Vikings cornerback Holton Hill hit with four-game suspension

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The Vikings lost a young contributor for the first month of the season.

According to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Vikings cornerback Holton Hill has been suspended four games for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

Hill made the Vikings last year as an undrafted rookie from Texas, and ended up starting three games for them. He had one interception.

The Vikings added a pair of defensive backs from the AAF this week, maintaining some degree of depth there.

35 responses to “Vikings cornerback Holton Hill hit with four-game suspension

  1. I was hoping he could stay out of trouble, but some of these guys just cannot lay off the weed. It’s ridiculous that it is illegal, but it is and you have to play by the rules. What a numbskull.

  2. billtetley53 says:
    April 5, 2019 at 4:16 pm
    I was hoping he could stay out of trouble, but some of these guys just cannot lay off the weed. It’s ridiculous that it is illegal, but it is and you have to play by the rules. What a numbskull.

    It most likely wasn’t weed, as it was reported that he violated the League’s ban on Performance Enhancing Drugs.
    Steroids, HGH or some kind derivative of the two. or possibly a masking supplement to hide PED use.

  3. Look at the bright side, both he and hughes will both be ready, fresh, and healthy come week 5..

  4. Waffle:

    That’s what I get for reading the headline only. I assumed because he was at the Vikes rb house when he was busted for weed, that he was suspended for weed. My fault for a55uming.

  5. Way to go Hill. Now we know why they signed the two AAF DB’s today.

  6. Damn…now have to hold back on trading Waynes and getting a high draft pick. Knew this was coming down by him being in the apartment with Roc Thomas, the RB who was busted. Going to have to cut or re-negotiate a contract or two, just to sign the Rookie class. Kid(Holton Hill) you need to right yourself, with your talent your smokin away Millions a puff.

  7. If Hill got tagged for Performance Enhancing Drugs, he ought to ask his dealer for his money back.

  8. Why would he need to take a masking supplement for weed? Players with no NFL suspensions in the past only get tested once a year and they tell them when it’s going to happen. This was most likely the usual PED used to bulk up & get stronger & faster.

  9. This off season has me worried because of over spending on a high mid talented QB is going to doom this club for two more years. They over played their talent in 2017, and they might have to trade high picks for players and cash just to keep a team on the field! Every other contender especially N.O. have improved their rosters while Minnesota has been picked clean to the bone in FA. They can’t even afford to pay their Draft class this year..
    This year just might the Vikings in 4th place in the NFCN….. Talk about bleeding Purple.

  10. Weed should be legalized nationally and the use of it enforced no differently than alcohol. Field testing for impairment has come as long way, with a THC breathalyzer coming very soon.

    All the chemical enhancement stuff should result in a one year ban…… exceptions (following confirmation.) If you don’t want negative attention, don’t draw negative attention to yourself.

  11. Wonder how long that’s been going on.. hopefully he doesnt need it to keep playing well. Had a good season filling in for Rhodes’ constant injuries.

  12. Perhaps this is the reason he wasn’t drafted. He has talent — let’s hope the mental side doesn’t preclude a decent NFL future. Gotta abide by the rules Mr. Hill. I was hoping it would be a long boring off-season limited to mocking Kirk Cousins’ ability to handle pressure.

  13. Hey before people start throwing stones, google your own teams name and PED suspensions and see how many of your own players have been suspended in the last couple years. It’s a problem in the NFL and they are working hard to correct it. I hope this kid smartens up, but if he doesn’t, he’s got lots of company on the “squandering my talent” bus. Almost every team has this problem.

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