AAF coach says he’d vouch for Manziel in the NFL

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When the Alliance of American Football went bust this week, it may have represented the end of Johnny Manziel’s professional football career: Manziel had already flamed out in both the NFL and the CFL, and with the AAF no longer an option, he’s running out of leagues.

But one of the coaches who worked with Manziel in the AAF says he’d vouch for Manziel with NFL teams.

David Lee, who was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the Memphis Express, said he was very impressed with Manziel.

“I’m hoping and praying he gets another chance. My short experience with him was tremendous,” Lee told John Kryk of the Toronto Sun. “I really, really like Johnny as a person. Boy, he’s got a fire in his heart. He loves football. Gosh, he loves it. And he wants to be good. . . . He had been through hell and back from the time he left Texas A&M until the time he rolled into Memphis.”

Lee didn’t always feel that way: Lee was the Jets’ quarterbacks coach in 2014, when Manziel was drafted in the first round by the Browns, and Lee says now that at the time, he wouldn’t have wanted the Jets to take Manziel in any round of the draft. Now Lee thinks Manziel is “very humble, and very willing to listen and be coached.”

Will NFL teams listen? It still seems like a long shot. Manziel is more likely to play in the XFL than the NFL. But the coach who’s seen him most recently is willing to vouch for him.

14 responses to “AAF coach says he’d vouch for Manziel in the NFL

  1. “He had been through hell and back”

    That sort of implies that Manziel’s problems weren’t self inflicted. If Johnny wanted to play in the NFL, he could have. But he didn’t want to put in the time or effort. Too bad so sad.

  2. How interesting would it be for Belichick to pick him up to learn behind Brady until Tom’s ready to retire? Given Bill’s history with reclamation projects, this could happen, I suppose, but I’m not going to bet my ranch on it.

  3. You can vouch for him all you want but I don’t think NFL teams are lining up to sign him. NFL teams don’t want a circus around their team with a guy who has a history of not being that good and not working too hard.

  4. Johnny’s very good at fooling people. He has always been good at saying the right things, but never living up to his words. Gotta judge this guy by his actions, and he’s proven he’s not willing to do what it takes to be an NFL QB.

  5. in case anyone was wondering why this guy is coaching in the AAF and not the nfl, look no further.

  6. Wanting to be good and actually being good are two different things. He was in the shutdown league for two weeks. That’s not a very big sample size to even have an opinion.

  7. Sad thing is, he probably would have had a good shot to be a starter in the CFL this year, but he burned all his bridges…again.

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