Report: Mark Murphy advised Aaron Rodgers, “Don’t be the problem”

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Thursday’s article from Tyler Dunne of contains plenty of intriguing details about past internal issues with the Packers. It also contains one very important nugget regarding the future.

Dunne explains that, when CEO Mark Murphy called quarterback Aaron Rodgers to inform Rodgers that the new coach will be Matt LaFleur, Rodgers paused briefly before speaking. Eventually, Murphy had a message for his quarterback: “Don’t be the problem. Don’t be the problem.”

Citing the same unnamed source who shared that anecdote, Dunne reports that Murphy is “tired of the diva stuff” relating to Rodgers.

And here’s an important non-development regarding the 12 hours or so since Dunne’s report landed. At a time when former coach Mike McCarthy has issued a strong (but perhaps far from dispositive) denial regarding the report that he regularly missed meetings for in-office massages, the Packers have said nothing at all in response to the various claims and contentions that cast Rodgers in a not-so-favorable light.

The extent to which this story will be a problem for the Packers remains to be seen. With the team’s offseason program opening on Monday, it surely will be a topic of conversation, both inside the locker room and beyond.

68 responses to “Report: Mark Murphy advised Aaron Rodgers, “Don’t be the problem”

  1. Or maybe the adults in the room will go about their business and prepare for the upcoming season.

  2. If only we knew what Rodgers was thinking when Murphy said ‘Don’t be the problem.’ Talk about someone’s ego taking a kick to the you know where. ‘Pride comes before fall.’

  3. Loved the quote, if it’s true. Wonder where Murphy has been the last 5 years as TT was fading as GM and the McCarthy-Rodgers feud was evidently coming to a head?

  4. None of this is shocking. He is like the Lebron James of the NFL. Thinks the world revolves around him and everyone should cater to him. The story about him holding a grudge against McCarthy for the Alex Smith pick is very believable.

  5. Rodgers is one of my favorite players but I tend to believe these reports about him. It’s too bad cause it could be holding him back from another super bowl

  6. Nothing is ever as it seems. Public figures put so much time and energy into selling their public images, which inevitably turn out to be nothing more than castles in the sand.

  7. I know most comments will be negative but I think Rodgers in a more modern passing offense vs. the iso routes McCarthy used could be fun to watch. It will certainly be interesting. Will Rodgers play within the scheme or improvise when he doesn’t need to?

  8. I’ll never understand why players just can’t keep their mouths shut and do your job? That’s like having an annoying co-worker that just ruins the day for everyone else, but the manager keeps him around because he does a good job…

  9. I get what Murphy is trying to do- no player should control the entire organization. That being said, you are poking a bear with a stick- you just gave him a 4 year extension that’s worth up to $180 million and, according to sportrac, had dead cap hits of $59 and $53 mil for 2019 and 2020, with the earliest out being in 2022.

    Did you see what AB and Le’von Bell did to the Steelers? Yeah, Rodgers isn’t your team, but he sure can cripple it if he wants to for years to come if you tick him off.

  10. Rodgers is a great QB. but attitude wise, he is an arrogant diva with litle leadership skills Its all about him. Many of his teammates detest him. He is also a coach killer.

  11. Again I state my info/projection The Packers will trade Rodgers to Arizona for Rosen and the 1st pick.

  12. The Packers have had by most people’s estimation 2 top 10 all time QB’s behind centre for over 25 years. The fact they have massively underachieved in that period would suggest they aren’t the “world class” franchise their fans seem to think they are. The stories coming out now about McCarthy, Murphy and Rodgers only appear to confirm that fact.

  13. Jeez,and everyone said what a jerk Jay Cutler was because he was aloof. Rogers is obviously the better physically gifted “QB” but who really is the biggest jerk??

  14. This is a bunch of hogwash.
    First of all, Mark Murphy is the problem, not Aaron Rodgers. Murphy has stripped his GM of many duties that every other GM in the NFL has. He is a control freak who should be held accountable for the fact that he let Ted Thompson totally turn his back on free agency and cost the Packers chances to win the Super Bowl because of it. He also kept Mike McCarthy way too long even though everyone saw that the game had clearly passed McCarthy by.
    And — imagine you are the president of the Packers and it’s alleged that your QB is a diva and he and his head coach don’t get along, and your head coach has allowed complacency to infect the team, and he has completely lost the team, too — and you do nothing about it? It’s clear Murphy did not handle any of this well at all!
    Give me a break! Here’s what I know. Mark Murphy was a good player in the NFL and his resume says he was an athletic director at two colleges. How does that qualify him to suddenly be — in effect — the owner of the Packers??? Because with the control he has and the changes he has made in their hierarchy, that’s basically what he is. Everything has to go through him.
    The Packers fired Dom Capers and a bunch of assistants, removed Ted Thompson from his job as GM, and finally fired Mike McCarthy. The one guy who is still in place is the guy they should never have given the job to — Mark Murphy.
    Without Aaron Rodgers these three bozos (Thompson, McCarthy, and Murphy) would have been long gone because the Packers would have been a bottom feeder. If I were Aaron Rodgers, I’d play one or two more years, then I’d wait until the day before pre-season starts and tell the Packers I’m retiring. Then I’d say, see how you like me now!!
    Aaron Rodgers will be a first ballot Hall Of Fame QB while these three stooges will be lost in history.

  15. Rodgers is the way he is because of McCarthy. McCarthy put him on a pedestal and he ran with it. I said when they won the Super Bowl, this is the worst thing that could happen to Rodgers and the Packers. Now they will keep McCarthy and as long as he is there, no more Super Bowls.

    It is up to Rodgers to look hard at himself and come back to earth. Its his legacy that is at stake!

  16. The problem was McCarthy. His complacency and inability to adjust his offense just wore everyone down including Rodgers. That’s why they canned him. Hopefully the new coaching staff with more innovative ideas can revitalize the team.

  17. Tom Brady’s chip on his shoulder made him want to be the best, Aaron Rodger’s chip made him hate everyone around him, and that’s why a less physically gifted Brady is so much more successful. I really think there is something wrong with Rodger’s mentally, he hates his family, coaches, many teammates. You rarely have an exteammate speak highly of him.

  18. Reminder: Eli Manning has won a Super Bowl more recently than Aaron Rodgers.

  19. Let’s see how Aaron does with the New Head Coach Matt Lafleur and if there is continuing problems you know what is going on.The Media loves to spin a story so just wait and see what is the real truth.

  20. vancouversportsbro says:
    April 4, 2019 at 11:56 pm
    None of this is shocking. He is like the Lebron James of the NFL. Thinks the world revolves around him and everyone should cater to him. The story about him holding a grudge against McCarthy for the Alex Smith pick is very believable.


    Lebron went to 8 straight NBA Finals and won 3. Until this year he was getting the job done. Rodgers hasn’t been able to get back.

  21. superfanentertainment says:
    April 5, 2019 at 7:34 am
    Hey Mark Murphy…get a mirror.

    Also…don’t threaten Rodgers. He has FAR more power than YOU. Think about it…


    Every player can be replaced. Rodgers should know that because he replaced a legend.

  22. chriswirthblog says:
    April 5, 2019 at 7:39 am
    Sports Journalism becoming more tabloid by the day.


    Other than the massage accusation, I don’t see many denials so far.

    Maybe it’s a hit piece, but how the Packers ans Rodgers respond to it will be interesting.

  23. George Paras says:
    April 5, 2019 at 7:22 am
    Let’s see how Aaron does with the New Head Coach Matt Lafleur and if there is continuing problems you know what is going on.The Media loves to spin a story so just wait and see what is the real truth.


    The new head coach is Aaron Rodgers.

  24. tlb44 says:
    April 5, 2019 at 8:17 am
    Not surprising…just look how he is with his own family
    That’s the thing. In order to not believe this story you’d have to disbelieve every other story and rumor that has been coming out for years now. And ignore the McCarthy firing. And ignore the glares Rodgers gives his WR’s on tv. And ignore…

  25. 10feethigher says:
    April 5, 2019 at 7:17 am
    He should demand a trade. 25 teams would call with offers. He owes nothing to Green Bay.


    The hell he doesn’t. He owes green bay and they owe him.

  26. This has Dan Marino/Jimmy Johnson written all over it. I kind of feel sorry for LaFleur because he was hired as one of the McVey wiz kids, and Rodgers is clearly not interested. In this instance, a defensive minded HC might have been the better way to go since the focus on that team has been offense for so long as detailed in the article and as we all saw manifest on the field for so many years.

  27. I would advise everyone to “not be a problem”. Why wasn’t this looked into many years ago? Oh BTW, putting Ted in the Packer HOF is a HUGE mistake!!

  28. And this tells the tale of how the Aaron Rodgers-Mark Murphy one-sided feud was born…

  29. Rodgers does owe GB , just look at the ridiculous amount of money they have used to appease this egomaniac! No one argues that he is gifted physically, and he is a tough competitor, but, he is by all accounts unstable. He resented the world for the infamous green room incident. He is disrespectful to his coaches and most team mates, and the biggest ReD Flag is the guy ignores his own family! That speaks the loudest about the character of AR.

  30. Does anyone else think that to be a successful QB the guy has to be a great leader is overrated. Be a great player, and the people who want to be great at their positions so they can make a lot of money too will follow him. How many people love their bosses, but do their dead level best at their jobs anyway for their own benefit. So what if Rogers is a jerk. I am also intrigued by the idea of trading Rogers for a pile of draft choices, as well as getting your salary cap space back.

  31. There are QBs that make their WRs look better and then there are QBs that expect/demand their WRs to make them look better, Rodgers falls in the 2nd category!

  32. Peter King – in the last 54 games with Aaron Rodgers starting AR12 is 27-26-1. Winning 50 % of his starts and AR12 is part of that.

  33. All players are indeed replaceable, but no one is siding with Mark Murphy on anything when Rodgers is in his prime. The value to headache ratio will always be in Rodgers favor while he’s the best on the planet

  34. 2 HoF QB’s in a row & the 2nd looks like he is setup to diss the org much like the 1st.

    However, the 2nd nabbed a ton of dough & is eating a huge piece of the team’s spend. AR12 is not the same AR12 we knew in 2010, but if he can adjust what he does with a new scheme, GB will compete well.

    But, ego’s need to be set aside & team needs to get together.

    Football is a team sport.

  35. Now many former and current team mates are coming to Rodgers defense… Funny how this is ignored while unnamed sources are sought out…

  36. Whether all of this is true or not, it has still been a waste of a supreme talent. The year they won the only Super Bowl they were a wild card entry. They have had a mediocre defense and run game for years. They have neglected the run game and one wonders if that is primarily because Aaron likes to throw. Rodgers must respect the coach and the coach can’t fear any player. That needs to be established day one or the Packers risk wasting the rest of their talented QBs years.

  37. Rodgers yelling “Stupid Fscking Call!!” at McCarthy is the most relatable & humanizing part of this whole saga. If he wasn’t upset about his coaches’ milquetoast playcalling then I would really question if he had the heart to be playing that the NFL level. I challenge anyone to name an elite athlete at the top of his/her game that doesn’t come off as a jerk at times. For damn sure, Farve could be a grade-A jerk. If McCarthy couldn’t handle an athlete with an inflated ego (as if EVERY elite QB doesn’t have an inflated ego), then that’s just one more on an ever-growing list of shortcomings when it comes to Mike McCarthy’s coaching ability.

    Murphy might also want to invest some time developing a working relationship with the face of his franchise in an effort to create a positive environment for the incoming coach rather than just preemptively chastising him. Like, instead of “don’t be the problem”, instead maybe try “do you foresee any problems? do you have any concerns?” I mean, this is Human Resources 101 level stuff here…

  38. “The story about him holding a grudge against McCarthy for the Alex Smith pick is very believable.”

    What is not believable is that an outgoing assistant coach–who is not the head coach or GM–would make the decision on the number one choice in the entire draft.

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