Mike Tannenbaum moves from Dolphins to ESPN

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Mike Tannenbaum was the subject of criticism on ESPN while running the personnel departments for the Jets and Dolphins and now he’ll get a chance to be critical of others doing similar jobs.

The Dolphins announced Tannenbaum was reassigned from his role as the executive vice president of football operations after the 2018 season and that reassignment was expected to result in his exit from the organization. That exit has led him to ESPN, where he will appear on their NFL programming and serve as an analyst for the 2019 draft coverage on ESPN Radio.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity,” Tannenbaum said, via the Miami Herald. “I’ve always admired the people and professionals at ESPN, and I’m excited to be a part of the team.”

Tannenbaum worked for the Dolphins from 2015 until his ouster early this year. He was the Jets’ General Manager from 2006 through 2012.

21 responses to “Mike Tannenbaum moves from Dolphins to ESPN

  1. Does this means he’s actually gone from the Fins organization? If so, whoever made that happen I’d like to personally say thank you.

  2. So much for being ‘reassigned within the organization’ lol. At least Tannenbaum is now someplace where he really can’t do any harm, he’s essentially taking Polian’s place at bspn so he has some very small shoes to fill.

  3. Running the Jets. Running the Dolphins. Perfect preparation for working at ESPN.

  4. In recognition of the fact that he failed dismally for 13 years as a GM, he has been hired to pass judgement on how bill belichick and other successful GMs do their job.
    Ever notice how incompetents from the jets organization end up running the league office and network sports?

  5. >> serve as an analyst for the 2019 draft coverage on ESPN Radio.

    Yes he’s done such a good job drafting, both with the Jets and Dolphins.
    Take a look at what he drafted with the Jets 2009-2012. 4 years of drafting and how many starters? Plus Mark Sanchez.
    He set that team back more than 4 years, they are still not done rebuilding.

    He can talk about how to evaluate players, and the audience can assume the opposite.

  6. I actually liked the Guy he has some good connections but he failed miserably with the cap by overpaying players and extending players undeserving of extensions like Branch, Quinn,T.J. McDonald and Tannehill to name a few. I am sure he was encouraged by the coaches he served under so I do not blame him alone, but that was his responsibility and at the end of the day the blame falls squarely on his shoulders.

    Good Luck at ESPN Mike

  7. So now Mike Tannenbaum will tell the ESPN viewers what one should not do as a NFL General Manager in charge of player personnel acquisitions. He certainly does not know what to do, so telling everyone what he did will convey what not to do.

  8. Tannenbaum and Lombardi – guys who seem to have 9 lives when it comes to their careers.

    These guys always get chances with teams or in the media. They obviously have the gift of gab / silver-tongue.

    Good for them if they can keep working.

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