DeMarcus Lawrence expects to miss preseason after shoulder surgery

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Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence is set to have a press conference at the team’s facility on Tuesday to discuss the five-year, $105 million deal he signed last Friday.

Lawrence will then move on to having shoulder surgery Wednesday. Lawrence is having a torn labrum repaired and was waiting for his new deal to be done before heading into the operating room.

The rehab timeline for that surgery stretches well into the summer and Lawrence said on The Rich Eisen Show Monday that he expects to miss the preseason with designs on being ready to go in Week One.

“Yes, you are always hopeful for the shorter time barring some complication,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said on 103.3 FM, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It was certainly a concern. He played with it last year. We felt like it in his best interest long-term. DeMarcus felt that way. We needed to get surgery. It turns out it got done in a timely fashion. We couldn’t do a contract that wasn’t good for DeMarcus and the Cowboys.”

It will be some time before there’s a sense of Lawrence’s chances of being ready in September, but the rest of the Cowboys will get their offseason work started next week.

15 responses to “DeMarcus Lawrence expects to miss preseason after shoulder surgery

  1. Dallas have guaranteed a total of $65M of that money! I hope the operation goes well and that missing preseason won’t matter one jot and you’ll be 100% your old self thereafter – GM Jerrah.

  2. Yep and before preseason is over he will be placed on the pup list. I said it before he got his deal and I stick by my prediction.

  3. Extreme paid vacation, what a deal? Now the Jones are telling Dak his contract needs to be ” team friendly”! What about Zeke? Team friendly also? And the rest of the team , team friendly extreme! The Cowboys will not receive any return on the investment with Lawrence until October or November, and then that return is questionable!

  4. I’m fine with the deal, glad to have Tank locked up…but he should have had surgery earlier. Not happy that it’s only a “Hope” he’ll be ready Week 1.

  5. This man better be ready to go game 1 in the regular season vs New England or he should give back Jerry & Stephen some of his guaranteed salary for being greedy and not having his shoulder surgery done right after the playoffs like any smart, team player would have done, instead of holding his team hostage.
    He also better have at least 15 sacks every year for the coin he is getting. I am a Cowboys fan but i am not a fan of what he did by not having his surgery, low ball move by Tank.

  6. I had this surgery done in November. The healing takes 6 weeks.

    Getting full range of motion though takes months.

    Granted I don’t have world class doctors and physios working on me but I’m also not going to bench press offensive lineman.

    I’ll be surprised if he is back to normal this season or at least until Novermber or so.

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