Ra’Shede Hageman faces two-game suspension

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Defensive lineman Ra’Shede Hageman is trying to find his way back into the NFL, but any return to the playing field will have to wait until he serves a two-game suspension.

According to multiple reports, Hageman faces a ban of that length before he’ll be allowed to return to game action. Hageman was arrested for driving while intoxicated last year. He previously served a six-game suspension related to a domestic violence arrest.

Hageman served that suspension while he was a free agent as the Falcons released him in September 2017 after those charges came to light. He was out of the league entirely last year.

Hageman reportedly visited his former team recently as he tries to revive his career. The 2014 second-round pick had 62 tackles and four sacks in 44 games with Atlanta.

3 responses to “Ra’Shede Hageman faces two-game suspension

  1. when this guy was a rookie, i can’t remember what network i was watching, but they had training camp video for the falcons. This guy was with other defensive lineman running sprints. The position coach was on Hageman, telling him to pick it up. Hageman took his helmet off and threw it. pouted. complained. coach called him out for it.

    I said right there, this dude is a BUST and will be out of the league in 2 years. I was right. Hageman is the true definition of a 1st round pick BUST. no injuries. no bad coaches or bad teams. just a total BUST because of a poor attitude.

  2. I recall when he was featured during the Falcons time on Hard Knocks, he came of as a good and decent guy. Did he change or was he a jerk the whole time?

  3. In three years he has sixty-one tackles, four sacks and two suspensions. Why would any team waste their time on this guy. That’s a lot of baggage for such little productivity. He’ll be lucky if any team signs him and if they do it’ll be for the minimum and nothing but bonuses for being active on game days. Still, He doesn’t seem to get it so I’ll be surprised if anyone picks him up. However, since David Irving retired Dallas might be interested. He’s just the kind of leader Jerruh likes.

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