Patrick Mahomes willing to have throwing contest with Josh Allen

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Josh Allen can throw a football over a mountain. So can Patrick Mahomes, side-armed and looking the other direction.

So the Chiefs quarterback had a good-natured response to the suggestion of him and the Bills quarterback going head-to-head in a test of arm strength.

While receiving an award in Rochester, N.Y., Mahomes acknowledged the offseason challenge of a throwing contest from Allen.

“Josh is a great dude,” Mahomes said, via Alex Brasky of the Batavia News. “But no one that I’ve known has been able to throw a ball farther than me. I’ve never seen Josh throw in person but maybe next offseason we can set something up [to see who can throw farther].

“Hopefully I can get him to come down to Kansas City, and we can do something for charity. It’s going to take at least 85 yards to win.”

While it’s not a pickup basketball game, it’s unlikely their respective teams want this happening, but it’s fun to speculate about.

The two passers have a link beyond big arms, as the Chiefs acquired the pick to take Mahomes in a trade with the Bills during the 2017 NFL Draft. The Bills got their franchise quarterback a year later, while Mahomes was busy throwing 50 touchdowns and winning an MVP.

36 responses to “Patrick Mahomes willing to have throwing contest with Josh Allen

  1. Yeah cause that’s so productive of their time. Brady would never waste a second in a throwing completion

  2. Two starting QB’s throwing out their arms for charity, I bet the teams are thrilled lol.

  3. greymares says:

    April 5, 2019 at 7:06 am

    Two starting QB’s throwing out their arms for charity, I bet the teams are thrilled lol.
    They used to do an NFL quarterback challenge and 1 of the events was throwing long distance. You’d be surprised who wins cause the year I went Favre, Young and others were there yet Jim Harbaugh won.

  4. This is beyond a Terrible terrible idea. Where are the Kansas City Chiefs Brass when you need them calling a HALT to this. Nothing like messing up your ARM/ shoulder doing something that’s not game related. There is absolutely NOTHING beneficial in this for Patrick Mahomes on any level.

  5. Do a contest for charity, that would be so cool! I’d be willing to donate to see that, get it televised or something. Have both line up at the goal line and each take turns chucking it as far as they can. best of 3? Maybe somewhere indoors too so conditions are all even? It’d be so cool to see.

  6. What’s the point? In a game you’d have to be able to hold the ball long enough for your WR to get 80+yds upfield, the percentages are extremely low, risk high, and zero clock management. A QB’s more likely to get injured scrambling to stay alive and laying it all out than scoring a TD.

  7. Mahomes has a strong arm, but not as strong as Allen’s. Watching in person as Allen gracefully lobs the ball from the 5yd line to the opposing 25 with ease tells me he has a lot more to give. Besides, JA was throwing 85 yard spirals in the combine. The Announcers were going crazier with each throw. Josh Allen by 5-6yds.

  8. everyone is so worried about injuries these days. if they cant throw a football without injuring their arm, maybe throwing a football for a living isn’t for them.

    case in point about injuries: twice pitchers were pulled in the middle of no-hit bids this week in baseball.

  9. I saw JA warm up during training camp and 2 home games. Im not sure how far he potentially can throw but what looks really cool is the ease in which the football goes 40 yards frozen rope with seemingly a flick of his wrist. I still have my doubts, but boy oh boy if he can put it all together, that would be something to see.

  10. Can’t wait for Mahomes to crash and burn. He’s had 1 good season and everyones saying he should be fitted for a gold jacket.

  11. I just want to Thank the Bills for stupidly trading away the pick the Chiefs used to draft Patrick Mahomes. Thank You.

  12. Sad that “neither team would want this to happen”.

    I remember the deep throw used to be a pro bowl skill competition staple. Last one I remember, Bledsoe threw for 75 yards. The throwing target was fairly narrow, and Favre’s long ball went out of bounds. He was pissed and just said “give me another”. threw it over 80 yards. “Give me another”. Threw it over 80 yards again. Good times.

  13. the major difference between the two….
    Mahomes can actually throw the ball where he wants it to go…..

  14. Bills, great job of selecting a guy with a strong arm…

    I’m just happy with the MVP pick you traded away. Who was on your roster that made you think your QB position was good 2 years ago?

  15. Oh,I’ll take Micheal Vick,if and only if,we’re unable to track down Uncle Rico.

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