Packers silent, for now, in response to Thursday’s story

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Former Packers coach Mike McCarthy has denied one specifically troubling aspect of Tyler Dunne’s exhaustive story regarding Green Bay dysfunction. The Packers, to date, have denied nothing contained in the story.

It’s unclear whether that will change. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers possibly wants/expects something from the team  disputing a story that reflects poorly on him. (Of course, nothing prevents Rodgers himself from saying, “Don’t waste your time reading crap like that.” Again.)

The one aspect of Dunne’s report that cries out for a response from the Packers relates to the contention that CEO Mark Murphy told Rodgers “don’t be the problem” when Murphy informed Rodgers that the team had hired Matt LaFleur to be the next coach. If Murphy didn’t say it, he should say so. If he says nothing, it’s fair to assume that he said it.

Next week, someone will be saying something, because the Packers will launch their offseason program. The team’s current plan, as we understand it, is to make some of the players available in the middle of next week. That plan could change — especially if Rodgers make an aggressive push for the team to push back against the characterization of Rodgers as a master of passive-aggressive tactics.

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  1. Actually, the best response would be no response, and then gather the team and circle the wagons. Nothing works as well as “it’s us against them” attitude. Go into full lockdown and focus on football. Winning literally cures all. Of course, they won’t do that.

  2. The damage is done. They look completely inept and incompetent.

    May as well chime in and defend themselves, even if all they do is dig a deeper hole.

  3. Have we come to the point where we need to demand answers to what is probably all lies? Pretty sad state we find ourselves in these days.

  4. shlort says:

    April 5, 2019 at 11:22 am

    Have we come to the point where we need to demand answers to what is probably all lies? Pretty sad state we find ourselves in these days.
    Why would Dunne print a story full of lies on a team he used to cover and probably is a fan of? There is something to this and you know it. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

  5. Someone is still mad Aaron called his writing a waste of time and “crap”.

    It’s been over 3 yrs. Get over it.

    The Packers are busy getting ready to start phase 1 of the 2019 season on Monday. That is the focus. Not focused on or thinking about a former head coach or agenda based drama.




  6. Easier said then done, but to really make it all go away the Pack needs to go out and win a championship. We heard about all the discord and hatred in NE last off season and they went out and took care of business. Now its an afterthought. If Rodgers really has a chip on his shoulder, he’ll use this as motivation to win……not as an excuse to further alienate himself from the rest of the organization.

  7. David Copperfield is a Magician says:
    April 5, 2019 at 11:31 am
    Why respond – its just an overblown story about a coach that was already fired. The Packers have already moved on. This is all in the past at this point.

    In case you haven’t noticed the common denominator in all these stories of dysfunction is Rodgers. Last I checked he’s still there.

  8. Go ahead and keep pushing these narratives against Rodgers … lets get that chip on the shoulder all built up and then watch him take it out on opposing teams this season.

  9. Liberalsruineverything says:

    In case you haven’t noticed the common denominator in all these stories of dysfunction is Rodgers. Last I checked he’s still there.
    The common denominator was an inept and non-transformational head coach. Time had passed him by and Aaron knew that as well. So the coach was canned and a change was made. All things in this article are things of the past when the team was led by a head coach that fell behind and got stale. It starts from the top – not Aaron. And trust me – as packer fans, we are more than lucky to have a future HOF QB as our team captain. You can worry if you prefer, but as a Packer fan, the changes that needed to be made were made for the better of the team.

  10. The Packers just hit the motherlode of all bulletin board material. The media has just told the best player in league history that he’s “the problem”. Thank you Tyler Dunne. Thank you Mike Florio.

    And may God have mercy on all their opponents.

  11. Liberalsruineverything says:
    April 5, 2019 at 11:51 am

    In case you haven’t noticed the common denominator in all these stories of dysfunction is Rodgers. Last I checked he’s still there.

    More specifically, it was Rodgers’ relationship with McCarthy. Rodgers took liberties and McCarthy did nothing to stop it. LaFluer just needs to take the reigns back and show he is the boss and won’t take crap. That should get them through this year. Beyond that, I guess, we’ll have to see how Rodgers works with him. If they can learn to trust and respect each other, and LaFluer turns into the coach the Packers’ front office wants him to be, then they’ll be back on the road to winning. If not, we’ll see. But there’s no reason to think this is solely a doom and gloom scenario.

  12. No comment necessary. A couple of disgruntled former players and one or two “unnamed” sources aren’t as strong as the numerous players who have already called out the story as being inaccurate or exaggerated. McCarthy had already been fired. The highest rated QB in the history of the league is under a contract that hasn’t restricted the team from going out and getting the free agents they wanted at all. Draft is coming up, and thanks to the Saints, the Packers have 2 first round picks to add to the already improved roster. The team is looking forward, not backwards. Media will have to find something else.

  13. This story calls for a case of popcorn. It’s got legs. I’ll eat both. And enjoy every minute of it. All season long. As painful as it might be.

  14. Why give credence to a story full of garbage.
    It’s odd that so much dysfunction permeated that locker room, yet the Packers continued to have a great deal of success, and now, more and more former players have been coming forward to refute this report.

  15. This “story” doesn’t deserve a response, from the Packers or anybody else. There’s nothing here! The Packers, Rodgers, and McCarthy have all conducted themselves professionally while a bunch of made-up crap is spewed by a disgruntled beat writer with a grudge who “quotes” anonymous and unnamed “sources!” It’s beyond ridiculous. I have never seen a more egregious display of click-bait in my entire life. None of this “news,” none of it………concerns me in the least. Obviously, the Packers feel the same way. You will never hear as loud a standing ovation for Rodgers at the first home game as you will this year.

    Go Pack Go!

  16. I can’t wait to see Rodgers face every time a reporter asks him about this. Imagine it.

    “Aaron, what did you say to Mark Murphy when he told you to stop being the problem?”

  17. I find it really funny that the only time Greg Jennings and Finley are relevant is when they need to ride those Aaron Rodgers coattails. Greg Jennings talking about anything else, no one cares, but when he utters Green Bay or Rodgers, ears perk up.

    Sooner or later, knowing that, you have to question the validity of his statements. He is always quick to bash Rodgers. Its cool, its whatever to me. I just don’t take any stock in what he talks about.

  18. Let’s not let AR get too big of a chip on his shoulder – it might cause collar bone issues.

  19. No response needed since with recent changes most of this is water under the bridge. However, if Rodgers needs a grudge or chip on his shoulder to play well, he should retire to the WWE.

  20. Who said Rodgers needs a chip on his shoulder to play? Just cuz he has one for being left in the draft room for hours, not getting scholarships to a D1 school, doesnt mean its the only thing that motivates him, he clearly wants to be one of the greatest.

    You cant go anywhere without seeing a motivational memes or posts, about prooving your “doubters and haters wrong” maybe if other players and teams, did as such, they would have won a SB by now, or atleast appear in one over the laat 40 years.

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