Cardinals website lists team’s QB need as “Low”


Bless their hearts, the Cardinals are selling this thing as hard as they can.

The team with the No. 1 overall pick’s latest attempt to talk around the elephant in the room came in the form of the traditional draft position-by-position series.

After listing the three quarterbacks presently under contract, they listed the team’s need at the position as “Low.”

Other than the fact that most people expect them to take Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, I suppose that’s the case.

This isn’t to make fun of the Cardinals’ website staff, they are good people who work hard creating quality internet content about the NFL’s all-time losingest franchise (the Bucs do have them on percentage — .385 to .424 — but the Cards had a 56-year head start and stints in Chicago and St. Louis while amassing 753 Ls).

But the franchise has been clumsily selling some position (it’s hard to tell which one) throughout this offseason.

Team owner Michael Bidwill started the ball rolling by saying they had to “build around the foundation” they had. Which was fine and nice of them to prop up 2018 first-rounder Josh Rosen, except new head coach Kliff Kingsbury had previously declared he’d take Murray first overall if he had the chance. Which he now does.

Then Kingsbury tried to talk up Rosen, and the team wagged its Twitter finger at the rest of us, which was all fun until General Manager Steve Keim went to the Scouting Combine and said Rosen was their quarterback “right now, for sure.” Then they made a show of not showing up for Murray’s Pro Day (while of course arranging private workouts and meetings with him).

If this sounds like we’re picking on the Cardinals, we’re not (well maybe a little). But their efforts to keep a straight face throughout this process have left them tangled in knots a time or two. All we can be certain of is that a team whose depth chart includes Rosen, Brett Hundley and Charles Kanoff has a need at the position that is definitely something other than “Low.”

20 responses to “Cardinals website lists team’s QB need as “Low”

  1. So if they don’t draft a QB will this author and website apologize for attacking them for acting like they aren’t going to draft one?

  2. Kliff Kingsbury said that before he PLAYED Murray & OU, like every coach EVER in the history of football he was very complimentary of the opposing teams QB. At the time he had no freaking idea he would be coaching the Cardinals.

    Secondly the Cardinals need at the Quarterback position actually is “Low” after just taking a QB 10th overall last year. I dont know why the writer would take potshots at Arizona is the last paragraph and say any team w/ Rosen, Hundley and Kanoff has a need at the QB position something other than “Low”. Quarterbacks usually get time to develop, but if you have a narrative to push then you’d overlook that fact. Arizona does not currently have a need at QB, they just took one so I dont see the problem w/ what AZ said.

    Going out of your way to push Kyler Murray narrative when everything Arizona is doing points to them not taking a QB is not a good look. I dont see what purpose it serves, other than free clicks. When April 25th rolls around a lot of people in the media will be getting served up warm Crow for dinner they’ll be eating.

  3. I’ve rooted for this team since the night I saw them on MNF on November 16, 1970. I figure at some point loyalty will pay off. We also call this slow learner…

  4. “NFL’s all-time losingest franchise”

    When you do what losing franchises do…that’s what happens!!!

    What competent organization trades up to draft a QB in the 1st round…then turns around and wastes another 1st round pick on a QB the following year…? No wonder they continue to lose!!!

    Were the lions losers when they kept drafting WRs in the 1st round? -> Yes

    Were the jets losers when they kept drafting D-Linemen and Safties in the 1st round? -> Yes

    Will the cardinals continue to be losers when the draft a QB in the 1st round back to back years? -> Yes


  5. “Other than the fact that most people expect them to take Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray first overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, I suppose that’s the case.”

    WHO CARES WHAT “MOST PEOPLE” EXPECT. Unless you’re in the Cardinals’ draft room, you have no idea what they’re doing and just SPECULATING out of your you-know-what.

    And the only basis for your pointless speculation is that Kingsbury talked up the QB Murray that his team was just about to play that week, then Belichick must LOVE the other 31 starting QBs too and would want them ahead of Brady…

  6. If they don’t pick Bosa, they’re fools. This isn’t a bash on Murray, necessarily, but if you failed on the Rosen pick, then you can’t trust yourself to select the right quarterback, and if you hit on Rosen, then you don’t need a quarterback. Either way, you don’t waste that pick on a quarterback who is one of the biggest crap-shoot positions in the draft. You pick someone you know will have a positive impact. Otherwise you’re just being the Browns of the last thirty years.

  7. So if they don’t draft a QB will this author and website apologize for attacking them for acting like they aren’t going to draft one?..

  8. Well what the Cardinals have written is patently false.
    When the QB room looks like this:
    QB1- 3 Wins 13 Losses
    11 TDs 14 INTs
    66.7 QB Rating
    55.2% AC
    QB2- 3 Wins 9 Losses
    9 TDs 12 INTs
    67.9 QB Rating
    59.5% AC
    QB3- N/A

    You’re going to have a bad time, and the need at the position should probably not be listed as LOW.

  9. Don’t they know that no one is buying this? It’s not raising the price for Rosen. They can keep pretending they’re not drafting Murray right up until they hand in the card. But everyone knows he’s the selection … and it’s not affecting what they’re getting in a trade. They just look like amateurs.

  10. When is the last time a team took a QB in the first round of two straight drafts? And for it to be the same GM and not somebody trying to fix the departed guy’s mistake would make it even rarer, I would think.

  11. All of the people quoting Keims quote of “right now for sure” are all ignoring his following interview when asked about the comment he said “well this is the season for misinformation”. Like yes I tried to mislead you. Can’t wait for reporters heads to explode

  12. “This isn’t to make fun of the Cardinals’ website staff,”

    Except it sounds like it is.

    Next time, try not to be the bully. It’s not a good look.

  13. Regardless of whether the Cardinals draft Murray or not, their need at the position is low. They spent a top-10 pick on a QB last year. He didn’t have a particularly great year but that’s par for the course for most rookie QBs, especially on a bad team.

    The Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes with the 10th pick in 2017 and he barely played all year. Then they traded their starting QB after the season. Would you argue that the Chiefs’ need at QB was high before last year’s draft?

    If you draft a new QB in the first round every year, how will you ever know when you’ve found the right one?

  14. The Cardinals are playing checkers while the rest of the league is playing chess . . . wait um . . . nevermind!

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