WrestleMania again shows transit problems around Giants/Jets stadium

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Prior to Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium, home of the Giants and Jets, the term “Mass Transit Super Bowl” was used as a way of encouraging people to get to the game by means other than driving. It did not go as planned: After that Super Bowl, far more fans than expected decided to take mass transit out of the stadium, and it turned into a crowd control nightmare, with long waits for trains and buses.

And it was déjà vu at WrestleMania 35 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday night.

NJ.com reports that thousands of wrestling fans grew increasingly angry as they endured long waits to get on trains out of the stadium. Chants like “No train, we riot!” and “This is bulls–t!” echoed around the outside of the stadium. Many fans waited upwards of two hours.

Building a $1.6 billion stadium in New Jersey without adequate transit was unwise, but at this point it doesn’t appear to be changing. If you’re going to a Super Bowl, WrestleMania or any other huge event at MetLife Stadium, you better be ready for a long wait to get home.

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  1. coupled with the fact that the show was longer than 7 hours i could see people being very tired and angry

  2. Or drive. They could do that.

    I’ve been to four or five Jets games there and leaving by car was way quicker than leaving some other NFL stadiums I’ve been to.

  3. Why should the New Jersey taxpayer subsidize excellent transportation to the Meadowlands, for 8 football games, plus some other events each year?

    If I were building an event venue I’d consider the quality of the transportation.
    Just because land is cheap in northern Alaska doesn’t mean it’s wise to build there.

    If you have tens of thousands of people leaving an isolated building at night, on the weekend, why would you expect extra transportation to magically appear?

    Maybe the event organizers should pay for that themselves.

  4. MetLife is just horrible stadium overall. There is no mystique about it like the old Giants stadium. the logistics are terrible! And with all the $$ they spent, they could of kicked in a few more for a retractable roof

  5. Considering that the blizzard hit just eight hours after the Seahawks/Broncos Super Bowl, I doubt the league will consider another Super Bowl in Jersey. They know how lucky they were.

  6. Most stadiums already have robust public transit as a built in consideration. Parking is expensive and besides Green Bay there’s no cheap way to get across town. Never mind if you and your buddies want to have a few beers.

    This only makes more sense in the NYC market with not only tourists, but a large percentage of the people who live there don’t have a car. I mean they built Madison Square Garden over a train station…

  7. Just poor planning by the Jets and Giants building a stadium without any access to transit. Do they expect everyone to have a car, especially in NY?

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