A.J. Green: Different energy with Zac Taylor in the building

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Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton said that he was hoping things would “all feel new and feel different” once the team started to work with new head coach Zac Taylor this week.

Another longtime member of the team says that things do feel different after the offseason program got underway on Tuesday. Wide receiver A.J. Green has never played for an NFL head coach other than Marvin Lewis and said that Taylor’s presence carries a different energy, particularly when it comes to the offensive side of the ball.

“I think he’s definitely going to be hands-on. That’s good,” Green said, via the team’s website. “He’s young. It looks like the offense is going to [be] very high flying. We have the talent to be real good. We just have to put everything together … There’s a different energy in this building.”

Green added that “it doesn’t look like [Taylor’s] first head coaching job,” so things aren’t as new and different as they could be in Cincinnati.

8 responses to “A.J. Green: Different energy with Zac Taylor in the building

  1. After 16 years under Lewis they were running on fumes! It’s like a breath of fresh air now.

  2. Folks will be pining for the glory days of Marvin once Dave Shula 2.0 is Bengalized.

  3. A player saying wonderful things about his coach and his team via the team’s website is not news. Would they publish it if he said he thought the new coach was an idiot?

  4. Please tell us your not going into this season with energy and communication as your secret weapons. Their new slogan “it’s about us” is also vomit worthy. Oh how I miss the days of Forrest Gregg and Sam Wyche.

  5. Why is everyone being so negative about a player saying something positive about his coach/team? If you’re a fan of this team you can’t pretend you haven’t wanted a new coach for the past few years. And now that you have one you’re already dead-set that he’s going to fail after one day with the players and 5 months before the season begins? That’s like blasting a meal about how awful it tastes before you even order. How about we wait and see what happens? Heaven knows we’ve had enough negativity with what has actually happened. Why add more just merely on speculation?

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