Antonio Brown: JuJu Smith-Schuster fumbled our postseason away

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Antonio Brown is done in Pittsburgh, but he’s not done taking shots at his former teammates.

Brown tweeted this afternoon that Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster cost the Steelers a playoff berth when he fumbled late in their Week 16 loss to the Saints.

“Emotion: boy fumbled the whole post season in the biggest game of year,” Brown wrote. “Everyone went blind to busy making guys famous not enough reality these days!”

Brown isn’t necessarily wrong about that: If the Steelers had won the game against the Saints, as they had a great chance of doing before Smith-Schuster fumbled, they would have made the playoffs.

But what is Brown getting out of bringing it up now? He’s no longer in Pittsburgh, and he looks petty by attacking Smith-Schuster, who has acknowledged he let the team down and called the fumble his lowest moment. Brown made his comments in response to a fan who tweeted at him that Smith-Schuster was the team’s MVP last season. There were reports at the time that Brown was offended not to be chosen for the award himself, and this tweet does nothing to change the perception that Brown has an inferiority complex.

98 responses to “Antonio Brown: JuJu Smith-Schuster fumbled our postseason away

  1. Tough talk from a quitter… The Raiders will rue the day they signed this locker room cancer to their squad. They will continue to be laughingstocks of the NFL…

  2. Wow he has no problem calling out his teammates but when they call him out he throws the Diva attitude. Good luck Raider fans.

  3. Actually I think their loss to the lowly raiders blew their season. Too many big heads were too over confident in that game that they should have easily won.

  4. ricko1112 says:
    April 7, 2019 at 2:32 pm
    Tough talk from a quitter… The Raiders will rue the day they signed this locker room cancer to their squad. They will continue to be laughingstocks of the NFL…


    It’s been mentioned before that one of AB’s greatest assets is his ability to know what the refs can and can’t see during his routes and to use that knowledge to commit offensive pass interference.

    It will be interesting to see how he fares with the new pass interference replay rule.

    He will be a problem one way or another by the end of the season.

  5. AB becomes less likeable everyday. At least Juju showed up. I remember how upset and inconsolable he seemed on the sidelines. Compare that to Brown who only got that upset when he didn’t get targeted as much in a blowout victory and threw a temper tantrum.

    I’m not a fan of either team, but hope the Steelers beat the Raiders when they play and Juju catches the winning TD.

  6. Football is a team sport, responsibility for any win or lose doesn’t squarely go on one person’s shoulders. You win and lose as a team and beyond Antonio Brown just being petty about this it isn’t true. I’m a raiders fan and it makes me sad to see him be this small. Hope he does well but he’s gotta grow up.

  7. Says the guy who quit and didn’t show up to play at all when they still had a shot to make the playoffs. I am sick of his mouth.

  8. What a sad little man Brown is,hopefully ju ju will be able to show his ring one day, cos Brown will never get one.

  9. Haha. At least he played in the last game of the season. People call AB a cancer. He’s more like the plague that will destroy the roster and culture. Ridiculous.

  10. Wide receivers and corners are the most classless players in the game. Sorry if you play the position and do keep your mouth shut but it always seems to be those guys mouthing off. If it’s not them it’s their wags.

  11. This is why the Steelers let him go and why only the Raiders wanted him. One play does not make the season. The Steelers lost to Oakland and Denver.

  12. AB says JuJu let the team down? While AB may be an expert in the many ways to let a team down, he’s way off base here…

  13. You were a first rate player that was traded for essentially a bag of balls. Does it bother you that OBJ was traded for two first round picks and a player? I know it does. Good riddance, AB. Pretend you’re like Bradshaw and never come back to Pittsburgh.

  14. I drafted JuJu in the 8th round, my friend drafted Brown in the second round. I made the playoffs.

  15. At what point does Oakland management take this classless mouth aside and tell him enough is enough. At what point does the media stop giving these type characters space. This type of news helps no one.

  16. Meanwhile, AB has completely fumbled away whatever little respect he had left from anyone and everyone.

  17. Man he just can’t let it go or take any ownership for his role in this.

    Either way, Brown won’t have half the success he had in Pitt. Maybe that reality is becoming clear.

    He’s almost done, and he knows it.

  18. And so it begins for the Raiders – one classy moment after another from AB. The school of TO is on full display here. Steelers fan myself and am very glad this locker room cancer is gone.

  19. Let it go Brown, the Steelers are done with your antics. You should of shut your mouth and stayed in the burg to win a championship. Now you’ll never see one.

  20. Well, he’s right.
    And he was responding to a tweet, pointing out the absurdity of the assertion therein. Perfectly justified.

  21. AB is a classless clown and Ju Ju is a terrific young talent, but he will be drawing tougher matchups and more pressure to produce with the Steelers #1 receiver gone.’

  22. Yeah, and you fumbled, stumbled and bumbled til your worth crumbled and caused your team a lot of unnecessary troubles. You should be humbled, but I doubt that’s ever gonna happen.

  23. AB just building his brand.
    People need to relax and get a grip.
    Don’t take things so seriously.

  24. Frazier28/7 says:
    April 7, 2019 at 3:22 pm
    I drafted JuJu in the 8th round, my friend drafted Brown in the second round. I made the playoffs.
    The rest of your team must not have been very good because my team with AB won my league and AB was a stud especially in the playoffs. Didn’t he lead the league in TDs?My other league with juju I came in 2nd. AB is still a turd but he’s not the reason you didn’t make the playoffs.

  25. Get Over Your Sorry Self says:
    April 7, 2019 at 3:42 pm
    Well, he’s right.
    And he was responding to a tweet, pointing out the absurdity of the assertion therein. Perfectly justified.

    “Start thinking like a fan and before you know it you’ll be sitting with them”
    Bill Parcells

  26. steelersteven says:
    April 7, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    You were a first rate player that was traded for essentially a bag of balls. Does it bother you that OBJ was traded for two first round picks and a player? I know it does. Good riddance, AB. Pretend you’re like Bradshaw and never come back to


    What? It was a 1st, 3rd, and a player. The people spinning it as 2 1st round picks, equate Peppers as a 1st round pick.

  27. Shut your big mouth AB you walked out on us quitter,I hope you have the worst season ever to come,Little man child

  28. Have fun with him, Raider fans. Within a few months he’ll be talking trash on you or somebody else on the team. If you have any early season team awards you’d just better hope all the rest of the roster knows to vote for Antonio or he’ll be a trade before Christmas.

  29. He did fumble truth hurts with that said he was giving 100% what were you giving mr big chest?

  30. Ha ha so this whole thing WAS about Brown pouting because he didn’t get voted MVP. Amazing.

    All you Raiders fans who gloated about getting him, well, enjoy this preview of what this clown brings to a team. I guarantee he’s going to become a major locker-room cancer if the team loses and he doesn’t put up the numbers he wants. You just might see your team end up trying to dump him for a sixth rounder down the line.

  31. Doesn’t Brown know that it’s 2019 now, and you can’t tell the truth because somebody’s feelings are going to get hurt?

  32. I can’t help but chuckle over anyone who gets worked up over what AB or whatever Athlete has to say these days. In the big picture this is nothing more than ENTERTAINMENT and in this Social Media Age I welcome it.

  33. Glad to see AB is continuing to show his true clown colors, all that is missing is the big red nose. Pretty amazing how most in the media were falling all over themselves, taking his every word as the Gospel truth. It was never about anything the Steelers or players did to him, well, except not voting him team MVP. The Steelers have made some decent moves this off season, however, the most beneficial move they have made was getting rid of Brown.

  34. AB continues to show everyone why his former team happily dumped him in exchange for a ham sandwich.

  35. Complains when Big Ben throws teammates under the bus. Then he throws teammates under the bus what a guy! Are you ready Oakland!?

  36. At some point the Steelers are not going to keep taking the high road and to go into deep details about some of the antics the Steelers put up with Brown over the years

  37. When did this world get so soft? All AB said was the truth. He fumbled away their postseason. Is that not an accurate statement?

  38. As a Raiders fan I can’t wait for AB to not be worth the baggage and Gruden to kick him to the curb. I, for one, won’t be cheering for that self centered jerk. Honestly, how can a child (he doesn’t deserve to be called a man IMO) like this possibly coexist in any NFL locker room and not be poisoning it a little. My worry is Derek Carr will just try and be the nice guy he always is and let AB walk all over him.

  39. Current teammates can see this and know they can’t trust him. Sad story from a guy I once thought was just a hard working WR that wasn’t a diva.

  40. lanman11 says:
    Does it really matter if they made the playoffs? They would have just gotten beat by the Patriots anyway. Seriously.

    I know, like in the regular season… oh wait…

  41. The more I hear this guy speak the I’m glad he thought he was too good for the Bills.

    Best of luck Oakland! Hate to be in your shoes when Carr targets Williams during crunch time of a game.

  42. Antonio Brown wasn’t making a public declaration. He was responding to a private citizen who challenged him. I don’t blame Brown. It’s still a free country. If someone gets in your face you can respond. It’s not as if Brown just woke up and decided he wanted to throw shade on Juju. It’s not even about Juju. Brown is just putting some fool in his place. It’s all good.

  43. One tweet and this forum has AB’s career shredded like confetti, Gruden slinking off into some assistant coaching job at a local Oakland High School and JuJu wearing a gold jacket and hoisting the Walter Payton award…

    I think i’ll Watch a few games next season to see what happens… Good Lord.

  44. The one part of all of this that bugs me is that he uses the word “our”. If you quit on your coach and teammates, the correct word then to use is “their”.

  45. Funny, but I thought AB, the ultimate prima donna was the reason for the non-playoffs. Hey AB, you looked real spiffy in that fur coat. Too bad you quit on the team in order bto wear it. Sorry, only real men allowed in Steel Town, that’s why AB is no longer there. What a spaz, our generation of Terrell Owens – great talent, lousy person.

  46. I TOLD YA antonia brown was a low character distraction…

    … but…

    … many of you are giving juju too much credit.

    FACT: juju DID fumble away pittsburgh’s season
    FACT: juju is a distraction, too

  47. AB is going to wear out his welcome in the league and his career will end prematurely, just like T.O., because of his childishness. He doesn’t realize that every time he opens his mouth on twitter it makes him look more and more petty. I can’t believe John Gruden hasn’t shut his mouth yet. I can’t wait to see them on the sidelines. Gruden won’t put up with that stuff like Tomlin did. It’s only a matter of time before AB starts tweeting about Gruden. That’ll go over well.

  48. I feel for JuJu on that play, kinda like Alshon Jeffrey with his drop vs the Saints. The Eagle fans AND Steelers fans showed true class toward both because I unlike clASSless Brown. They owned it but more importantly they both give it their all. How can Brown say anything in a game he walked out on his team for. Maybe if AB was playing it might have been different.

    Hey JuJu, when AB says call me Mr Big Chest…just reply Call me The Steelers MVP.

  49. Jon Gruden should tell Antonio Brown to shut up about the Steelers because he is a Raider now. But he won’t because he’s afraid Brown will start bad mouthing the Raiders instead. Stay tuned — that is coming.

  50. AB is sounding like The Jilted Girlfriend,that knows the breakup was really her fault but wants everyone to think it was his. Oh well,whether The Steelers win/lose they’re better off w/o AB. Lastly until AB rises to a 100% catch rate he has no right to callout any WR, especially the one that Idolized him

  51. AB shouldn’t have made this comment about Ju JU but AB isn’t lying. That turn over cost the Steelers the Saints game.

  52. It’s nice to see fans of all realms of the NFL come together with a common cause…to agree that AB is a sad, petty man who is showing who he really is.

  53. Says a man who threw a temper tantrum, skipped the team walk through, and as a result was declared inactive for “the biggest game of the year”.

  54. For all of you defending AB by saying he’s speaking the truth, do you really think that 1 play in the entire season was the reason they didn’t make the playoffs?

    So, you don’t think that tie against Cleveland hurt them? Or what about that awful loss to the Broncos? Oh, didn’t AB play in both of those games? And, well there’s that last game of the year where AB didn’t show up…but yeah, let’s put it all on that 1 JuJu fumble.

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