XFL to use one-, two-, three-point conversions

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Lawrence Welk would like this idea. (Google it, kids.)

Appearing on Monday’s #PFTPM, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck said that touchdowns in the new league will result in the scoring team deciding whether to go for one point, two points, or three points.

The one-point conversion would come not from a kick but from a scrimmage play at the two. Two points would be scored after a successful conversion from the five. And three points would be scored for a successful conversion from the 10.

Luck said that the league considered moving the three-point conversion to the 15, but that the coaches believed defenses would more easily defend the end zone with that much territory to cover.

Unlike the AAF, which eliminated the one-point play and made only a two-pointer available, a team scoring a touchdown in the XFL will emerge with 6, 7, 8, or 9 points.

For more on the XFL, check out the full interview.

81 responses to “XFL to use one-, two-, three-point conversions

  1. So, one single play from the 10 yard line gets you half as many points as a 12-play, 7 minute TD drive or a 83 yard TD run/pass?? Oliver & the XFL are overthinking it. Too gimmicky.

  2. Isn’t this why the XFL failed last time because of the cheap gimmicks instead of old school football?

  3. Let’s say that late in a game, a team is losing by 9 and scores a TD to cut the deficit to 3. They line up from the 10 to go for the 3-point conversion. Can the defense deliberately jump offside pre-snap, bringing the ball to the 5, and turn it into a 2-pt conversion? #detailsdetails

  4. Nice to see all the hatred for something different in this thread. Stay classy lazy boy GMs!

  5. When do we stop calling this XFL game football?

  6. It is supposed to be different from the nfl. When i want NFL football, ill watch the NFL. Im good with a different league trying something new. It has failed once and may fail again but the anarchy will be fun to watch, while it lasts!

  7. Why not have a 2.5 point play where you have to use only 10 players on offense or 12 players on defense..but only in overtime and the 1st quarter…..in the playoffs…if we get that far.

  8. I am glad to see most everyone doesn’t want this malarkey- if you want to do shenanigans, just start a new sport like baseketball ( that movie was dumb, but hilarious in spots)

  9. I had zero interest in the XFL. Almost skipped this story. But now that I’ve read it…
    THIS, THIS! THIS!!!! CHANGES Everything. I now can’t wait to tune in. I’m going to have to wait how long for the first game? A three point conversion is what football is missing. I may never go back to the NFL!!!!

    Is that what they are expecting?

    Don’t think they will see it happen.

  10. I would say stick to the traditional football that we all grew up with, however the NFL isn’t even doing that anymore.

  11. To be honest I always felt like the AAF would fail and the XFL 2.0 would succeed. The XFL is going to learn from the AAF’s mistakes, and XFL 1.0 mistakes. For one thing, they are spending more time planning this. They also will have a very serious financial investment to get the league off the ground. The AAF seems like it was financed like a Ponzi scheme. But VM is serious about this.

  12. As long as games aren’t fixed like in the nfl, i’m in. I’m all in with the wwe/xfl.

  13. Noone would ever try a one or three point unless it was a winning score. Easier to make a 2 than thing else more beneficial too.

  14. If the league happens, teams won’t be settling for chip shot field goals. Why go for 3, when you could get 9?

  15. Old Timers, no one wants them to “just play football”. Those leagues have came and went. They aren’t watched. It needs to be different.

  16. This is the whole point of the XFL, doing something different so they will stand out and it could be entertaining. Not saying it’s going to work but what’s the point of doing a new football league if it’s just the same as the NFL. Can’t compete with the NFL so of course something different and outside of the box should be used. Why watch something that is the same as the NFL but with inferior talent. It only makes sense they will try to take liberties to be creative.

  17. rayjayjohnsonjr says:
    Good grief, even more gimmicks – just suit up and play some football the old fashioned way.
    Leather helmets and no forward pass? Good idea!

  18. Great change for the XFL. People call this a gimmick but look at what the NFL is doing moving the 1 point conversion to the 30 yard line. I’d call that a gimmick. They’re slowly phasing out the kicking game. XFL has it right, 3 options with increasing difficulty and will make close games even closer thus funner to watch.

  19. NFL has nothing to worry about. NOTHING will rival the NFL because of idiots trying to run the “rival league” like a communist. You are NOT suppose to own the league itself. It will fall apart every time. Each franchise needs to be own individually and use mediums to run the league. Like the NFL does but the bad thing is the league thinks its bigger than the owners and even try to bully them. Want to preserve the NFL? Stop running it like a Democrat. Each franchise for themselves, remove the salary cap and stop these low ball franchises from leeching from the work horses. You get franchises like the Bengals, Browns, Dolphins, Raiders that don’t want to put in the work like Jerry Jones, Krafts and even the Snyders do. Revamp the League office before they run it to the ground. Look at the way the European soccer clubs and American baseball clubs are ran.

  20. “Kids” huh? Say Mike Florio, both Dear Old Dad and his two brothers – one, R.I.P. a veteran of Anzio and the other, happily a surviving veteran of the Pacific, turning 95 this November, could never approve of this kind of new-league gimmickry. Neither Dad – Korean theater – nor my uncles would ever stand for AAFL nor XFL rules-bending nonsense. My dear old Uncle Ralph went to his grave a Cubs fan, and to this day, dear old Uncle Bob also watches only MLB. And Dear Old Dad – turns 90 in June – watches only NCAA BB and NCAA FB. How I tolerate year-by-year rule changes in the NFL makes me wonder if I’m really related to these brave men!

    It’s impossible to win over older FB fans using gimmickry and tricks…and yes, both Dad, Uncle Bob and Uncle Ralph went to see and dance with the local gals to Lawrence Welk and his band back in the ’30s and early ’40s when they came to town in NE South Dakota.

  21. Remember in the first go around for the XFL when deciding who got the ball first? They tossed the ball for a fumble recovery,victor wins toss. Right out of ancient Rome. You can’t take the ring out of Vince. The league will be a traveling clown show.

  22. Logic would dictate that the primary goal of any startup football league, would be for football fans to take their football as (close to) seriously as they do the the NFL brand of football.

    This does NOT do that.

  23. If that extra $100 million in Vince’s pocket is burning so badly, I’ll happily take some from him. Giving it to me will be just as useful as burning it on this hair brained scheme cooked up by an egomaniac who couldn’t get over his failure.

  24. First, a KISS article recently. Now, a Lawrence Welk name-drop.
    Quite the range, Florio. Well-played.

  25. Everyone who is saying this will fail miserably…just a reminder that it’s quite possible the NFL will be in a CBA strike/lockout when the XFL launches. So if there’s no NFL, what will you watch instead?

  26. So you give the offense more room to work and spread out the defense and reward them with more points? Do any of these guys even watch football?

  27. AAF made a football league that was similar to the NFL.

    The XFL knows it needs to stand out.

    The “get off my lawn” guys will complain, but I would guess that this makes better game endings in the long run.

  28. Ok… I guess I’m in the minority on this one. I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. Not sure if I agree with a ‘three point conversion’ but at least they are trying to think outside the box.

  29. Unlike the AAF they have real money and transparency in leadership….so far….

  30. I would go for 3 EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    In today’s pass happy football, you need SPACE… lining up from the 10 gives you that space.

    The 2pt conversion from the 5 is the mid-grade gas of the extra points. (a scam)

  31. Here’s how the XFL succeeds. Team with 2K sports and produce a BETTER video football game than Madden. People still pine for “NFL 2K 5” and that game is nearly 15 years old. Grow interest in the league with the kids through gaming. The old fogies ain’t gonna like the league no matter what. I mean they still want the suspension helmet/Jack Tatum/CTE delivering NFL from the 1970’s.

  32. I think they need to punch up the kicking game too. If the kicker can hit the uprights or crossbar it should be 5 points. And on extra point tries make it worth 4.

  33. You want scoring? Just make it 11 on 10.

    The whole league is a sideshow, so… whatever. If you play real football, nobody will watch. Sad but true.

  34. gimmickface says:
    April 9, 2019 at 8:36 am
    Everyone who is saying this will fail miserably…just a reminder that it’s quite possible the NFL will be in a CBA strike/lockout when the XFL launches. So if there’s no NFL, what will you watch instead?
    Very easy! Plenty of very good college teams to watch! …no problem!

  35. motorcitydiddy says:
    April 8, 2019 at 11:13 pm
    So you can earn a bonus spin but the whammy could steal a timeout?
    That made me giggle out loud.

    As silly as these changes sound, it may be what actually saves XFL from failing and here’s why: Millenials.

    They simply love gimmicky nonsense and have the attention span of gnats so if you throw a 3pt play into the mix out of nowhere they’ll go nuts for it.

    It will also add more offensive plays/scoring to the game, so if the plan for the XFL is to go the fantasy route (which is a no-brainer) it’ll get people more interested in watching the point after plays to see if their players can score them some garbage fantasy pts.

  36. largent80 says:
    April 8, 2019 at 9:01 pm

    Let’s say that late in a game, a team is losing by 9 and scores a TD to cut the deficit to 3. They line up from the 10 to go for the 3-point conversion. Can the defense deliberately jump offside pre-snap, bringing the ball to the 5, and turn it into a 2-pt conversion? #detailsdetails


    At that point, it’d be a 3-pt try from the 5. #notthathard

  37. I dont care one way or another. But I do think the XFL would be better off, if they just stuck with 2008 NFL rules.

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