Josh Rosen shows up for offseason workouts, but what will he say?

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As expected, Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen showed up for the launch of the team’s offseason workout program. The bigger question is what, if anything, he’ll have to say?

Rosen has resided at the center of rampant trade rumor and speculation over the last several weeks, as the Cardinals do their due diligence with the first overall pick in the draft.

What he says and how he says it will be scrutinized carefully by people in the media, and by people who may be trading for Rosen. Although he brings an attractive contract ($6.2 million over three years), his current circumstances will test his tact and overall ability to figure out the right things to say, at the right times.

His best play will be to speak without saying anything, rattling off predictable lines like “I’ll keep showing up until they tell me not to” or “I can only control what I can control” while he waits to find out, along with the rest of us, whether the Cardinals will be taking another quarterback at the outset of the 2019 selection process and, in turn, whether they’ll be trading him. And if so where.

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  1. The new HC said he’s going to give his player “social media” breaks every 20 minutes! That’s all we need to know about the state of the Cardinals. Rosen just needs to keep his head down and say the right things. Almost anywhere he ends up will be better than Arizona, especially if they draft Murray…

  2. He is a smart kid, but his mouth has already raised a few eyebrows – “there were 9 mistakes ahead of me” is what he said after being picked 10th by the Cards.

    What he does say will get magnified, but if he is smart and his agent is in his ear telling him the right things to say (or not say), this will blow over with minimal fallout. If he feels disrespected and butt-hurt, and decides to open his mouth, that drama will follow him to whatever team he lands with.

    Be smart, Rosen. Work hard and stay quiet.

  3. I dont think they’re trading him. The media seems to far more interested in Arizona trading Josh Rosen than Arizona actually does. It is April 8th & Arizona has yet to even make him available to trade. Seems to me if they really wanted to trade him, they’d ask him to sit out OTA’s not wanting him involved in their new offense and not wanting to risk millions and him becoming untradeable if he were to get hurt while at the facility. Most players who are in the process of being traded dont show up to OTA’s, as Duke Johnson w/ the Browns did not show up for the start of their off season program. Rosen not only showed up but was the first player in the building, makes me think maybe Josh Rosen has known all along he’s not getting traded w/ AZ explaining to him they’re just trying to raise the trade value of their #1 pick by making QB needy teams believe they could take Murray. I dont think Arizona is going to trade Josh Rosen, Arizona is going into the off-season w/ Josh Rosen as the starting QB w/ Rosen at the facility getting the new playbook and beginning the install of the new offense under Kliff Kingsbury. All this points to Arizona keeping Josh Rosen.

  4. “I’d love to hear him say “I just want to play in an NFL offense not a college offense.” That’ll get him shipped out.”

    Only if Coach Kliff heard about it. He lets other people check all his email and social media to shelter him from negativity so unless Rosen got a face-to-face meeting he might never know. My prediction is Kingsbury will be the first coach ever fired by proxy. His “negativity strainer” will have to tell him later in the day that he was let go.

  5. I’ve never been the type to question the hiring practices of NFL teams and have always scoffed at the notion that there’s any inherent racism going on…but will Kliff’s hire, I do wonder.

    He got hired and his resume is literally a recipe of failure at every stop he’s had. Are you telling me that there wasn’t a single, more qualified OC/DC or college coach than Kliff? I wonder if he asked the GM when he got hired if the guy actually looked at his resume.

  6. How about the media just leave him the eff alone and let him focus on his job at hand. The media asks these dumb questions, stirs up controversy, talks non stop about their self promoted controversy and then bags players for being a part of it. Rinse, Repeat.

  7. What he will say is I look forward to the Giants offering up more than it’s worth to make me Eli’s backup this year.

  8. Rosen gets a lot of run on this site for a guy who had a forgettable debut. Reminds me of how Kevin Kolb got mad press despite the fact that he had done nothing to merit inflated trade value or breathless anticipation on who would finally acquire him. And just like Rosen, he had little game once you put him out there. Buyer beware, paying too much for this guy like the Cardinals did at 10th overall is a MISTAKE.

  9. Yes, he’ll be scrutinized by the media.
    If the media would go back to reporting the news instead of trying to make up the news, the NFL would be a lot better off.

  10. Rosen will blame everything on departing coach Bruce Arians, the self proclaimed maven of the NFL.

  11. ricko1112 says: “The new HC said he’s going to give his player “social media” breaks every 20 minutes! That’s all we need to know about the state of the Cardinals.”

    It’s been a PROVEN scientific fact than people best retain information in 20 minute intervals. Hundreds of research papers over the last three decades back that up.

    For a football organization to implement a teaching strategy that maximizes information retention is a great step FORWARD.

  12. He could always say ‘thanks for nothing, Arizona’! Expected when you team GM is a drunk.

  13. 19dead2 says:
    Rosen will blame everything on departing coach Bruce Arians, the self proclaimed maven of the NFL.

    Rosen never played under Bruce Arians, last years Cardinals HC was Steve Wilks.

  14. sammyias says:
    Some people are going to feel pretty stupid if Arizona doesn’t select Murray.

    Why? Regardless of what they actually do, the Cardinals are saying and doing everything possible to make everyone THINK they’re drafting Murray. The rampant speculation is on them, not those who buy it.
    If the Cardinals do draft Kyler Murray they’re dumb. If they think a lot of faux interest in Murray will make some other team give them a boatload of picks to move up to the No. 1 slot they’re even dumber.
    This team is an implosion in the waiting.

  15. No team has ever made it seem like they are picking a #1 player and it not happen. Kyler is definitely AZ’s #1 pick. Whether Rosen stays or not is another story, but he is 90% gone.

  16. It’s not up to Rosen to say anything. It’s up to the head coach and GM to own up to their plan of selecting Murray and trading Rosen for a 2nd. Stop the fake stuff that no-one with a brain believes. That cat is out of the bag and has been for quite a while.

  17. Rosen is headed to the AFC East, either Miami or New England. Thus we will have a 2018 QB draft divisional competition.

  18. If Josh Rosen stays relatively healthy, he has a good chance to have career earnings in the half billion dollar range. That’s $500,000,000.00. Of course he’s going to show up for work. There were a variety of evaluations on Rosen coming out of college, but the one thing everyone agreed upon was that he was smart.

  19. gjv001 says:
    April 8, 2019 at 6:26 pm
    Rosen is headed to the AFC East, either Miami or New England. Thus we will have a 2018 QB draft divisional competition.
    He was the most NFL ready. Did you know that HOFers Troy Aikman (0-11 his rookie year) and Peyton Manning (3-13 his rookie year) were also drafted onto really terrible teams? Did you see super bowl QB Jared Goff’s rookie year? Even HoFers struggle their rookie years if they go to one of the very worst teams. This really doesn’t say anything about Josh Rosen. He might very well go on to win multiple super bowls.

  20. They are treating this like they already drafted Murray. Rosen is the Starting Qb under contract so ya he is going to show up until otherwise noted. He aint going to ruin his name himself. Media is trying to bait this kid, let him live.

  21. @hawkkiller- Just because 1 player didn’t show up to OTAs because he knew he was going to be traded doesn’t mean ARZ isn’t wanting to trade Rosen. ARZ isn’t going to trade Rosen until draft day. If they do it before, then it’s a for sure thing they’re taking Murray at No 1 overall. 1) The NFL doesn’t want the #1 pick to be known before the draft 2) ARZ doesn’t want their pick known until they make it so other teams can’t exactly set their draft boards. So Rosen is doing his due diligence to ensure he’s doing everything he can to help himself, and eventually he’s going to get traded because lets be honest, he’s just not that good.

  22. Love seeing another dopey team select a 5-10 QB and expecting a franchise player. And don’t tell me about Brees – that was about 20 yrs ago.

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