Vikings add backup quarterback Sean Mannion

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The Vikings are bringing in a backup quarterback just before the start of the offseason program.

Sean Mannion will sign with Minnesota, Mike Garafolo of NFL Network reports. Mannion worked out for the Vikings last week.

The Vikings have been looking for a backup to starting quarterback Kirk Cousins since Trevor Siemian, last year’s backup, signed with the Jets. Mannion joins Cousins and Kyle Sloter as the quarterbacks currently on the Vikings’ roster.

A 2015 third-round draft pick, Mannion spent four years with the Rams and started just one game, a meaningless Week 17 loss in 2017. This year the Rams decided to let Mannion walk in free agency and signed Blake Bortles as the backup to Jared Goff.

50 responses to “Vikings add backup quarterback Sean Mannion

  1. Horrible signing. Should have tried to bring Bridgewater back as the backup. This Mannion guy is a 3rd string at best. Hopefully Sloter is the backup.

  2. Didn’t they just sign an AAF QB? I guess they are not counting on him to make the team!

  3. The Trevor Simian trade is one of the dumbest moves ever made by Rick Spielman. He traded a 5th round pick for a backup QB that was only under contract for 1 season.

    I don’t trust anything Rick Spielman does when it comes to QBs or offensive lineman.

  4. Vikings looking for a lot of competition at oline and back up QB positions. This a good thing, people.

  5. Must be as a 3rd string QB. Everything I hear is they like Sloter from what little they’ve seen.

  6. He is probably just a camp arm. The Vikings need 3 or 4 QB’s for OTA’s and training camp. People need to relax a bit about some of these signings. It doesn’t mean they make the 53 man roster and count against the cap that everyone is so concerned about. Hopefully they draft a QB in the middle rounds and let them all compete for the backup job.

  7. That’s OK, Sloter will beat him out in training camp and pre-season. They’re just trying to make Sloter think he’s 3rd string.

  8. The Almighty Cabbage says:
    April 7, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    Most of the Viking fans I know are fairly high on Sloter’s potential. I don’t know how that fits or doesn’t fit with the sentiment on here.
    I’m a Vikings fan and in this place, we always think any QB in the wings is somehow a savior even though I have yet to see any of them join a team and turn into some franchise QB. I will say Siemian had the most potential, but the fact is he was on the last year of his rookie contract which basically meant we leased him for a year and knew he would be gone after that due to cap space. So what I’m basically saying is he was worth the 5th round trade, because people were very high on him if needed to back up Cousins. Things don’t always go according to plan. Welcome to the NFL where the average shelflife on a player is 3 years…

  9. I am assuming this was not a big money signing. You need at least 3 QB’s for camp and preseason.

    I doubt there is much guaranteed money in this contract, so if they don’t want him they can cut him at the end of training camp and move on.

  10. vikesr4reel says:
    April 7, 2019 at 5:42 pm
    He is better than Rodgers by a mile

    Well then, I guess that leaves no doubt whatsoever he’ll be starting in place of Cousins. Without question.

  11. bubbasmithguy says:
    April 7, 2019 at 4:55 pm
    He is probably just a camp arm. The Vikings need 3 or 4 QB’s for OTA’s and training camp.
    This happens every year. It’s like people don’t realize you have 90 guys in camp. A team signs a backup and the fans go crazy because they haven’t signed an all pro at a position. It’s ok people, teams are allowed to sign backups too. They are needed.

  12. >> gtodriver says: I am assuming this was not a big money signing. <<

    In Minnesota, "not a big money signing" means anything less than $84M … guaranteed.

  13. 90 guys go to camp. 1000’s of passes thrown during OTA’s and minicamps. Plenty of good reasons to add a QB with NFL experience. If for no other reason, its always good to make a guy (Sloter) beat his competition instead of just handing him the back up job.

  14. What about the guy turned from white skater boy to anti-America black panther communist social justice militant?

  15. gtodriver says:
    April 7, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    I am assuming this was not a big money signing.


    Safe assumption. Have you seen the current cap numbers for next off-season?

  16. So people are calling for Spielman’s head over the signing of a back-up QB who very well could be a third stringer if he even makes the freakin team? Are they supposed to bring Payton Manning out of retirement or something? I hate to repeat this given its origin, but: R-E-L-A-X.

  17. I was high on Sloter as the number two because this allowed us to then draft someone with potential to replace cousins in two years when we are out from under this contract. But if he’s not ready, then he’s not ready and we need a veteran of some kind. But I think cousins is going to turn out to be less than we need, I think he is going to cost Zimmer his job and maybe Spielman and will still need a quarterback. Having said that I’m crossing my fingers and praying I’m wrong.

  18. Camp body or #3 QB at best~I still look for the Vikings to draft a QB in the later rounds and have a {{ let the best man win training camp }}} Odds are not good they will see the field~

  19. ARod(in his collarbone) says:
    April 7, 2019 at 2:44 pm
    Horrible signing. Should have tried to bring Bridgewater back as the backup. This Mannion guy is a 3rd string at best. Hopefully Sloter is the backup.
    I love Bridgewater and still hope some day that he’ll return to Minnesota, but he signed a $7m one year contract in New Orleans, and that’s before incentives based on his playing time.

    Mannion was never a good fit with the Rams, but I’m surprised a team like Pittsburgh didn’t give him a tryout, as he fits their offense well.

    He has signed a one year veteran minimum deal that won’t be fully guaranteed unless he is on the opening day roster.

    Vikings will probably draft a QB – especially if one of the higher rated ones falls a bit – so Mannion gets to have some reps during training camp, and if the Vikings draft a QB, then he gets the benefit of continuing to be around football and will undoubtedly find another team willing to give him a chance.

  20. D Basa says:

    >> gtodriver says: I am assuming this was not a big money signing. <<

    In Minnesota, "not a big money signing" means anything less than $84M … guaranteed.

    Cousins is a bargain compared to what the Packers just guaranteed Rodgers (besides actually paying Rodgers over $80 mil in the first 12 months of his new deal).

    The Packers paid Rodgers over $13 mil per win last year. Cousins only got $3 mil per win.

    Let that sink in…

  21. The Vikings are screwed even if Kirk Cousins never gets injured! The Vikings don’t have a QB on their roster that can win more than 8 games with or without a good offensive line. Kirk Cousins could have the marines protecting him and he will still choke. The NFC North will be one of the toughest division in football next season. I am predicting that the Vikings will finish third in the NFC North.

  22. If the Vikings have a Losing season this year, my bet Spielman gets fired. The unfortunate thing with that is that Zimmer will probably follow him. The Wilfs have given them just enough rope to hang themselves. I didn’t think it could be possible, but this years Vikings O line, is worse than it was this time last year. And EVERY STINKING YEAR Spielman has been in charge Minnesota has had about the worst Offensive lines in the League. Minnesota has THROWN away 1st AND 5th round picks on junk QB’s or bad contracts.
    Is it my bet……I’ll fold on this years season…

  23. Maybe Sloter just isn’t as good as the Barneys all think he is.
    Quite honestly, I would leave these decisions in the competent hands of the Vikings brain trust.
    If there’s one thing Rick Spielman knows it’s the QB position and just how to fill it. Again and again and again………

  24. >> gtodriver says: Cousins only got $3 mil per win. Let that sink in… <<

    Now look up Cousins' all-time record against winning teams.

    HINT: It's terrible.

  25. How does this signing have anything to do with what the Vikings feel about Sloter?
    The Vikings like to carry 3 QB’s, Mannion is the 3rd QB. The Vikings are paying Kirk $84 million so he is the starter for at least one more season. If Kirk sucks again in 2019 maybe they make the switch to Sloter then.

  26. This is likely to be the Viking’s 3rd string QB so I wouldn’t read too much into this other than every NFL team needs 3 QB’s and right now, this is the best 3rd string QB the Vikings could find.

    If a Viking fan really wants to complain, they should aim their ire at the fact that there isn’t much difference between Cousins and Mannion, other than the obvious $84 mil guaranteed.

  27. The Vikings are going nowhere with this team. Can we finally flush Spielman now? Zimmer can’t keep his hands off the D and be HC. That will be his downfall.

  28. Wow. The Vikings sign a third-string QB for a minimum contract and the fans are upset because they brought in competition for Kyle Sloter, a guy who has never played in an NFL game? I think people need to calm down just a bit.

  29. I really don’t mind this signing. Mannion may lack the veteran experience that Keenum had, but at least he knows Sean McVay…I mean, Mannion has learned Sean McVay’s system, which originates from the Shanahan system.

  30. minneanderthals says:
    April 8, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    All the pieces are in place…
    for another disappointing year

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