Kenny Stills: Thoughts I’d be out in Miami “came across my mind”

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The Dolphins have spent the offseason clearing out many veteran members of the team as they work to rebuild a roster that fell short in the standings the last couple of years.

Many of those moves involved players at the top of the salary scale and wide receiver Kenny Stills now sits near the top of that ladder. He has a 2019 cap charge of $9.75 million, which is second on the team behind safety Reshad Jones and left him wondering at points whether he’d remain on hand for the coming season.

“Yeah, every offseason you kind of have those questions,” Stills said, via the Miami Herald. “You can get moved at any point. Definitely it came across my mind, people asking me about it, but like I said, all I know is I can handle myself, making sure I’m healthy, making sure I’m ready to play. I haven’t played my best football yet.”

There has been chatter that Jones could wind up on the discard pile, but no reports have pointed to Stills being on his way out in Miami at this point. DeVante Parker, Albert Wilson, Leonte Carroo, Brice Butler and Jakeem Grant are on the receiver depth chart along with Stills.

11 responses to “Kenny Stills: Thoughts I’d be out in Miami “came across my mind”

  1. Stills ran 4.38 in the 40 way back when and he’s only the third fastest receiver on the team. If new offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea makes use of all that speed {Kenyan Drake coming out of the backfield ran a 4.45} then defensive coordinators are gonna have to make some serious adjustments.

    Altho it has nothing to do with football, Stills is among the most active players in the community and you can’t put a value on that. He’s the kind of guy you hope sticks around after his playing days are done.

  2. Last year Stills had 37 catches for 553 yards. Is that production worth $9.75M? If so then $9.75M doesn’t buy as much as it used to.

  3. You have to pick one…. You either down on the QB for not being elite, or you down on WRs not catching enough balls. One position is dependent on the other, and one is not. In addition to that, who call the plays?!?!?! You can’t blame the wide-out for not getting the ball.

    The QB, RB, WR, basically all the skill position players under-performed because, the Fins never truly invested in, or figured out how to solve the CORE issue of this team, which is the trenches. We will find out if the new coach and gm truly knows football. If we don’t select a blue chip OL or DL player with the 1st two or three picks, then we are just spinning our wheels.

  4. I think Grier feels that a lot of these players were under used or used in the wrong way which gives good reason to keep guys like Stills and Drake. Grier is in a unusual position to be able to correct mistakes with out having to admit to them. so him not moving on from these players says a lot. In 2016 Stills had 9 tds which is good by any standards. A few of them were in the red zone, so to say he is only a deep threat is misleading. The down side is he has dropped a few sure TD passes.

  5. I think with Fitzpatrick under center, I think Stills will get plenty of chances to get the ball. Because Ditz likes to air it out

  6. Quarterback (this year or next), Defensive Line, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Safety, Corner.

  7. People are saying hes only a deep threat,and so what!!then get him the ball deep,in 16 stills was getting behind the secondary almost every gm and catching a deep one,but that would be all gase would call for the gm,made no sense when u had a premier possesion guy in Landry,should have been dialing up kenny stills at least 3x a gm on some deep stuff,cuz him and tanny for whatever reason had really good chemistry at one time on the deep throws,in fact tannehill has thrown some of his best passes to stills on deep TD’S just look at that throw in a gm against chargers in 16 to the back of the endzone from about 60 yrds out,as nice a throw and catch as ur gonna see in the NFL!!with the right QB i think stills can be extremely effective and who cares if he dont get 100 catches as long as he delivers on the deep stuff regularly and avg 18,20 yrds a catch,thats how kenny stills should be used,not as a slot guy,gase turned out to be a terrible play caller and that had a lot to do with stills effectiveness!!

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