Oliver Luck believes time to plan and money to spend will help XFL survive

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The demise of the AAF has caused some to wonder whether the XFL will suffer the same fate, especially since XFL 1.0 ultimately lasted only one season. XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck remains confident that his league will be fine.

Appearing on ESPN’s Outside The Lines (via SportsBusiness Daily), Luck pointed to the “time to plan, and plan properly” and the “capital contribution and capital commitment” from founder Vince McMahon as reasons for believing that the XFL won’t suffer a quick demise.

Having two years to get all ducks in a row “allowed us to plan — to plan our workers’ comp system, to plan our general liability insurance, stadium leases, practice facilities.”

“All of those things take some time,” Luck said. “We’re going to launch in a much better position, quite honestly.”

Still, quality of the launch and quality of the execution are two different things. During Thursday’s PFT Live, Chris Simms and I reviewed some of the things that a spring football league needs to do in order to not just survive, but to thrive.

4 responses to “Oliver Luck believes time to plan and money to spend will help XFL survive

  1. The XFL actually has real financing behind it, unlike the farce that the AAF threw together solely dependent on a skittish investor who could pull out at any time. Yes, Vince could also be viewed as the sole “investor” in the XFL, but he seems committed to it this time and the money to make it work. I don’t think he would want the embarrassment of giving up on the league TWICE after one year.

  2. Sure the XFL has funding but how much good money will be willing to throw after bad to get it to work? If after the first year McMahon sees a failing business do you all really think he will continue to fund it? He has an ego but he also likes his money and has other investors that will be watching very closely. I agree that a lack of funding won’t be a problem but all businesses need to make money eventually and minor league football is one of the least likely ways to do that. They are already making the mistake of starting in February. Wait until spring when fans are craving for the pigskin again. Starting after the Super Bowl like feeding someone McDonalds after they just left a steak house.

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