Tyler Dunne doubles down on claim of Mike McCarthy massages

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Tyler Dunne supplied it. Mike McCarthy denied it. And Dunne isn’t backing down.

In response to the former Packers coach’s strong denial of Dunne’s report that McCarthy skipped meetings for secret massages in his office, Dunne tweeted this: “[H]ere is one player’s response to McCarthy’s response on this: ‘It was talked about widely. Bizarre that he would deny that when it was widely known.'”

McCarthy specifically denied ever getting a massage during a “team meeting.” Dunne’s report never sweeps that broadly; it may have been a smaller session like an offensive meeting.

Frankly, it’s the kind of outlandish, over-the-top claim that would be hard to fabricate. And even if it’s somehow not true, the fact that current and/or former players believe it strongly enough to repeat it to a reporter confirms that the Packers under McCarthy achieved a level of dysfunction that few franchises ever experience.

12 responses to “Tyler Dunne doubles down on claim of Mike McCarthy massages

  1. James Jones has already come out and said he doesn’t remember this stuff happening.

  2. Guys wins a Super Bowl. Leads them to conference championship games and a spoiled brat like Rodgers smears him. Clearly Rodgers can’t get over the Off. Coordinator of the 49ers not using the first overall pick of the NFL draft on him…oh wait. The O. Coordinator does not make that call?

  3. Dunne’s unnamed sources are likely all part of the group that hung with Rodgers and tried to undermine the coach. You can have multiple sources but just because they are all singing the same tune doesn’t mean they have the correct song.

  4. Tyler Dunne pulled the curtain back on the packers with this story. And just because the source remains unnamed doesn’t mean their story is wrong either.

  5. Standing on the sidelines for four hours watching them lose is hard on your back. He deserves a massage!

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