Browns signing AAF quarterback Garrett Gilbert

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The Browns signed an AAF quarterback.

Not the one they once used a first-round pick on.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Browns are signing former Orlando Apollos quarterback Garrett Gilbert.

Gilbert was most recently with the Panthers for parts of the last two seasons, and has also spent time with the Raiders, Lions, Patriots, and Rams. He threw 11 touchdowns and just one interception for the AAF “champion” Apollos.

The Browns only had starter Baker Mayfield and Drew Stanton on the roster at the moment, so Gilbert gives them another arm with experience in NFL camps.

There’s a steady trickle of former AAF players finding work, though former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is not among that number.

9 responses to “Browns signing AAF quarterback Garrett Gilbert

  1. alongthegulf says:
    April 5, 2019 at 10:47 am
    Arizona Cardinals should have jumped on Garrett Gilbert. Gilbert is another QB who can run a wide open offense.
    Which is why he was playing in the AAF?

  2. You’d think a QB needy team like the Redskins would jump at the best QB from the AAF. Can’t be much worse than what they have.

    But Im sure they mortgage their future for one of the terrible QBs in the draft or trade one of our better players and a draft pick for an old washed up qb on the down side of his career

  3. Good luck holding the clipboard for Mayfield. Being a camp arm and playing in a couple of preseason games is no better than winning 7 games in the AAF.

  4. So Kaepernick, who “wants to play” and “wants to get back to the NFL” couldn’t be bothered to play in the AAF, meanwhile, this kid who wants to play, and wants to play in the NFL played for the AAF, and now has gotten a shot in the pros. But it’s just a dead end playing in the AAF… 🙄

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