Nick Bosa not meeting with Jets after all

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There were previous reports that Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa was visiting with the top six teams in the draft order, which makes sense because he’s one of the very best players available this year.

But he’s actually only meeting with five of the top six.

According to Albert Breer of, Bosa’s itinerary does not include a visit to the Jets, making them stand out in the crowd of the Cardinals, 49ers, Raiders, Buccaneers, and Giants.

The practical reality is that Bosa’s not expected to fall past the second pick, held by the 49ers.

But the Jets have also declared the third pick for sale, with General Manager Mike Maccagnan openly admitting he was “very intrigued” by the idea of moving down to acquire more picks.

If for some reason both the Cardinals and 49ers went a different direction, it’s reasonable for the Jets to draft Bosa anyway, without taking him out for a nice steak dinner. But it’s interesting

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  1. The things this franchise does just hurt my head. If for no other reason, you take him out to dinner just in case he does fall and some team gets desperate enough to move up, the return is much greater if they know you’ve invested time in the kid.

  2. So the niners have just signed Dee Ford to a 5 year, and use a 3rd overall pick for Solomon Thomas. They also have first rd picks Buckner and Armstead inside. I don’t think the Niners are taking Bosa, just a gut feeling. Besides secondary niners need help on the other side- WR, OL, —- almost like saying Raiders will take a WR at #4

  3. That’s the Jets’ dumb-loser mentally on display – savvy teams would see him for a look anyway as a contingency for various now or near-future scenarios, or just for reference. Then actually pushing out the line that their pick is for sale now instead of horse-trading it on draft day (if Bosa or Murray etc are gone) means they won’t get as much for it.

  4. The Broncos didn’t meet with Bradley Chubb last year and drafted him at 5. If every other team has met with a player and he’s a near can’t miss prospect, then a meeting isn’t necessary. If the player is the highest ranked on your board when the pick comes up, take him.

  5. It’s a bluff, but the Jets aren’t smart enough to even bluff right. lol

    Bosa will be a disappointment like his brother. Clay Matthews Part 3. One dimensional style and small. Will be over run in a 3-4.

  6. Teams do this every year.probably means they have seen enough tape to not waste one of there pre draft visits plus they did meet with Bosa at combine., especially considering they might not be picking at 3 so they need to interview a larger range of prospects than most! Makes perfect sense

  7. Arizona needs to draft Nick Bosa. Bosa immediately give them on of the top pass rush’s in the league between Chandler Jones, Nick Bosa, Terrell Suggs, Brooks Reed and Hasson Reddick who plays both inside and out. The addition of Bosa allows them send fresh pass rushers in waves which would be a big advantage late in games. Bosa would be a big time addition to that defense and solidify it heading into 2019.

  8. Lol @ the comments.

    The Jets did this with Sam Darnold because they assumed he was going #1. They’ll trade back from 3 or draft Bosa if he falls.

  9. Yeah pretty sure jets didn’t meet with Jamal adams cuz they thought he would never be their too be taken. This means absolutely nothing. Teams don’t always take all the guys they just meet with people I mean let’s be smart here guys. It means nothing

  10. Don’t know what Maccaghnan is smoking but, that is stupidity. Prudent GMs do their due diligence on any and all potential scenarios in the draft. Not the J E T S , Jets, Jets , Jets. Bosa could easily fall to three with the Niners picking Williams and the Cards picking Murray.

  11. If they’re worried about the cost of a steak dinner in NY, maybe they could ask the Giants if they can tag along on their visit and split the cost with them…

  12. I’d think they’d want to meet with him at worst to acquire intel on him if he were to be an opponent. At least I know that’s what the Patriots would do.

  13. Will he refuse to play for them if they draft him? Likely happens with the Bosa family.

  14. probably for the best. i can see a holdout nightmare scenario unfolding with their gm, the only gm in nfl history who had a 4 month contract stalemate with ryan fitzpatrick. you read that right.

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