Kenyan Drake on Brian Flores: People are already ready to run through a wall for him

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Dolphins head coach Brian Flores was able to start working with the team’s players when the offseason program got underway last week and he’s made a strong early impression on some of the team’s players.

Running back Kenyan Drake appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio and discussed how Flores has connected with the team in their first days together. Drake said he liked the “complete transparency” and “complete honesty” that the coach has shown in the early going and noted that he’s not alone when it comes to positive feelings about the new coach.

“It’s interesting just to see how everybody’s already responded to it,” Drake said. “It hasn’t been necessarily him saying much, because he didn’t necessarily say much. He just kind of has this air about him where people are already ready to run through a wall for him.”

How that translates to the on-field product remains to be seen, but the chances of that product being good can only be helped if players continue to buy into everything that Flores is selling.

10 responses to “Kenyan Drake on Brian Flores: People are already ready to run through a wall for him

  1. Let’s say that Flores is bringing a successful recipe from NE, what more can you ask for. I think we have a good outlook. I’ve been a Dolphin fan since 1967 so I’ve seen the best and the worst. Believe me I’m excited about the coming draft and season

  2. How many times have we heard players say that about a new coach…then they start losing or start resenting that coach’s methods. Then they want him to be fired.

  3. no offensive line.. no defensive line.. no linebackers,, can our cb’s and safeties play offense?? we’ll be the best team between the 20’s but then…the Miami Deplorables will come out and play.. I bet we score more td’s from outside the 20.. than we do inside the 20.. I hope fitzpatrick can run.. he’ll look like archie manning (running for his life) back there when he started out. hope Kenyan has worked on his blocking.. fear the fins.. (next year)

  4. chrisg5988 says:
    April 9, 2019 at 8:59 am
    I wouldnt be suprised if the Dolphin mess around and make the playoffs

    I’m a big Dolphins fan and I would be…

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