Baker Mayfield: Come to Cleveland and ask OBJ if he’s happy

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Baker Mayfield is unhappy with those who think Odell Beckham Jr. is unhappy in Cleveland. The Browns quarterback made Colin Cowherd of FOX his target on Friday night.

“Nobody will just say the truth,” Cowherd said earlier Friday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Odell Beckham’s not happy here. He’s not happy. Look at him. Does he look happy?”

He hardly was the first to suggest that, and Beckham himself has said he initially was surprised by the trade.

“Come to Cleveland and ask O if he actually likes it,’’ Mayfield tweeted at Cowherd. “Just because you say you have a source doesn’t mean you’re not full of BS. And while you’re at it . . . come see if I’m a baby.’’

Mayfield has a running Twitter tiff with Cowherd dating to last year when Cowherd called him undraftable and said Mayfield wasn’t a No. 1 choice “in any draft, in any sport.” Mayfield appeared on FoxSports1 wearing an “Undraftable” sweatshirt as he debated the host.

61 responses to “Baker Mayfield: Come to Cleveland and ask OBJ if he’s happy

  1. I love Baker Mayfield. The Browns are blessed to have him. They finaly got this right. Not only is he a good player but he has that swag about him… He helps change not only the culture but the reputation and brand of this organization.

  2. Who wouldn’t be happy in Cleveland. So much more to offer than the greatest city on the planet…SMH..

  3. When these clowns start out 0-3 it’s gonna be a dumpster fire. Kitchens spends too much time in the kitchen, his necks told me so. OBJ is sad Bron Bron not in c town for him to tea bag. And baker Napoleon complex is the best show in town.

  4. Baker Mayfield is a TRUE leader and calls the crap like it really is. Very refreshing and confident young man, Beckham should consider himself blessed to be catching long bomb touchdowns from him this year.🏈

  5. Seems Mayfield has thin skin. It would not appear that way if he just ignored all the outside noise. He’s kinda showing us he’s going to have a hard time doing that. He would probably be best served saying nothing on social media and focus on his team.

  6. Why would Odell be unhappy?! He has a QB who’s mobile he’s back with his boy Landry and a team in Cleveland who are on a verge of potentially contending. Only way I see him unhappy is if he doesn’t get his money. Curious to see how that goes

  7. I love CC but he’s becoming ridiculous with his hate for Cleveland.

    Yes, the hype is too quick. Yes, it’s a bandwagon. But why wouldn’t Odell be happy there? Plenty of All Stars have enjoyed Cleveland in the past and are currently. It’s got more space to be a star than NY or LA, and the Browns are likely onto something here.

  8. So far he has proven his naysayers wrong. Good for him. I was one of them but hopefully he will mature more with time.

  9. You’d have to go to LA to ask him, he’s got things to tie up according to the party line.

  10. The best way to deal with Cowherd is to ignore him. He has an agenda. He’s a tool.

  11. It’s funny. People rip on us for being Browns fans because we were awful. Now we have some real talent and guys are coming here to turn it around, and they still rip on us and try to tear it down. Unreal.

  12. If we were in midieval times, Colin Cowherd would be the Village idiot.

  13. the fact that mayfield is so sensitive about a report kinds of prove that he is a baby.

  14. Baker has “little tough guy” syndrome
    When you act super tough because your such a little guy.

  15. Let’s see how it works out with Odell Beckham. The Browns now have 2 players with huge egos, Landry and Odell so it will
    Be interesting to see who does something stupid first.

  16. I think most of us were uneasy with Dorsey’s choice (at the time). Most of us were wrong. That’s why Dorsey does what he does. Love Baker. The attitude and “chip on the shoulder” mentality is what Cleveland needed!

  17. Colin Cowherd?!?!? Seriously???How did he get a job as a sports commenter to begin with??

  18. Wish he would admit he underestimated Baker and own it rather clinging to hope that he fails. Baker set thee rookie TD record with a mid year coaching change. I lived in Cleveland, LA and Cincinnati. All great places but I came back to Cleveland and love it. I worry less about the media and comments and more about the results on the field. Go Browns!

  19. OBJ don’t like the cold weather in NY, now he is in a colder and lame town……. easy to believe.

  20. Don’t worry Browns fans, these people don’t understand even if Odell flakes that the Browns don’t even need him. Without Odell that roster is still good and John Dorsey still has a boat load of draft picks. Darnold and Baker lead in different but effective ways, they will both be playing for at least a decade. Get over it.

  21. Easy to love Cleveland, or any other city, when you’re making millions of dollars.

  22. Mayfield’s mouth is starting to wear on me. Odell has already worn me out. The Browns organization has spent decades wearing out their fans……..

    I see a pattern.

  23. Please come to Cleveland
    She said, “No, boy you come home to me”
    And she said, “Hey ramblin’ boy
    Why don’t you settle down?
    Cleveland ain’t your kind of town
    There ain’t no gold and there ain’t nobody like me”
    “I’m the number one fan
    Of the man from Tennessee”

  24. Cowherd getting owned by baker again. Sadly cowherd just loves the attention though. You can’t win a wrestling match with a pig because you both get dirty and the pig likes it.

  25. Wow. Cleveland looks like is building a winning team by all appearances. I guess Beckham just plays for Team Me.

    Now running pointandlaugh.exe

  26. This is Baker Mayfield. This is how he became who he became. Call it what you will. He has stood up for himself his entire career. VERY refreshing in CLE. #NeverBackDown

  27. The Only QBs in this league who are better QBs than ODB is a WR, are Brady, Wilson and Mahomes.
    Then about 17 other QBs would stack up under them before Elie gets a mention.
    It’s like when Ric Ocasek married that Paulina Supermodel; Elie is Ocasek and ODB is the Paulina; Ric, like ELIE, is WAY out of his league.

    Therefore, getting out that NYG dumpster fire is the best thing that could’ve every happened to Odella-Cinderalla

  28. Thank you Mr. Useless. Better known as Cowherd. You just got Baker Mayfield pissed off again. I like that. Being a veteran of Vietnam I’d rather have Baker Mayfield with me than Colin Cowherd. Who, in their right mind, would follow Colin Cowherd anywhere, much less in a position where he might get hurt.

  29. It is just terrible what the media has become. You have a guy making a judgment on of guy just by watching him on TV and I guess he expects people to listen to him because you know he is in the media. You know what makes player happy the most winning! exactly what he didn’t do in NY, but I guess he must have been happy there. All you needed to do was look at him.

  30. Love him clapping back and sticking up for himself and his teammates. Baker knows the situation better than Cow-turd.

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