Von Miller: Odell Beckham was hurt when he found out he was traded

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Broncos pass rusher Von Miller is close friends with Odell Beckham and was with Beckham after he found out he’d been traded from the Giants to the Browns. At first, Beckham didn’t feel good about it.

Miller told NFL Network that Beckham was unhappy to find out that the Giants were getting rid of him after five years.

“He was hurt,” Miller said. “He was hurt initially. He loved New York, he loved his teammates, he loved the team. Whenever you get hit with something like that you’re going to be hurt. You’re going to feel some type of disappointment with that. But immediately after that he was excited for his new opportunity. You saw his new teammates on Twitter and Instagram, they love him as well. The whole city of Cleveland is excited. He’s the new LeBron there, so he’s excited about that. He’s going to be ready to go.”

Beckham has made positive comments publicly about the trade to Cleveland, but privately it’s unsurprising that he needed some time to adjust to it.

16 responses to “Von Miller: Odell Beckham was hurt when he found out he was traded

  1. How can you be hurt when you didn’t want to be there ,,,the Giants gave him something to hurt about by sending him to Cleveland ,now stop hurting !

  2. Hey Obj it is this simple; come to Cleveland, help Bake win it all. Be treated like a god.

  3. New York is a baseball town, always has been, always will be. Giants won the super bowl a few years ago and everything was eerily the same the next day (I know, I live here). Cleveland lives and breathes football, it’s bleeds brown and orange, even with all the losing and the Cavs winning the championship. If the Browns win it all in Cleveland in the next few years the city will shut down for a week, you will be imotalized in bronze and worshipped and will never pay for a pierogi or Brat with you big ol’ stein of beer.

  4. I don’t know that I’d call it uninspiring as much as I’d call it human. We have never had an employer call us to tell us that we’re being traded to another company in another city and therefore, your life as you know it in your current city is over. I think that’d hit anyone just as hard as it hits these athletes at times.

  5. We all have certain personal perceptions regardless of our profession, especially if you excel at it. The greater we perform the greater this perception grows. It is extremely humbling when you realize that you are expendable. Despite your accomplishments, an employer decides that they are better off without your services or that you don’t fit into their future plans. OBJ ‘s self esteem took a hit but something tells me he will be fine.

  6. During the interview with Lil Wayne sitting next to him looking wasted, when asked if he was happy in New York, didn’t he hesitate, and give some non-committal, ambiguous answer that made it seem like he really didn’t want to be there anymore? If I was management looking at that, I would have decided right then & there that he was gone.

  7. The endorsements is where he is going to take a hit. Sorry but Cleveland cannot touch New York as far as the media and local endorsements are concerned. NYC is as exciting and diverse a place there is in the USA, while Cleveland is….no offense.

  8. He is the type of guy who will be unhappy where he is/ where he’s going his entire career.

    This guy is shaping up to be such a head case that even Terrell Owens is thinking Beckham is a loon.

  9. I still don’t get this, to be honest. There are reports that Gettleman has been shopping OBJ from the moment he became GM and that OBJ was well aware of this. Maybe those reports are false maybe not, but I read that, behind the scenes, the Pats tried hard to trade for OBJ before the trade deadline last season. Jay Glazer went on record early in the off-season that OBJ would be traded. There was also chatter last off-season that the Browns might be interested and they certainly laid the groundwork this off-season by dumping salaries and getting Vernon and Richardson. It sure seems that Dorsey knew he had a shot at OBJ well before the actual trade. And the way twitter blew up two weeks prior with Browns players and LeBron chiming in, maybe it was a done deal by then? So, how hurt could OBJ actually be? I’m a Browns fan and I’m happy they made the trade, but this spin that OBJ is really hurt doesn’t ring true to me.

  10. I hope Freddie Kitchens has a degree in child psychology. He’s going to need it.

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