Giants were wise not to shop Cleveland’s offer for OBJ to 49ers

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From the moment the 2018 regular season ended, the possibility existed of the 49ers making a run at trading for Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Ultimately, the 49ers did. At the end of the day, however, the 49ers didn’t get a chance match or beat the package the Giants got from the Browns.

The recent ESPN article regarding the trade indicates that the 49ers were “stunned” by New York’s failure to shop Cleveland’s offer to the 49ers, given that San Fran G.M. John Lynch and Giants G.M. Dave Gettleman had been talking about a possible trade for “weeks.”

But it was smart for the Giants to not try to get more out of the 49ers. After all, the trade to Cleveland allowed the Giants to get Beckham out of the conference.

If the Giants had traded Beckham to the 49ers, the Giants would have seen him at least once every three years, and possibly every year depending on where the Giants and 49ers finish in their respective divisions. (The Giants don’t play the 49ers in 2019.) In theory, the Giants also would have been potentially competing with the 49ers each and every year for playoff berths and/or home-field advantage.

Then there’s the shared history of the two franchises, which resulted in plenty of hard-fought and even harder feelings between the teams in the 1980s and early 1990s. If the 49ers are on the verge of a turnaround, why should the Giants assist it by sending them one of the best receivers in the league?

So, yes, even at a time when the Giants have received plenty of warranted criticism for how they’re handling their business, they made a good business decision by ensuring that OBJ won’t be in their business more often than once every four years.

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  1. I don’t buy this rationale. If he’s so good that you’re afraid to play against his team on a regular basis, then you wouldn’t even be trading him. Cleveland already WAY overpaid for the guy so the Giants had to jump on it before the Browns figured out they could have gotten him for less and pulled/reduced the offer.

  2. Right. Regardless of the value a team gets in return for a player, the priority should be based upon how often the team will face that player again. You want to give us three #1s for this guy. Sorry, we play you too often, we are going to take a 4th and a 5th from this other team that we will play only once every three years. That makes sense.

  3. If the Giants are afraid of having to face one player every year or two, then they probably don’t belong in the NFL.

  4. I think Gettleman is taking a longer view of things. If you have been “talking for months” , why would you go back to them to eek out a slightly better deal ? Go with the guy who comes in with a deal you like and send a message to the nickel and dimers that you are not going to waste your time and give them the final decision.

  5. It’s also great business practice to make decisions based on 30-40 year old grudges. Very Hatfield and Mcoy

  6. But wouldn’t have been wise to go to SF, get a better offer and then go back to Cleveland and tell them they needed to up their offer?

  7. If you’re so scared of a player that you wouldn’t want to face them……….
    ……then maybe you shouldn’t trade them.

  8. “You have to know who you’re dealing with. Dave and John know each other so well there is total trust between them.” Quote from an NFL general manager on Dave Gettleman and John Dorsey

    Dorsey and Gettleman have been friends for 37 years, they trust and respect each other. Who better to do a big deal with than someone you know won’t screw you over. I believe this is why the deal got done between these two teams.

  9. Ahh, the classic “don’t trade players within your own conference” fallacy. Can anyone even provide an example in history of a team doing this and regretting it after? I’m actually curious if one exists.

  10. Typical. This, folks, is how the Coastal Elite think.

  11. Trading a good player outside the conference is always a consideration but it shouldn’t be the #1 criteria. If you take the long view, you don’t want to help an up and coming team like the 49ers. Don’t buy the Walsh vs. Parcells logic though.

  12. That is absurd. Why talk to them in the first place then? Should Dallas not have traded Herschel Walker to the Vikings because they might have had to play against him? I usually agree with you, but this may be as far off as you have ever been. Get your team good then beat everyone else.

  13. If the 49ers won’t give up #2 pick or Deforest Buckner, what could the 49ers give to entice the Giants? 49ers were willing to switch the #2 for Giants #6. Browns gave giants the #17. Why switch picks if giants can get another first rounder? 49ers are just throwing junk out there hoping people can believe it.

  14. I cant stop laughing at the ” competing for playoff spots or home field advantage.” You mean competing for the 6th or 7th overall pick.

  15. chickensalad43 says:
    April 8, 2019 at 11:59 am
    Ahh, the classic “don’t trade players within your own conference” fallacy. Can anyone even provide an example in history of a team doing this and regretting it after? I’m actually curious if one exists.
    Herschel Walker to the Vikings ring a bell?

    Or Charles Haley to the Cowboys, perhaps?

    In this case, though, I agree…I would have shopped that offer all day.

  16. I dont agree with this take at all. Because the 49ers would have also been helping out the Giants by giving them their franchise qb. The Giants franchise is at least 2 years (I repeat…AT LEAST) away from competing for a championship, so odell will even be that much older. He wound up settling for a much less valuable 17th overall pick than a 2nd overall pick, which Im sure he could have negotiated for given how “stunned” the 49ers wound up being.

  17. At least Jerry Reese left with two Super Bowls. Gettleman is gonna be gone before the Giants make the playoffs again.

  18. The best business decision would have been to maximize the return on their investment. By not looking for the highest bidder they failed to do that.

  19. Jabrill Peppers lost his starting job in Cleveland and the #17 pick can be a crapshoot. It was the Giants that got too greedy with SF trying to take their #2 and their best player. What they settled for from Cleveland and what they were trying squeeze out of the Niners couldn’t be any further from each other. But good luck with that NY. They couldve compromised with SF and still gotten twice the outcome the pull they received.

    Good try at the spin on behalf of the giants front office, though.

  20. Sounds like the G-Men regretted re-signing Beckham. Mara saw Cleveland’s offer and told Gettleman to take it. Why hem and haw with the Niners for a month when you have a deal that at least solves a few of your issues and presents capital for other moves. Frisco wasn’t giving up that number 2 for Beckham so why are they surprised?

  21. There are indeed dangers trading with teams in your own conference. The 49ers got burned when they traded pass rushing LB Charles Haley to the Cowpies, because Haley was unhappy and tanked on the field after his good friend Ronnie Lott was allowed to become a free agent. Haley helped Dallas win 3 SB championships as a result. If Haley had been traded to the AFC, he might not have hurt the 49ers so much.

  22. That’s the stupidest excuse I ever heard,plain and simple the giants messed up. I’m not sure why florrio is trying to cover for them. I mean even if let’s say they cared about maybe occasionally meeting niners. It should of been worth another first round pick or several 2nd picks. I mean to me that absurd,let’s not get a better trade cause we might some day play them. I would get the division I totally understand 2 times a year and competing for the division. But conference is just stupid,even if that’s the case then it was stupid to try and not leverage the browns for more. Even if it doesn’t work there is no rule saying they had to take the best deal. This is truly a cover story,

  23. It wasn’t just about the picks, people. Giants got players they wanted as well. They worked the trade the way they wanted it, probably took a whole lot of effort and work, and they didn’t figure SF could put together a comparable package of players and picks.

    The thing with the Giants was all tied up with the Browns was all tied up with the Olivier Vernon trade as well. It was extremely complicated, had nothing to do w John Lynch, so he needs to suck it up.

  24. Everybody WAS going to offer a better deal, after the deal is made. Maybe the 49ers were shocked they didn’t get a call back, but maybe they slow-played it too much. Maybe they didn’t indicated that there was any reason to call them back if they kept turning down offers for players the Giants wanted. MIGHT have made a better offer is a lot different than MADE a better offer. Bottom line; they had their chance and didn’t take it.

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