AAF stiffed UCF for rent and out-of-pocket expenses


If the University of Central Florida hopes to get paid for the use of its football stadium by the AAF, it needs to get in line.

As reported last week by WFTV.com, UCF will lose more than $1 million as a result of the implosion of the league. Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel has more details regarding the unpaid debts.

UCF and the AAF entered into a three-year lease, pursuant to which the AAF would play five games per year at Spectrum Stadium, in exchange for $75,000 per game. That’s a total rent payment of $1.125 million.

The AAF’s Apollos played three games at Spectrum Stadium this year, at a total rent cost of $75,000. Coupled with $100,000 in out-of-pocket expenses for security and other vendors, the AAF owes UCF $325,000. Per Bianchi, UCF hasn’t received any payment from the AAF.

Presumably, the league includes provision that would excuse the AAF from paying all or part of its rent if the league folds. This doesn’t excuse the money owed for the three games that were played there before the league went under.

UCF is considering legal action, but its best (and perhaps only) recourse will be to file a claim in bankruptcy court, hopeful that it eventually will recover a few cents on the dollar raised by the sale of uniforms, equipment, and other tangible property that will be sold at auction or elsewhere.

Personally, I’d be interested in bidding on the helmet the went flying from the head of Mike Bercovici.