Stephen Jones says Dak Prescott’s contract has to be “team friendly”

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It’s one thing for the Cowboys to give quarterback Dak Prescott a second contract. It’s another for the Cowboys to give Prescott the second contract he wants.

The Cowboys may not be doing that. Appearing Monday on 103.3 ESPN in Dallas, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones said that Prescott’s next deal must be “team friendly,” via the Dallas Morning News.

Jones added that the Cowboys and Prescott have yet to begin negotiations.

“There’s two sides to this,” Jones said. “We’ve really never just gotten into the weeds in terms with Dak himself in terms of what his preference is. I know he’s focused on winning and really getting as many players as he can out there working so we can have a great team next year. . . . At the same time I’m sure it’ll be coming. There will be a point in time where we all get around and say, ‘Hey, let’s get this done by a certain time and put it behind us.'”

While the Cowboys haven’t engaged Prescott directly on this issue, he previously has made his views fairly clear. In February, Prescott said he expects the team to “pay what’s deserved,” and that he won’t be going the Tom Brady below-market route.

“Nobody’s wife makes as much money as his wife does either,” Prescott said at the time. “When Tom Brady isn’t the breadwinner in the home, then that’s a great problem to have. So, in that case, he can do that. He can do his contract however you want to do it.”

So how does Prescott want to do his? Much of it depends on how determined he is to take advantage of his leverage. Though he’ll make only $2 million this year, the Cowboys would face the first act of the franchise-tag dance in 2020, at a price that surely will exceed $25 million. Prescott would be entitled to a 20-percent bump in 2021 and, if franchise-tagged again in 2022, a whopping 44-percent hike.

The question, then, becomes what it would take to get Prescott to trade in the ability to go year-to-year, which would both increase his leverage and pump up his chances of eventually hitting the open market.

But then what? If Prescott were available to any team as an unrestricted free agent, what would he get? And would he make sufficiently more from a team other than the Cowboys to overcome the collateral benefits of being the team’s starting quarterback, which includes plenty of marketing dollars while playing and a free ticket to a broadcast booth after he retires?

However it plays out, the path won’t be known until more is known about whether Prescott will push for something that the Cowboys regard as team-unfriendly — and whether Prescott is willing to go the Kirk Cousins one-year-at-a-time route, if the Cowboys balk.

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  1. I’m not a Dak fan or think he’s worth a lot of money, BUT if I’m Dak I tell Stephen jones my contract has been pretty team friendly for the last 3 years

  2. Pay what he’s deserved…
    4 years, $50M

    That is probably too high as well. The teams wins in spite of Prescott, not because of him.

  3. He would be lucky to get 15 million a year on the open market so pay him that.

  4. The Cowboys and Dak Prescott are a perfect match. This team is primed to make a run at a championship. Everything will work out. This team is a serious sleeper this year. I’m not a Cowboys’ fan, but I’m just telling it like it is.

  5. I am a huge Dak fan. However I have been a Cowboys fan for 41 years. If his salary demands are unreasonable, it’s time to move on and find his replacement. Just make sure to trade him and get good picks for him.

  6. Someone needs to set a new precedence as these players at QB and EDGE are absolutely crippling teams. The Cowboys at some point will be in cap hell because of 3-4 players. How can you sustain success with this salary structure?

  7. a qb is only as good as his weapons. hopefully dak realizes his limitations as the qb who HAS to have a strong o line and good run game. he hopefully realizes that he is clutch but can only be clutch if the game stays close. hopefully he will realize that being the qb of the dallas cowboys helps him become one of the hottest endorsement tickets around, especially if americas team is winning. he is not the guy you can build your entire system around and let him sling it 50 times a game and win.

  8. It’s comical hearing Stephen push the team friendly narrative as it relates to Dak’s contract. It wasn’t long ago that Jerrah said Prescott “will get his extraordinary contract.” The Jones Family just can’t seem to get out of its own way.

  9. What you do Stephen is draft a QB. That might send a message.
    He had a stellar rookie year but those numbers have dropped off. I think he’s most definitely a darn good QB,…. but to think he deserves All Pro money is a reach. Take your 4 years and $100 mil and be happy.

  10. I don’t really have a lot of faith in Dak’s ability to lead a team. However, why does his contract have to be team-friendly? Is that because of all the money they just paid to DeMarcus Lawrence? That’s BS. If I were Dak I’d want a contract that is friendly to me. Maybe Dallas should have thought about that before they gave QB money to Lawrence.

    I’m sure they’ll say the same thing about Zeke too. And I’d say the same thing about that. Then there’s Cooper coming up on a contract. They can’t expect all of them to sign “team-friendly” contracts. The Cowboys are going to have to let at least one of those guys go. They can’t give $100M contracts to all of them without have a team with no depth and lots of holes.

    The OL is going to be a problem too. La’el Collins is a FA this year. Can they afford to give him a huge contract like they did with Martin, Smith and Frederick. Those guys are probably going to want to renegotiate in a few years once their salary number drops (while neglecting to mention their signing bonus). Will they kick that can down the road even longer?

    The Cowboys are going to have to make some tough decisions in the next couple of years or their salary cap is going to be unmanageable.

  11. The Dak hate is funny. He’s the second most winningest QB over the last three years only behind Tom Brady. The man is clutch but the haters love QB’s who aren’t clutch like Romo.

  12. Guy was a fourth round pick and has started 3 seasons on his rookie deal which is a tiny amount compared to other QB’s. Team friendly part of the deal is over if I were in that position.

  13. Dak just saw Demarcus Lawrence get paid elite money because the Cowboys were afraid to let an above average DE walk. If Lawrence didn’t take a hometown discount, why should he?

    Everyone knows Jerry will cave.

  14. Dak is getting what he deserves right now. A fourth round salary for a fourth round player. There’s reasons he lasted to the fourth round. If would like to see Dallas let him try the open market and see what he is offered. I bet then he would be happy getting 20 million!!!

  15. Maybe the worst thing to emerge from recent NFL contract history (Bell sitting out a year, Cousins, etc) is that now media organizations such as PFT are looking to predict such actions for EVERYONE.

    News flash: those situations were the exception, not the norm. When it comes to (for example) the Cowboys and Prescott, odds are the two sides will reach an agreement without acrimony, with Prescott making good and fair money and Dallas getting its QB at a dollar number that represents both the good that Prescott has done and the apparent limitations to his game thus far over his pro career.

  16. I know it’s only April, but I’m surprised there isn’t more talk about Dak possibly (probably?) holding out. If I’m due to get a contract extension for at least 18-20mil a year for 4 or more years, there is no way I’m risking injury playing on the last year of a contract that pays $2mil.

  17. Dak Prescott needs to appreciate the added benefits of being the Dallas Cowboy quarterback. No state income tax and an opportunity to compete for post season if the team is able keep the core together. If he wants more than 15 million trade him for a first and third to an also playing team. Let him cripple some helpless team’s cap. Prescott is good but not great. Can not help stupid decisions to overpay good quarterback in FA. Sometimes you just have to have a longer view of a program.

  18. The market, not Stephen Jones or message board posters will determine Dak’s worth. I do not see him agreeing to any team friendly deal, based on his previous comments regarding Brady. If Dallas does not offer him 20+ million/yr with at least 50 million guaranteed then I think he will go the Cousins route and sign the franchise tag(s) should it be offered. Zeke is due for his payday as well, this is what happens when you’re spending so much on the offensive line, and you have your QB and RB nearing the end of their rookie deals at the same time, something’s got to give.

  19. Dak doesn’t deserve Top QB Pay,$28+M,but shouldn’t short change himself either. Romo NEVER gave Cowboys a discount so Dak shouldn’t either,since he’s been better when it counts in the Playoffs. He also shouldn’t ask for some CRAZY amount bc IF his bluff is called ala a certain ex-Steelers RB,his next Team WON’T pay whatever Dallas offered.

  20. Dak isn’t elite or a franchise QB. He needs to be surrounded by quality. Daysend had it right.. cowboys win in spite of him, not because of him.

  21. If Frederick is truly “well” this year Dak and lot of offensive players are going to have a real good year this coming year.

  22. Dak’s OL was mediocre last year due to injuries, and he still won the division title.

    103 passer rating after the Cooper trade. Chips in 6 Rush TD every year too. 65 Pass TD, 27 INT for his career.

    32-16 record in 3 seasons and as clutch as they come. Yeah, he’s getting paid.

    He’s being hated on just like Romo was hated on. Part of the territory of being the Cowboys QB.

  23. For all you clowns dissing Dak calling him mediocre and below average, he has 33 wins in his 1st 3 seasons as an NFL starting q.b., that’s an average of 11 wins per season for those of you who can’t do the math, the last time i checked 11 wins per season is a pretty damn good average.
    Find me other q.b.’s who have 33 wins in their 1st 3 seasons.

  24. Dak plays well when he’s got an OL blocking, a running game, weapons to throw to, and a Defense to keep them from falling behind. So does every other decent QB. All that costs a lot, teams can’t pay guys $25+ Mil without being weak somewhere else.

  25. I wonder in how many of Jerrah’s business deals he took less profit for the good of others? I’m guessing none. But Dak … he has to take less on the one deal of his life. Sounds fair to me.

  26. >>and whether Prescott is willing to go the Kirk Cousins one-year-at-a-time route, if the Cowboys balk.

    How does Dak go the Cousins route?
    I would not tag him, he’s not worth that much money.

    he can go free agent, and some hapless team will overpay him , and regrets it for a few years.

  27. Dak is a Tyrod Taylor clone. That’s all he ever will be. And that’s what the open market would treat him as.

    Actually, if Tyrod had ever had the team Dak had around him, he probably would have done a better job with it. Can’t ask for much more than the OL, run game and TEs that Dak has played with.

  28. footballfan3 says:
    April 8, 2019 at 7:19 pm
    I’m not a Dak fan or think he’s worth a lot of money, BUT if I’m Dak I tell Stephen jones my contract has been pretty team friendly for the last 3 years

    He had no choice in his contract, being drafted in what the 4 round? I agree but he hasnt repeated his first year numbers either. I do think he will get a large payraise but lets not go crazy and think hes worth top 10 money either.

    Brady, Rodgers, Ryan, Wilson, Big Ben, Brees, Rivers, Luck those have proven to be some of the top class you can make a fight for Cam, now you have players like Mahones, Goff and others who have played better and better.

    He shouldnt get anything like those players. No way is he worth 20+ a year.

  29. A NON BIASED Breakdown of Dak coming from a Cowboys’ fan that keeps it real.

    1.) Dak no question is playing like a first round pick instead of a 4th.
    2.) Romo carried this team, this team is carrying Dak
    3.) Dak evidently struggles without Zeke
    4.) Dak is an amazing game manager
    5.) Dak doesn’t play a full offense. It has to be “Dummied down” to fit him meanwhile Romo fitted into any offense. Dak is a system QB and if you know football well , so is Brady.
    6.) If Dak thinks Wilson’s contract is going to set the tone for his, Dak needs to slap himself. Wilson has made it to the superbowl twice and winning one of them.
    7.) Dak is a poor mans Russ Wilson but that’s a compliment not an insult.
    8.) Dak no question is developing into a great QB. His arm strength is getting better, his play book is expanding. His athleticism bails him out at times.
    9.) Dak struggles to read a disguised blitz. Misses open receivers and doesn’t audible correctly sometimes.
    10.) Dak is not YET the powerhouse QB he can potentially be one day. Hold off on paying him. With this team, you can plug in any decent QB and make a superbowl run. For example, Kirkpatrick. Can’t pay them all and i’d save Dak for last. Dak is good qb but not the complete QB that you pay the kind of money he thinks he deserves.

  30. So Dak must take less money to cover for the incompetency of the Jones and their cap management. Cousins got $87 million fully guaranteed and Dak is on par with talent, and overall team talent. That should be the starting point. The only way to get the price down is to fully guarantee like 4 or 5 years. The other 31 teams set the QB market price and Jerry doesn’t want to pay him I am sure a QB desperate team will.

  31. Glad to see my Cowboys playing it tough with this contract situation. I like Dak, but he isn’t the type to thrive without a good O line and run game surrounding him. He’s more of a system guy who needs to have weapons available to him or he’ll become very average very fast.

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