Cowboys, DeMarcus Lawrence getting close on new contract

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The Cowboys and free agent DeMarcus Lawrence are getting close to an agreement on a new contract.

A league source tells PFT there’s optimism of the two sides reaching a deal soon.

The 26-year-old Lawrence has played his entire five-year career with the Cowboys and has double-digit sacks each of the last two seasons. He played for the Cowboys on the franchise tag last year and is tagged again this year.

If Lawrence wanted to, he could sign the one-year, $20.5 million franchise tag for this year and then hit free agency next year. But the Cowboys would like to get him locked in through his prime years, and if Lawrence signs now, he could get more money guaranteed up front, rather than waiting until next year to secure a long-term deal.

There are good reasons to believe that both sides will conclude the best option is for the two of them to reach a multi-year deal now.

19 responses to “Cowboys, DeMarcus Lawrence getting close on new contract

  1. No thanks, not interested in a guy that won’t even be ready to play week 1.

    I’d be more interested in that 3rd round compensatory pick by letting him walk, combined with the cap savings to sign younger and better players with expiring contracts on the horizon.

  2. Lawrence was the reason the defense was so amped for the Saints. He’s their best defensive player and the heartbeat of the D line. Hope they can get a deal done soon.

  3. That’s what I also think’s going to happen, once he signs the big deal the injury’s are going to all come back causing him to miss games.

  4. Rather than destroy opportunities to sign others, I would trade him. Might be painful for first year but way ahead year two

  5. He will sign then have shoulder surgery. I wouldn’t plan on seeing him till game seven. He will start the year on the PUP list. They should trade him. I don’t think he will sniff double digit sacks this year.

  6. No more stories until he actually signs a contract or decides not to accept their offer. He will be making as much as Dak.

  7. If they can get a Mack type return they should trade him. He’s not a prime Von Miller/ Khalil Mack type of player. Should have gotten something done last year at 16-17 per year if they wanted to keep him.

  8. Make the first year of the contract at half of the second year since he won’t be available for half the season.

  9. This is a Kirk Cousins situation. Paying a good player a record breaking deal because because you are afraid of having nothing at the position.

    That is why the Vikings will never go deep in the playoffs again but at least they don’t have to worry about QB for a few years.

  10. It’s good to have him back but it depends on the price. If he’s making Kahlil Mack/ Aaron Donald money the Cowboys are fools. Von Miller/ Justin Houston money I’m good.

  11. I love how PFT consistently minimizes the benefit of signing an extension pre-FA for a player, while pushing for said players to try to get every penny they can. News flash: the biggest benefit to Lawrence of signing now is avoiding the massive financial losses in the event of a catastrophic injury. Even if he is healthy, if he suddenly has a major drop-off season, he would stand to lose a ton of money in his 2020 offseason contract. Get the contract now, and he secures years of huge financial security (as a deal the size he will receive in practical terms cannot be cut before at least three years in).

  12. My sources have said that the team is just around $40 million in at signing guaranteed money and Lawrence’s side is just over $50 million (down from a starting point of $60 million). They are close on the per year amount at ~$20 million and it looks to be a 6 year deal for $120 million.

    The likely landing spot will be $47 million guaranteed at time of signing, with about $75 million guaranteed in full for injury. Expectations are that there will be ~$36 million in signing bonus, $6 million base and $1 million roster bonus for year 1. Year 2 will have $3 million base plus $1 million roster bonus, Year 3 base $11 million plus $2 million roster bonus, year 4 $15 million base, year 5 $15.5 million with $6.5 million roster bonus and year 6 with $16.5 million base and $6.5 roster bonus.

    The first 2 years will be fully guaranteed at signing for a total of $47 million with year 3 & 4 against injury for a total of $75 million. It will have $36 million cash at signing and with year 1 based total cash year 1 is $43 million, year 2 cash $4 million, year 3 cash $13 million, year 4 cash $15 million, year 5 cash $21 million and year 6 cash $22 million. From a cap hit it will be year 1 – $13 million, year 2 – $10 million, year – 3 $19 million, year 4 – $21 million, year 5 – $27 million and year 6 – $28 million.

    That is the structure my sources are putting out there, and the contract really functions in three phases, the first two years are guaranteed, the next 2 years are guaranteed for injury and the last 2 let the team off the hook with only $12 million of dead money hit and is really setting the table for restructuring for cap purposes.

  13. I think DeMarcus Lawrence is an above average player most of the time, great player sometimes…What bothers me, is he was injured much of his first 2 yrs in the league and then he’s played pretty well. Those back and shoulder injuries he’s had can be haunting. So now he’s leveraging getting more money even though he needs another surgery which will require recovery and physical therapy, etc…I’d be more inclined to give someone money who was pro-active in taking care of himself !

    I step back and wonder why on earth would a Defensive End be worth upwards of $20M per season when a guy like Zeke will get 1/2 that on a good contract. Makes no sense to me and something is wrong there. To give Lawrence an estimated $20 mil per season for 6 yrs would scare me. The odd’s of him staying healthy for 6 yrs is slim, given what he’s been able to do in the past. In all honesty, I’d sign him and then see what the trade value is. Could you get a 1st and other compensation for him in return? After all the work the Cowboys have done to get their financials in order, this really is a nightmare for them in my opinion.

  14. Diggityofficial says:
    April 5, 2019 at 2:38 pm
    Bye bye cap space.


    they needed cap space this year to bolster safety and WR, which they did. this is the reason Lawrence wasn’t signed from the jump.

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