Jerry Jones expects Robert Quinn to fit right in with Cowboys

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The Cowboys agreed to terms with defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence last week. That came a week after a trade for defensive end Robert Quinn.

The Cowboys still don’t know whether defensive end Randy Gregory will be available for the start of the season, but they’re hopeful.

Their trade for Quinn, though, had nothing to do with Gregory’s indefinite suspension, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. It merely was an opportunity the team couldn’t pass up, getting a proven pass rusher from the Dolphins for a sixth-round pick in 2020.

“[Defensive coordinator] Rod Marinelli had everything to do with really making that decision because we we hear about a rotation, and we think about a rotation,” Jones said. “Forget the uncertainty about Gregory with his availability. I’m positively looking at Gregory as it pertains to our future. I really am. That covers a lot of ground, but I’m pretty positive about that and very comfortable that we’ve got a good future here. And I think that. I don’t know that, but I think we’ve a good future. Quinn was there and an opportunity for us and a wise decision with Gregory standing there even without the issues and with Lawrence over on the other side. Quinn was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up even without that. He gives you those unique skills and gives us a [formidable] threesome. He’s a proven, competitive player. He gives you that.

“With pass rushers, you can’t get enough of them, but the point is you don’t ever get a chance to get enough of them. You don’t ever get a chance to. So he gave us a chance to do that. It was a unique opportunity. Some of these things, you just have to be ready to grab the train when it comes by. And he does that, and not so much about the questions about Gregory, but that’s logical. It does make all the sense in the world, but if you could have all three of those guys on any given Sunday. . . At the end of the day, I don’t know that there’s a more important thing that pressure on the quarterback.”

Quinn has raised a fist during the national anthem in the past, and the Cowboys have made it clear players won’t protest during the national anthem. They are one of the few teams never to have a player protest during the national anthem.

Jones, though, doesn’t expect it to be an issue with Quinn.

“We all know where we stand with the Cowboys. It’s not a concern of mine,” Jones said.

15 responses to “Jerry Jones expects Robert Quinn to fit right in with Cowboys

  1. The addition of Quinn looks much better today with Dlaw also on board for the foreseeable future. I’m not sure about Gregory’s status but a rotation with those three, the young guys like Taco and Armstrong–the pass rush should be improved from an already impressive group in ’18. Add Jaylon Smith on some of the pressure situations and this defense is going to be in great shape.

  2. Jason Garrett’s hands hurt so bad from clapping over and over after hearing this news.

  3. Rosen is not a bad idea. Every team needs a good back up. Rosen is more NFL ready than the other backup qb’s and offers another insurance policy. Possibly Prescott is going to ask north of 20 million. If he asks that amount trade him. Next man up. 20 million is too much for anyone when hard cap is in place.

  4. Good ol’ Jerry, he just goes on and on abut nothing, just because he loves hearing himself talk. Sort of Like Nancy Pelosi, but at least the things he keeps repeating are generally true as a basis. He just doesn’t need to keep harping on it.

  5. And if he does do a fist-in-the-air protest of the flag and/or national anthem, he’ll certainly “fit right in” with the fans in Texas, right Jerry? Still a buffoon after all these decades!

  6. So does that mean he’s going to miss the first 4 games or be suspended indefinitely?

  7. Amazing how quickly Robert Quinn fell off – from 1st Team All Pro at age 23 with 19 sacks – to just 1 pro bowl since – still just 28 years old. Has had 18 total sacks over the last 3 years. Not bad – but not amazing.

  8. In a fight with himself. it looks like D-law will be out for awhile and Gregory is also out of the league for awhile (if Jerry wants Gregory so bad one would think he could pay a small army a million or so for some full-time baby sitters). Next question with D-Laws cap friendly deal this year, which one of the pending free agents does Jerry try to sign, plan to tag or who does he let go to free agency: Dak will need at least $25 million, Copper will be around $18 million, Bryon should get around $15 million, Jaylon will be around $13 million, La’el will get around $10 million as a FA, Taco 5th year option at $10, and Zeke for $15 million. With the 3 O-line at $40 million that will be around $168 on 11 players leaving maybe $25 million for the other 45 or so. Jerry is all in for 2019. 2020 looks like new coaches (entire staff), new QB, Zeke only 5th year option, and all the older players Crawford, Lee, etc will be gone.

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