more than they should have been. Compare apples to apples.

  37. With as soft as nearly everyone is today, he’ll probably end up with assault charges filed against him.

  38. As a Raiders fan I couldn’t support this with any more enthusiasm than I am. Aside from the changing team culture, players are bigger faster stronger so your “out working” everyone will in no way hurt your teams overall health. You go Vic…

  39. So if they wanted John Fox, why did they fire him in the first place?
    John Fox is actually pretty soft… or at least was when he was the Bears’ helm. And the team took on that character.

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