NFL-NFLPA met to “discuss negotiations” on new CBA

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The NFL’s Management Council and representatives of the NFL Players Association met Wednesday to discuss the future Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The sides issued a joint press release after their meeting ended.

“Today, the members of the NFL’s Management Council and the NFLPA’s Executive Committee met to discuss negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement,” the statement reads. “The League and the Union have committed to meet regularly in the coming months, which will involve staff, NFL leadership, members of the NFLPA Executive Committee and Player Representatives.”

The current CBA was executed in 2011 and expires after the 2020 season. The sides hope to avoid a work stoppage by getting a jump on negotiations.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was among those in Minneapolis to attend the meeting, missing the press conference for defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

4 responses to “NFL-NFLPA met to “discuss negotiations” on new CBA

  1. Lets save a lot of time; the players should just give in now and extend their current contract, very few can make it a few weeks with out game checks. If not, under the guidance of the NFLPA and D Smith they will end up worse then before while putting more money into the owner’s pocket.

  2. Oh no! They’ve got to deal with De Mo again! Haven’t the players voted him out of the Union yet?

  3. I wouldn’t deal with a union at all. Let them boycott and have to get high interest personal loans to live off of like they had to last time.

  4. Lots of issues on the table for this negotiation:

    18 game seasons, expanded rosters, guaranteed deals, the marijuana policy, player safety, offseason workouts/padded practices, anthem/player protesting, with the whole first amendment vs private business fiasco that accompanies it, and the golden goose of future rights $ and how it’ll be divided up.

    This Antonio Brown situation also looms large. If this becomes a trend in the league you can believe owners are going to make it an issue at the bargaining table.

    We could be in for a major showdown in 2020, and this fan is not looking forward to it.

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