Stephanie McMahon says WWE would “love to have” Rob Gronkowski

Getty Images

Rob Gronkowski is insisting, for now, that he’s retired from football and focusing on “new opportunities.”

But one of the oldest speculated destinations for his post-NFL life has popped up again, with nothing to diminish the talk.

From our friends at NBC Sports Boston (via, WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon said the wrestling promotion would happily welcome the former Patriots tight end.

“Anybody who has a real big personality, McMahon said. “I’d love to have Gronk in the ring. [UFC star] Conor McGregor, huge personality.”

Asked whether there have been talks between the WWE and Gronkowski, she replied: “We are always having conversations.”

Gronkowski has turned up in the WWE before, and his friend Mojo Rawley said he expects Gronk to join the company eventually. And with Wrestlemania happening tonight, the WWE certainly isn’t going to do anything to dissuade some free promotion.